The Ideal BF – Celeb’s Choice!

Who would you choose as your boyfriend?

A. Handome, Rich, Bad personality

B. Poor, Handsome, Nice personality

C. Rich, Not Handsome, Nice

From the above choices – Siam bunterng Newspaper asks some of Thailand’s female celebrities to choose the answer that best describes their ideal boyfriend.

“Bell” Manunya Limsatien

“I choose rich, not handsome and nice. To me it doesn’t matter if he’s not handsome just as long as we get along with each other. But honestly I didn’t want to choose either. I want to choose personality because if that goes, then everything else will follow. If I choose wealth then people would think I’m a gold digger, I think it’s more personality”

“Pang” Kwankao Sawatawimol

“Oh this is hard. I’ll choose poor, handsome, nice. I feel love is not about wealth, it’s more about personality but I do want someone a little bit handsome (laughs) I think good people can succeed in life too, they don’t have to be born into money”

“Four” Sakolrat Warraaurai

“Rich, not handsome and nice is not what I want (laughs) I’m more into handsome so I will pick poor, handsome and nice. I’ll take the nice one and if he’s handsome too then he can be a celeb and become rich. Why not, nice people will always be loved and will have lots of opportunities for work. I think being poor is about not working hard. If someone works hard, one day they will become rich. But I don’t think I can walk around with someone unattractive, oh! Can’t handle that (laughs)”

“Pang” Ornjira Lamwila

“I choose rich, not handsome and nice. I don’t like handsome guys. If he’s a nice person then he will look good to me. But if he’s too handsome, I will be paranoid, I want average, I don’t want someone too handsome”

“Vil” Wanarot Sonthichai

“This is hard, I’ll take rich, not handsome and nice. But honestly I do like handsome guys (smiles) but if he’s nice then that will make him look good. I think personality goes a long way and wealth is good too because I’m looking into the future, I want to settle down with someone financially stable”

11 responses to “The Ideal BF – Celeb’s Choice!

  1. I side with Four….I pick the “poor, handsome, and nice” because money comes and goes, you can always make money so that won’t be a problem!!! It’s hard to find NICE & handsome guys these days so it’s a great hope to have. lol

  2. Whoa, I guess a lot of celebrities do go for rich, not handsome, but nice. All in all, they want money. That’s rather disappointing. I know it’s cliche, but I don’t care for wealth as much. I want someone who is nice and handsome. You can build up your wealth together.

  3. Well, there should be “stable job”, not handsome, nice among the choices LOL..

    I like Vil’s answer, at least she’s honest enough to admit it.
    If the guy’s handsome, it’s also a PLUS 😀

    I don’t go for rich guys myself but at least the guy should have a stable job.

  4. I think they were trying to pick out of the choice they have as much as possible cuz it more like they picked what was listed and some of em mixed it up…and pang said it not four

  5. “Financially Stable!” OMG it’s just all about money.

    I agreed, Four did gave the best of the group. Even though there wasn’t much choices, but the majority of rich ppl aren’t handsome it’s only in drama that those guys existed. 😛

    I believe a poor person can work hard enough to become rich one day. Don’t hope too much for a “Financially Stable” life because it doesn’t matter how rich you are, when your died that money is worthless. Plus also, who said when you married and offly rich dude that he’ll be rich forever, there’s always something bounded to happen, he might just end up in a bankruptcy or something else, and when that happens the poor dude will be offly more worthy than the rich dude.

  6. they all are gold digger cuz they said that they want someone nice and don’t care about the look. Sure, why not care about the look because if the guy is rich – is the bank account that look good not his face.

  7. Poor Handsome and Nice personality would be the “right” choice to pick among the three. So what if he’s Poor, Not Handsome, but has a nice personality? Would anyone actually pick him? Most people are pretty vain. However your ugly might be my handsome. So I don’t criticize nor would I call the other girls gold digger. In today’s world, who the heck want to support their partner and who really wants to live paycheck to paycheck feeding off of credit cards? So if the poor person work hard to become rich, would you still call the girl who he’s dating a gold digger? So if you didn’t know before, I bet a lot of people would think the girl is gold digger, especially if the guy is not handsome.

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