Behind the snippets of “Proong Nee Gor Rak Tur”

Everyone who has tuned into watch “Proong Nee Gor Rak Tur” must be anticipating the ending of the lakorn where all plots unfold when Pattamat (Pin Kedmanee) goes on a rampage at Por’s (Pong Nawat) wedding on her husband Pipat (James Ruengsak) when she finds out the truth. She also finds out that Warnaorn’s (Mod Kanlaya) child isn’t Poramin (Pong Nawat) baby but instead it’s her husband’s! Oh the drama!

Dara Story goes under the cut to show a teaser/behind the scenes of the ending of the lakorn. For those who are hooked on this lakorn, do you think the ending will be worth it to anticipate for?

22 responses to “Behind the snippets of “Proong Nee Gor Rak Tur”

  1. I just want to know how it ends for kong and pee.. i would not be happy if it’s not a happy ending for those two

  2. My favorite lakorn this year. It’s about time Putt starting pointing that gun at Pipat- he was the root of all problems!!! All the actors did a great job. Pong’s acting really shined, Aom is timeless as always, James’ facial expression was priceless, Mod and Pin were beautiful villains, O and Fluke were AMAZING. I hope this lakorn will win many awards 🙂

    • Definately my favorite lakorn this year, too. I thought it had it all, great script, cast, OST. I just can’t say enough on how much I love this drama. I thought the ending was fitting b/c Putt and Pipat were the root of all of this drama. You’re right Aom’s acting has always been natural and flawless and Pong, I am so impressed as to how good he has gotten with his emotional and crying scenes. Pong really did shine in this lakorn and I hope that he does get some recognition for putting hs heart and soul into his portrayal of Por.

      I know that some viewers really liked the relationship between Kong and Pe, but as for me I still watched it as a secondary relationship. When I tune into a melodrama, that’s what I want is a melodrama. Kong and Pe’s relationship, while cute and well acted by Fluke and Oh, was simple whereas I was moved to tears and findng myself so attached to Por and Kaew’s relationship. I just empathized so much for them as two characters that had to go through so much and waited so long before they could finally be with one another.

      Yes, i do hope that this lakorn will win some awards for the entire cast, especially Pong, whose character I thought really stood out because of his performance.

  3. Wow, this is totally worth it! It’s about time that crazy bitch finds out the truth! She doesn’t spare anyone’s life! Hope she ends back up in jail again. And rots there this time.

    I’m actually disturbed to watch Kong and Pee. They’re good actors, but I just don’t like watching gay couples. No offense to gays. I usually just skip their scenes. It just gives me unpleasant goosebumps. lol. I love Fluke though. (:


      • xox,
        haha, some people just cant take the heat, i guess. But I really do love Pe and Kong in this lakorn! More like obsess+possess! hahahaha ^_^

        I really admire Pe’s strength of character and persistence here. I liked it that his thinking wasn’t the same as his uncle Pong you know (who would expect that from a guy who has never shown an inkling of responsibility? Although Pipat was an asshole to girls, he really did spoil his brother Pe).

        Because Pe was so persistent, most viewers have forgotten that his pursuits implies that he is gay and just focus instead on his love.

        (He really did made me forget! i was more pumped up by the fact that his efforts @ first are always blocked. I kept cheering for him!

        The lines has blurred between gender and identity. I just want him to fight for his love, regardless of his orientation. Just like the way i cheered for Pong and Kaew’s or every doom lovers I’ve seen on lakorns, kdrama’s etc.)

        • @ginia1110

          When you stated: ” I really admire Pe’s strength….I liked it that his thinking wasn’t the same as his uncle Pong you know (who would expect that from a guy who has never shown an inkling of responsibility?”

          I think that you actually meant to say, that Pe’s thinking wasn’t the same as his brother Pipat b/c Pong’s character, Por is not Pe’s uncle. Por and Pe are both Nunim’s uncle.

          What I liked about Pe is that he is like Por. Both Por and Pe are very strong persistent men when it came to those they love and both were in the same predicament except Kaew chose the happiness of her family and Kong chose to follow Pe b/c he saw how his sister’s decision to break it up with Por caused her so much heartache.

          • Ah yeah. Sorry for the mistake, Pong and Pe are cousins… ^_^

            I think Pe and Pong are different! Like really. Pe is more of an action type of guy (evident by the way he chase after Kong, and not giving up even if Kong already has after he got blind. Really, if it weren’t for Pe’s insistence, they wouldn’t have made it through…)

            Pong has kept loving Kaew for 6 years, but he values the thought of loving her more than acting to it (if not why did the long gap of 6 years happen?) Yes, its a fact that Kaew’s decision made it like that but analyzing the situation, Pong kinda let Kaew do that… to make things fair, Kaew and Kong both said no to Pong and Pe.

            And though Kong got swept by Pe’s logic (unlike Kaew who defied Pong for 6 years), he still decided to part ways with Pe. Their love story was supposed to be another Pong/Kaew situation.

            Its just that Pe isn’t really the kind of guy who sulks around while longing for the person he loves. So he confessed to Kong’s mom.

            (That particular scene really raised my hairs to its end… I mean, My God! Confessing to someone of being gay, and to a person who somehow has the right to feel hate at you? Not to mention its the mother of the boy you’re supposedly courting? Gah! Gotta hand it to you, Pe!)

            While Pong ‘technically’ lets her go. Though loving Kaew and consoling himself with the classic ‘If you love her let her go’ line, when it should have been ‘If you love her, stick to her like a crazy glue until the end’. If he were only courageous enough to face Kaew’s whole family at the start then he wouldn’t have to part from her…(as he said so during his conversation with Pe at the hospital…)

            It was great to see a character like Pe for a change. Its kinda HOT to see someone with that persistence while not being a total loser, like that guy who likes Kaew but has no principles, (even siding with Pipat! The nerve of that jerk…)

            Typical of lead characters, regardless if male or female, they usually let their love interest choose the direction of their relationship ( which is if you’re the main characters, it to the Bins of Tragic Love). Regardless of the reason being enough or not…but Pe kinda defied that redundancy.

            Pe actually understands the importance of time and life, which generally isn’t in anyone’s control. He didn’t wanna waste time (emphasize 6 years, Kaew could have been killed in a accident you know, and love would just become a memory to Pong until he finds someone new again to love…).

            Knowing that, Pe acted on his desire to be with Kong by painstakingly winning his family’s trust, showing them that his intentions aren’t half bake and that leaving Kong is just not going to happen, period.

            I want a guy who’d stay with me until the end even if I tell him i don’t want him too, just because he senses that it’s really the opposite of what I want him to do…

            Ah! Pure love… hehehe.

          • lol, again! wats with me?!! hahaha,,, blame it on staying til 6 am in the morning…. hehehe… lol with the cousin part… ^_^

            Pipat is Pe’s bro, and Pong and Patt are siblings… i dunno whats the term for your brother’s wife’s brother….

          • I just wanted to say, I love Pong’s character Por. He is everything I look for in a man. He’s strong, persistent, responsible, and most important, his love for Kaew just takes your breath away.

            For me, I thought he was the strongest character. He had to deal with so much…..his insane sister, his crazy girlfriend, his crazy brother-in-law, Kaew’s mom who made it harder for him to win back Kaew, and even Kaew herself b/c she was so insistent on pushing him away. Oh, I forgot that annoying Nuthi.

            Another thing that makes him stand out for me is the fact that both Por and Pee were equally Nunim’s uncle but it is Por who stepped up and had a hand of being part of her life instead of leaving her to be neglected by her father. I’m not saying that Pee is selfish, I’m just saying that Por didn’t have to look after Nunim(it’s not his job) but he did it out of the kindness of his heart and he made sure that Nunim knew that she was a loved little girl.

            Reading the comments above, I have to point out that right after the murder, Por bravely FACED Kaew’s whole family. He was there for Kaew at the hospital right before her sister died, he was there for her and her family at the funeral and he continued to go over to her house even when he was getting the cold shoulder from Kaew’s family. It was not until the lawyer messed everything up that things got even worse and Kaew’s mom slapped Por and told him that she regrets trusting him and giving her permission for them to get married.

            I cried a lot for Por those earlier scenes b/c he had to deal with so much after the murder and he wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger. He had to tend to his sister’s household b/c Pipat was a coward and left right after the murder. I remember that one scene when Por had to take the sick baby to the doctor and it made him late to the funeral. Once he got there, he was treated like an outsider.

            I don’t think that Pee and Por are different. I think they are very much alike. Por is every much an action type of guy as Pee is. A problem is presented and Por faces it. The only reason he and Kaew had that 6 year gap was b/c of Kaew. I’m not saying that Kaew is wrong to end it with Por, I’m just saying that murder is a very SERIOUS issue and sometimes people can’t overcome it. It takes a lot of forgiveness and hopefully through time, people can start to overcome the problems that it brings.

            I loved it that when Kaew came back into his life, Por did everything he could to keep her there. It was too painful for him to live without her. I also admire the fact that Por continued to love Kaew those years they spent apart b/c when you think about it, he was holding on to a love that could never be. She had made it evident to him that she couldn’t love him, be with him after the murder so for him to hold on to her makes me go “WOW”. This is the type of guy any of us girls would be lucky to have.

            For me it was Pong’s character Por that made me love PNGRT

        • @ginia1110
          I wanted to respond to your comments below (the comments you responded to my comments) but there is no REPLY link to that comment so I wrote it here (sorry about that). If you can’t tell already, I love to analyze dramas and you bring up interesting points and by all means there is no right or wrong answers. We just interpret it different ways.

          For me, I really think that that classic thinking: “if you love someone, you have to let them go and if it it was meant to be, no matter what, they will return to you,” is true. And I think that Por really had no choice no matter how insistent he is with his love for Kaew. Kaew is very strong willed. Plus, the obstacle that both had to overcome is really that GREAT. Can any of us say that we can actually marry a person whose sister killed our sister? I can say that very few of us can continue to do that no matter how much love we have for him.

          Like I said, Pee had it a little easier than Por b/c Kong chose to follow Pee. If you think about it, it would have been easier for Kong to refuse Pee at first b/c him and Pee didn’t start out as lovers. Where as Por and Kaew were stuck between a rock and a hard place, they were already lovers when the murder happened.

          But Kong chose to continue to love and follow Pee. Kong saw the pain that Kaew was going through from denying one’s heart. It was not until Kong became blind that he refused Pee. Other wise him and Pee would not have been separated for a very brief time. When Kong did refuse to let Pee be near him when he was blind and Kong used Kaew’s words to throw at Pee’s face, what did Pee do? He left too and respected Kong’s decision just like Por did when Kaew decided to end it.

          Pee was about to let Kong go too b/c he thought that that was what Kong wanted just like Por let Kaew go. Pee didn’t come back to Kong until Kong came to see him one last time at the race track and one of the girls said that she saw Kong and it was then that Pee went to the house and then found out the truth.

          So for me that classic line, “if you love someone, you have to let them go” is also what Pee did TOO, not just Por. Who knows how long they would have been apart if Kong didn’t come to see him that one last time at the race track. From what I saw, Pee was going about life as usual after Kong refused him that day. Not that Pee didn’t care of love Kong, but it was what Kong wanted so he respected Kong’s decision to end it.

          For me, no matter how much you

          • continued (got cut off for some reason)

            For me, no matter how much you love someone, you can’t force them to be with you . You can be persistent in proving yourself to them but at the end you can’t force love and if it was meant to be, it will come back to you.

    • I loved Orn’s dress, too. She did make a lovely bride.and Mod surprisingly plays the n’ rai roles well. Like I said in my above statment, the cast did a wonderful job. As for your comments on the Kong and Pee relationship, I watched it as a secondary relationship that just happened to involved two men. But in saying that b/c I love this drama so much, when I went back and rewatched it, I’ll be honest and admit that I do skip over Pe and Kong scenes. I guess I don’t feel the need to watch their relationship twice. But I can watch the Por and Kaew moments over and over again. There were so many memerable moments between them I just can’t list them all. But like I said, I fell in love with them as actual people so to each his/her own.

    • Kaew and Por are good but I still prefer Pee and Kong since this this new love story between gay couple. I just want o know how their future ends up! which keep me wondering and eager to know! As for Kaew and Por they are so predictable ! I can guess from the beginning their happy ending just like many other thai dramas. Sometime I feel annoyed by these dragging love scenes bwt thos two ! 6 years apart and back together again ! that is such a drama ! Any way they portray the characters really well ! I also love Aom, but from this drama, I also become a fan of Fluke and Oh, especially I love the song” hidden feeling” sung by fluke to narrate their secrete romance.

      • I definately see where you are coming from. Where as you found Por and Kaew’s relationship had so much drama is what I loved about it, the fact that there were so many problems but yet, they (especially Por) pushed on to prove that their love could overcome all obstacles and was worth fighting for. I loved it that it was so heartbreaking at times that it tugged at your heartstrings to watch them struggle. i didn’t think that there were any dragging parts with their relationship b/c it kept me guessing the whole time, how were they going to deal with this or that. My friends and I kept thinking the whole time how was it going to end b/c the fact that nothing did change in regards to the fact that 6 years did past but his sister did kill her sister and it seemed the problems kept esculating so we found it very unpredictable as to how things would smoothe out for the two.

        As far as Kong and Pe’s relationship, I actually found that to be simple and sweet but it didn;t make my heart ache for them or empathize for them the way I did for Por and Kaew. But then again, i’m just a sucker for melodramas. I love a good cry. But yes, to each his/her own. There are no right or wrong answers. I also like the song “Hidden Feeling”. I actually like Oh’s version a little more than Fluke and of course I love the “Rak Diew Jai Diew”

  4. Well the lakorn at first was really good but later the “ummphh” factor disappear as the director n scriptwriter trying to add to much spices which make some scenes not realistic (making no sense). Actual fact I feel so sorry for Pong n Aom (both of them are very good they hv the chemistry) but their plot n storylines in time became too much as I’ve mentioned b4 too much spices. “less is more” that’s why the character of “phee n kong” outshine the main character bcoz it is realistic n making sense not too less and not too much. If the director remain the recipe for Bor n Kaew I believe Pong n Aom will be talk of the industry as the most romantic and perfect couple legend in Thai lakorn!. I am so so so… sorry 4 them both. Bcos both of them are good in playing their character. On the other hand I m giving credit to O’nuchyd and Fluke for their outstanding performance as Phee n Kong. Here we can really see that O’Anuchyd is a very versatile actor(looking back his past portfolio n has improved tremendously) and I hope fm here he will b recognized as a very calibre actor and award recognition if possible. I put my fingers cross 4 him. As for Fluke a newcome he is good too… I also applaud for James Reungsak he did well as the bad guy character. Overall the casts are very good in their performances in delivering their characters. To put thing in the nutshell, the director has to remember “less is more” n “simple is beautiful” otherwise the lakorn could have been a great lakorn as for now the rating fm me is just GOOD but to their casts for their acting ability “BRAVO”

    • I definitely LOVED this lakorn and i actually disagree that the scriptwriter over “spiced” it with Por and Kaew. Although some scenes were ridiculously amusing, when you think about it~ their relationship and plotline was very serious and realistic. I fell in love with the Pong and Aom team. Not only were they able to give air to Por and Kaew, they had AMAZING chemistry with each other. NOT one bit do i feel “sorry” for them. I believe this may be Pong’s first serious role that showed his true versatility and potential. I also enjoyed Pe and Kong’s relationship too, but in honesty, i feel that the couple only gained popularity because it was a gay relationship (and because Oh and Fluke were adorable!). Other than that, it would’ve been a very simply predictable relationship. As for Por and Kaew, they are faced with a serious matter –murder– that continue to burden the both of them. They’re relationship was not predictable because murder is one thing you cannot resolve. It involves a whole lot of forgiveness and acceptance, some things that both of their families were not able to do—– hence, it made their relationship more difficult, therefore~ more unclear and unpredictable.

  5. This being a Lakorn than a movie more than gave away how Pong and Kaew’s Love Story will end.

    While Pe and Kong, I already assumed another sob story which the director will kill either Kong or Pe, send him back to the states, or subtly indicate that they were separated because of Pe’s family, and thus their story will become another necessary tragedy in our present society.

    Love of Siam made me very wary of a love story with a cast you’d love to sink your teeth into because they look so cute and sweet together. Until the ending bites you in the ass and makes you cry a bucket…

    Pe and Kong’s meager chance to happiness and the whole uncertainty issue made it more realistic to me and scary (as is life) but it was very worth it to watch and anticipate until the end. They’re definitely my favorite pairing in this Lakorn.

    Coz of them I suddenly decided to call my BF @ the end of their scene and tell him 1-4-3 (what this means is what I said to him). I frighten him a lot coz I’m not a vocal one (only said it like 2x hahaha).
    But I told him that, the first thing after he answered my call so he’d really hear me.
    I am so gonna try not to waste my time and create stupid things to complicate our lives.
    And of course, I’d stay with him as long as he wants me to *pukes* hahaha I’m really not d cheesy type, but knowing Pe and Kong’s story, being it an impossible thing you know, kinda makes you think you’re still lucky and stuff.

  6. Oh goodness, i just love our many ongoing discussions on PNGRT and the complexity of Por.~ Por and Pee both hold value to me; neither one is stronger than the other. It was a matter of circumstance~ for all i know, they’re very much alike; wise, strong, accepting. I admire Por so much because of his strength to be with Kaew after the incident. He was literally treated like an outsider, and even then he was willing to face Kaew’s family. These first episodes were so tragic, especially having seen Por and Kaew’s steady, and not to mention happy, relationship. That’s where the difference lie between Por and Pee’s situation. Por and Kaew had history, and seeing how that went, Kong was able to react to it by choosing to stick to Pee. Por and Pee definitely made the same decisions. They were both persistent. The way i see it, it came down to the matter of the other person’s decision. From all this, we can safely say that Por and Pee are men we’re all searching for. I, too, fell in love with Por (and no one else could have taken on his complex character better than Pong). The struggles that he went through and to still be sane, gee. I love this man.

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