John Winyu Looks Mighty Sexy

For the latest issue of Pooying, Hot DJ, John Winyu strikes a pose with the Mazda 2. Even though we don’t enjoy his nasally voice, but there is one thing we can’t deny .. HOTNESS!

[John Winyu – Ja Rak Hai Leum (I’ll Love You For You To Forget)]

We now know why Momay and Bebe fell for this fellow. Not only is he one of the HOT DJ’s for AtimeMedia, but he’s looking pretty hot also. A guy with a built body is always 10 points out of 10!

[Image via Magazinedee & Video credits to aipay03]

9 responses to “John Winyu Looks Mighty Sexy

  1. who is he other than a dj? is he full thai and is john is nick name and winyu is last name or john winyu is his first and last name?

    • i don’t know much about john but his nick name is john and his thai name is winyu something. he is half thai and i don’t know what…lol

      he sings every now and again and he does cameo appearances on t.v. shows. oh! he’s also a vj for wake club.

    • sorry no one can be as good looking as you. this world is just full of ugly people that makes you look like you’re the only good looking person.

  2. dont want to be the devil, but is it just me or does it looks like the car is photoshopped in those images? well besides the one he’s sitting on the trunk.. ahh too much photoshopping for me.

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