Aump & Todd are “officially” over!

In the beginning Thairath thought they would be questioning “Aump” Patcharapa about her latest title as being one of the richest leading actresses in the industry with an estimated net worth of 40 million baht then followed by a question about her attendance to Todd’s graduation ceremony held last Sunday.

But subsequently, the actress ended up announcing her “official” break up to “Todd” Sina.

You’ve been categorized as the richest leading actress

“I am not that rich, but if I get lots of work then that’s good. The tax department would be calling me (laughs) let’s just say lately I have a lot of work, today I’m doing 3 jobs so please don’t ask me too many questions, otherwise I won’t get to do my best in my 2-3 jobs”

You bought a Mercedes Benz for your birthday?

“I did, normal price. I don’t buy cars often, the last time I bought a new car was 2 years ago. I’m still keeping it but I will sell it one day but not now. The car I bought is a new coupe, I wanted this car and no one helped me with the decision”

You went to Todd’s graduation ceremony?

“Yes I did”

Did you buy him a graduation gift

“Let’s just say I’ve broken up with him. At this stage we’re friends now. If you want to know more, you will find out later this evening. I can’t tell you anymore right now..let’s just say it’s going to be a long story”

More news from Aump to follow later tonight.

Prior to Aump’s break up announcement. Todd’s father “Siripong Oontornpan” revealed during a business interview with Post Today [16 Dec]  that his son is planning to move overseas to study masters abroad.

More Photos from graduation ceremony:

If pictures could speak a thousand words…what do you think they’re saying?

3 responses to “Aump & Todd are “officially” over!

  1. I’m glad its over between them. now she can move on with that other ugly old hiso without rumors calling her a player.

  2. They actually look good together in those photos but who cares if they’ve broken up, they’re both adults who can make their own decisions.

  3. The pics looks like a farewell pic to me….Aump is happy and excited for Todd, but Todd is sad that its over…=( hehe..

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