New Kwan

Something is different here, “Kwan” Aussamanee Waitayanon’s appearance is not the same. 

Netizens and the media press are making wild speculations about her new look;

“She got plastic surgery”

“It’s botox!”

“Collagen injection will do that to you when you first get it done, give it a few more weeks and her face will be back to normal, but even better”

The media’s latest headlines assumed – she went under the knife to try and compete with Aum Patcharapa, because they had to attend an event together. But Kwan simply explained;

“I didn’t get surgery, I’ve gained weight that’s all”

34 responses to “New Kwan

  1. I agree Nana and I think she’s telling the truth. She just gain some weight and it think its a good thing. She looks better…way better than Aum even on her worse days ; )

  2. This is retarded..she looks the same to me. She did just get a little chubbier on the face..and also you can read on spicy forum that Kwan ate something wrong and got allergic reactions on her skin and eyes. Which should be going away soon. She did not get botox or anything! If she did i think her face would look worser than that for a few months…it takes awhile to recover.

  3. I was never a fan of Kwan. I don’t think she’s pretty at all. She looks the same to me. Aump is way better looking than her.

  4. She said it right!; she just gain alittle weight.
    You can tell, cause her previous pictures she’s skinner and boney than that.
    Still look the same and beautiful the same to me.
    Thanks, 😀

  5. I think Kwan just gained weight.

    My sister when she gains weight you’ll notice it first on her face, used to irritate her…lol…

    Kwan is beautiful and young so why would she be insecure of Aump??

    Just because of an even she’ll undergo plastic surgery to compete?? that doesn’t sound right.

  6. I don’t really watch any lakorn that have Aump in it. She is not even sexy at all. Kwan look much better than Aump. I am sure Aump got a nose job. But this photo of Kwan. She gain a little bit of weight. Still pretty to me.

  7. She looks a lot like her mother in these pictures. I think she just got a little chubbier that’s all. For some people weight gain is more noticeable on their face first.

  8. I watch Kwan’s dramas and all but other than that, I don’t really care for her. However, I do think it’s the weight that makes her look different. Because I, myself had gained a little bit of weight, and trust me, it goes to your face. lol. Especially my cheeks. Plus, I think Kwan wears wayyyy too much makup there in that picture. I think she looks prettier when she tones it down. And her bangs are annoying. They’re all in her eyes. I’ve never seen a picture of Kwan at an event where she looks hot or elegant at all. She always wears too much makeup or she dresses weird.

  9. She just gained weight and it went to her face. I barely noticed any difference actually. And honestly, if Kwan wanted to compete with Aum it would make more sense for her to go get a boob job rofl. Not a big fan of either, but honestly Kwan doesn’t need to worry about Aum. Face wise, Kwan’s a lot more beautiful than Aum. Kwan has a very exotic beauty and her face is very doll like.

    • Haha! Agree. She would have to get a boob job, not botox! lol. I think Kwan is prettier too, except she just wears too much makeup. That’s why I like Kwan better in dramas, because she looks more natural. Her makeup is better, and her dress style is better. Aum, she’s pretty too, but there’s something about her lips and forehead that bothers me. She has the same look in all her “supposedly sexy” pictures.

  10. I agree with the majority of you. She just gained a little weight. You can hardly tell unless the pics are a full frontal veiw. But if you look at her thighs you can tell she’s put on a little weight. It’s no longer skin over bones like before.

  11. so many bashing on her gaining weight on her face…i think there’s nothing wrong with that….because i gain alot of weight on my face too!…it sucks but oh well…a little upper body work out should fix the problem..=)

    • Geesh, that’s rude and harsh. How come when celebs get a little chubby, they’re call fat and ugly? I mean, it’s better than poppin’ diet pills and going anorexic. Just because someone got chubby doesn’t make them ugly.

    • must be a fan of Pancake. Put it this way. Even if she gain weight. It what inside that count. Not the outside. People want to be beautiful. Not ugly. Maybe she doesn’t want to gain the weight. This can cause by stress. Some eat when stress some doesn’t.

  12. Everyone gain weight and lose weight at certain point at certain age. Some People were skinny when growing up and add a little more meat. Some are just chubby, but no matter what shape or size you are just be proud that u are sexy in any shape and size. That’s what beauty is all about. Be confident in your own body.

  13. That’s not even considered fat! I’m REALLY not a fan of Kwan but hey, if Kwan has a big face then what does Pancake have? A slim face? I think NOT!

    • Totally agree! I thought I was the only person on Earth who thinks Pancake’s face looks like a poofy pancake! lol. (:

    • LOL at WP’s comment!
      Anyways i think Kwan just has too many layers of make up on
      I call that a cake face :L
      Yeah it’s just too much makeup, bad lighting and she gained a bit of weight – seriously the media needs too stop making up bullshit about Kwan and find some real news (:

  14. plastic surgery for sure, but with or with out she’s still ugly and cant complete with Aum. She’s should just focus on her acting since she need alot of impoving

    • Hey Preaw since you said kwan is ugly??? I want to see how pretty you are??? First of all Kwan didn’t have any surgery. She just gain lil weight from eat so her face get cubby. And her acting is good. I think her acting is better then some other actress that out there. You need go check your eyes.

  15. She got a natural beauty. How can you compare her with Aump? If U look careful, kwan is hotter than Aump. If she did not ashame to wear somthing like aump, she will be more sexier. I am sick of hearing that she got a fat face. We didn’t call that a fat face but a lovely face. She is not even fat. For me, if I have to choose the face, u rather choose a lovely face.

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