Aum’s Press Conference “I want to protect my dignity”

“Aum” Athichart Choomnanon lost his temper when Socialite “Praew” Pusanisa Pongsasopin gave out news to say she’s having a fight with him. The channel 3 actor is so distressed by the news he held a press conference to clarify his side of the story.

At his press con. Aum denied any affiliation with Hiso Praew and demanded for the lady to stop giving out news about him – if she continues to do so, he will sue!

Part of the interview via Innnews

“There are news about me and a Socialite by the name of ‘Khun Praew” who came out to say I cancelled an event function”

“Everything that she has said made it seem like she and I are in a relationship and had a fight with each other. She claimed she gave me a gift, being a diamond ring and other things. Some Entertainment newspapers also wrote that I accepted ‘help’ from her”

“The executives from my channel felt this kind of action is like using my name as a mean to promote her business”

“I have never met this woman. I don’t even know her. If she doesn’t stop, I will proceed with taking legal actions”

“The news about her buying me a diamond ring and a plane ticket to dubai is very damaging to me. I can afford to buy my own things, I have a job. As for photos of us going on holidays or displaying any kind of intimacy, please bring them out as your evidence”

“I came out today to speak to the press because I want to protect my dignity”

Full Press Conference Video via Manager

As a follow up to Aum’s press conference, Hiso Praew also held one the following day to say sorry to Aum from her hospital bed. The socialite fainted from stress.

How long have you been in hospital?

“From the 26th. Since the function at Dailynews. I’ve been feeling exhausted and there’s a rumour to say I’m heart broken but I’m not. I’m more upset because he’s not following the steps that the business held for him”

What did you say to Aum? And what steps?

“My secretary organized it. I wanted to hold a press conference today, I saw Aum’s interview and honestly, I was very upset by his comment saying that I’m leeching off his fame. Aum said he was going to sue me if I don’t stop. When I heard that I was very confused, Aum is the one who broke the promise”

“I want to apologize to him because it was a miscommunication on my secretary’s part. It was her who jeopardized his reputation”

Aum said he has never spoken to you

“I have never spoken to him personally, it was all through my secretary and it seemed okay. It seemed like he accepted to be my presenter and I only just saw the news about us having a relationship, I only saw this today so I came out to hold a press conference too. I apologize for my secretary on the accusations from Aum and his crew. What Aum said was true”

“I’m not an actress, I’m a business woman and I speak from the heart. Whatever my secretary told me, that was what I heard”

What is your relationship to Aum?

“I don’t want any more dramas, how about this, from now on I don’t want to talk about Aum Athichart anymore. I don’t want to jeopardized my reputation this way. What my secretary told me made me happy, Aum accepted my invite through her”

You bought him a ring?

“It’s from my personal admiration for him. I did buy him a ring and I was planning to give the ring to him as a thank you gift at the function”

So Aum hasn’t received anything from you?

“No, nothing at all”

Do you still admire him?

“From now on I don’t want to talk about Aum Athichart anymore. Let’s just say because of Aum, I fired my secretary. My secretary told me, Aum is open, do you want to talk to him and I said, okay, invite him”

According to the news, this is a publicity stunt for your business

“I swear to all things that are sacred, this information is not true. I don’t need to leech off anyone for publicity”

32 responses to “Aum’s Press Conference “I want to protect my dignity”

  1. dang! thats the right thing to do aum! and wat the heck! she is blaming her secretary for the misunderstanding! now i want to hear the secretary’s side of the story! this is interesting news! yet feel bad for aum that he has to go through all of this!

  2. Didn’t she mentioned that she sat down with him and they discussed his work and pay rate?? and now she’s saying that her secretary did all of this? sounds fishy to me on her part.

  3. Wow, what a way to get sympathy. Having an interview while she’s laying in the hospital bed, crazy lady. If she fainted from stress, why would she hold a press conference to add onto the stress she’s had. Why not wait till she gets out.

    Didn’t she say that she had an argument with aum. She also said “ME AND AUM ARE NOT BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND YET” meaning there’s a chance in the future. It’s weird…She said the only way she communicated with him is through the secretary, so did she argue with him through the secretary too. I think I will believe Aum on this one unless I see the pictures of the 2 together.

    • In one interrview. She said one thing in another interview. She said another thing. I believe Aum. Lady need help. MENTALLY.

  4. How do you date, argue, fight with someone through a secretary? *sigh* SECRETary.

    Anywho, not a fan of Aum, never was and never will be…the lady seems strange. This whole fiasco seems strange. But entertaining. Let’s see how this “lakorn” plays out. DUN, DUN, DUN….!!

  5. Aww the poor secretary is now taking the rap. God this old hag has nerve! I was all willing to believe her until now.

  6. CRAZY ass fanlady. Pshhh. She needs some serious help.

    I’m not a fan of Aum, but I do pity the man for having to put up with this kind of shit.

    • LOL…yeah, eh? Pra Ek: Aum
      Nang Ek: Nat
      Nang Rai: Praew

      The nang rai’s are usually the unstable ones. Sad, but interesting.

  7. Okay umm i was bored so i reread the last interview with that Praew and she said
    “and of course we had to sit down and talk about his pay check and I did joke with him to say, can we go for dinner to talk instead. When we were discussing it, reporters were there and they probably misunderstood”

    Umm how could that incident happen if you never even talked to the guy face to face. LOL! She is so busted and is still trying to lie. O well she can just pay her way outta this one.

    • Rules of deception: When caught in a lie, blame someone else, ie. the secretary.

      Just makes the lie more obvious…*sigh*

  8. more he-said she-said melodrama about nothing. it’s all so childish. these people should be role models. when are thais gonna grow up?!! *sigh*

    • That woman must be childish and insane.But how could Aum be childish on this issue??what’s wrong with him?Don’t judge other people.i am not thai,but i think thais are very friendly and nice people.

  9. Knew it! From reading that woman interview, I knew something was not right with her non-sense words.
    Now she’s trying to blame her secretary, I don’t think that’s a smooth move; foresure her secretary will come out and burn her.
    Such a crazy woman!
    Thank you.

  10. Yay~ Aum good job for speaking up for yourself!
    that woman totally made things up and now blaming her secretary to everything!

  11. Yeah, blame it on the secretary, she has money so she can say or do whatever she wants, if she didn’t give the orders to the secretary, would the secretary even dare do those things?

  12. LMAO, she was so lying her a$$ off. I knew it wasn’t true. She is so obessed with him. Lady, leave him alone. Thanks Aum for clarifying.

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