Jib says sorry with tears in her eyes

“Jib” Pokchat Tiemchai made talk of town for inappropriate conduct and sporting a “mohawk” hair-style to her graduation ceremony where she received her bachelor degree from her royal highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindtorn. The public felt so strongly towards her improper hair style and felt it shouldn’t be allowable for any university graduate to wear their hair like that at a royal graduation ceremony.

16 Dec, Jib Pokchat came out to reveal her thoughts after been heavily criticized by the public. The actress had tears in her eyes when she explained to Thairath News;

“I admit my hair style was wrong. However no one told me it was inappropriate before the ceremony, if they did I would be willing to change it. But I’ve only been told it was inappropriate after I can’t do anything about it anymore”

“My graduation ceremony is supposed to be a proud day but why am I getting all these criticism. My parents are getting it too and my teachers as well as my university. If people had told me about this this during the rehearsal this would not have happened”

During rehearsal for her graduation, Jib also had her hair done in a similar style which is not much different to the style she had on her graduation day. On the day, Jib revealed all her teachers were warning her about her conduct and what to do during the ceremony. No one told her about her hair and her teachers were not the only ones present at the ceremony. The officers from the palace were also there, if they didn’t feel it was appropriate they shouldn’t have let her through.

As for the critics on her conduct and walking “cat walk” style while heading up on stage and forgetting to bow to HRH. Jib said, when she realized she missed the step she bowed quickly before she sat down, as for sitting crossed legged, Jib said she only did that at the rehearsal, not on the actual day.

“I was very excited to recieve the first degree in my life and to be able to meet HRH for the first time, and I made a mistake. But I didn’t know it was so wrong to the point where some people felt I shouldn’t be allowed to graduate”

“On this misconduct I would like to be the only person held responsible. Please don’t blame my teachers or my family”

“I want to apologize to my mom and dad, my teachers and the staff at the university as well as all my fellow graduates for the shame and humiliation that I’ve caused. I apologize to the university for jeopardizing their reputation”

Clip of Jib on Rueng Den Yen Nee (credits to konmekung);

28 responses to “Jib says sorry with tears in her eyes

  1. If this was the U.S. its wouldn’t even be news worthy, so what she sported a Mohawk to her graduation. However it’s Thailand, customs and traditions are highly regarded by people there so I feel bad for her. But then again this is her own doing she knew her hairstyle was wrong but yet after she did it she relocate blame by saying no one told her about it being appropriate.

    • I totally agree if it was the U.S this wouldn’t matter BUT it is unappropriated in Thailand esp. with the princess attending & passing out the diploma..

  2. She’s weird. She keeps changing her words too. I read another news of her saying her teachers didn’t mind and now she’s saying no one told her anything about her hair. Hello! Common sense!

    • I know common sense girl! The line “I didn’t know no one told me” was what I use to say when I was 6…

  3. The hairstyle looks fine to me, it’s more of a trendy hairstyle, but like it was mention before it’s critize due to the custom and traditions.
    Felt bad for her since it is her first time getting an degree and she’s supposed to feel happy and proud.
    That’s how stuff work, Thanks.

  4. Oh here we go again Thailand. I don’t see a problem with the hair. Hell I have seen worse and there’s no big deal about it.

  5. It’s just a HAIRDO. She shouldn’t have to be so heavily criticized over it. With all that nitpicking, Thai netizens are well on their way to being like Korean netizens.

  6. You guys don’t get it. The graduation ceremony is taken very highly in Thailand especially ones where the degree is handed out by a member of the royal family. Some universities require you to die your hair back to black, no jewelry, no acrylic nails, no fancy hairdos, etc. Guys with long hair go and cut their hair. It’s not the fault of the netizens at all. This is custom and tradition in Thailand that is well known. Her saying that she wasn’t told to change anything isn’t that great of an excuse. Everyone in Thailand knows how these graduation ceremonies go. I feel bad for her, but this was something she knew. I can’t see how she couldn’t have known because it’s not like only a couple of Thai universities practice these strict rules. Yes it’s also the fault of the university too, but she should’ve known better than to have done that hairstyle in the first place.

      • I agree with T. but all in all I think the university is at fault and so is she. Im pretty sure she knew the custom and tradition of the ceremony but yet she still goes against it. also, the faculty should’ve enforced such restrictions a little more given how important this matter is. i see that both are at fault with this!

      • There are. For ones that a member of the royal family comes to, staff from the palace come to check on the proceedings as well. That’s why all the netizens are confused and are waiting for the public statement from the university. A lot are thinking that she got special treatment because she was a celebrity. The hairdo is probably the least of her worries. Her behavior during the ceremony and dress rehersal is getting her a lot more flame. One thing you do not do in Thailand is disrepect the Royal family.

        • Funny. Not to get you offended but I just got curious, a hairstyle like that is something disrespectful to the Thai Royal Family?

          • It’s more like looking appropriate for the Thai Royal. If it’s hard for this generation to understand, think of it as wearing something trashy to greet your parents. :p Wait, maybe that’s too much. LOL

            Anyway, I agree with pangggx3 100%. Even at our own high school graduation in USA (or atleast my very hick school) we are told to dress appropriate from head to toe. Hair must be natural color and well presentable, females must wear heels that cover their toes and heels, etc. That’s just in the USA.

            Since it’s in Thailand with the Royal present, I can definitely understand Thai citizens criticism. Truth be told, I would talk trash too. :p

          • I definetely agree with pang, [& as to you fun, if youre from USA then think of it this way, going to meet obama wearing a short skirt and spaghetti straps with that mohawk shit jibs wearing.
            it’s common sense im sure you would be wearing something business like or an elegant dress with nice hair.]
            & jib only did that hair style even though SHE KNEW she wasnt supposed to was just so she can stand out, she has the confidence of being an actress that isnt even popular. which isnt fair to anyone else that had their day that day too. & daaamn she forgot to bow!!! geez. I guess her hair stood up that high bcus it was full of air! & i do believe that the university is also at fault and they didnt say anything bcus shes a dara.

  7. feel sorry for her. clothing wise and being intimate with someone i can probably agree with thailand’s customs and traditions but this is her hair. it’s like like she was dressing revealing or kissing somebody. the hair won’t hurt anyone lol

  8. Okay, this is just pathetic. Thailand is too strict on everything. There’s nothing wrong with her hair. It wasn’t like she showed up to graduation drunk, or she dressed inappropriate, etc… so chill out. Thai medias are making Thailand or Thai people/celebs look bad because they over-react too much.

  9. I listened to her interview and she said that she knew about the hair regulation in regards to the girls pulling their hair back and not have any hair straying around their face. Looks like she did do that but just decided to add her own special touch, which I don’t see anything wrong with it.

    I don’t think she is saying that she blames other people for not telling. She just explaining that there was a run through of everyone’s appearance and no one pointed out to her that her hair do was inappropriate and if some did point it out to her, she would have been happy to change it. Since no on said anything, she thought it was okay.

  10. i seriously find it funny that so many are saying it’s ok. are you forgetting that this is thai entertainment not hollywood entertainment?

    this is what’s happening in thailand, not america or cananda or where ever it seems appropriate for her to dress as she pleases. thailand respects the royal family. they are like gods amongst the norms so for her to be present herself appropriatly was a big factor.

    i agree with muddie murda that even in my h.s. we had a dress code. we had to wear certain colors, certain types of shoes and if we didn’t wear that certain attire we weren’t allowed to walk.

    • oh i also like to add that different countries different morals and ethics. they take time to criticize celebs because they are in the limelight, but they don’t pay attention to prostitutes and whorehouses that needs a complaint!

      • well duh! hahaha I mean if youre popular & out there, there will be news about you but as for prostitues and all, sex and all that other stuff is usually things ppl dont talk about, its like MUMS the word. & every single counrtys full of that! theres nothing anyone can do…

        • I just hate how everyone associates prostitues/whorehouse to thailand, it like pushes a button that makes me mad. I’m not sayin youre doing that honey 🙂 but i recently got into an argument with someone who did. He was the stupidest person ever.
          anyways, again, EVERY COUNTRY HAS THAT!

    • You are basing the word ‘respect’ on the cover of a book. That is her hairstyle. If she refuses to bow, then she is not paying any respect to the royal family. The criticism is so strong, but the ground you’re basing this on is very low.

  11. Poeple who are saying theres nothing wrong with her hair are right for cat walk that is, but for a thai graduation ceremony its not. i cant picture someone going to get their graduation thing from the princess with that hair in thailand, its only big news because no one does that, everyone else knows to do their hair appropriatly on such an important day. poeple who are saying that her hair is appropriate, you sound like someone thats never seen this type of ceremony before. thai customs sound strict, but if you understand its really not strict at all. for her saying “nobody told her” is really childish. why do you think its such big news? because its inappropriate.i dont think its to the point where its ‘disrespectful’ but its inappropriate.

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