Hiso Praew & Aum are fighting

Since “Aum” Athichart Choomnanon broke up with channel 7 actress “Pinky” Savika Chaidech, the red-lipped Pra aek moved on to revealed his romance with divorcee “Nat Myria”. Although that didn’t stop his charm from attracting other women, because famous spa owner “Hiso Praew” has a big crush on him, she even offered to pay a 6 digit figure for the opportunity to take him out on a dinner date.

At Baby Angel Beauty & Spa by Idin, Hiso Praew and Aum were scheduled to appear together at the event but they had an argument with each other causing Aum to pull out from the function and cancelled on her.

Hiso Praew admitted to Siamdara – the alleged “fight” between her and Aum did happen.

“How do I say this? Yes, a little bit, it happened last night. We couldn’t understand each other and if you want the reason behind the fight you should ask Aum. If I say anything it might jeopardize him”

If you ask if the fight was a bad one, to me it was very bad. But I don’t know about his thoughts on it because at this point, I still haven’t heard from him. The fight was about two things, work and personal. Right now I’m waiting to sort it out with him because he hasn’t called yet ad it’s up to him. Let’s just say I’m still waiting for him to call”

Did you pay him in the 6 digit figure to have dinner with you?

“Oh, on this I want to be straight forward with you and say I didn’t pay him. It was for his Presenter work and of course we had to sit down and talk about his pay check and I did joke with him to say, can we go for dinner to talk instead. When we were discussing it, reporters were there and they probably misunderstood”

Rumor has it that you bought him a diamond ring and a plane ticket to Dubai

“Honestly I was going to open up a spa business in Dubai, Aum’s not coming with me. Go and ask him yourself. As for buying him a ring, I haven’t given it to him yet. If you ask what’s the occasion, there is no occaision, I just want to give him a ring. It is not that expensive and I was going to give him the ring today but something unplesant happened first so I haven’t given it to him yet”

What’s the status of your relationship right now?

“We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend yet. I think this is enough now, I am feeling uncomfortable to answer these questions because my answers could affect his work with his channel. And as he has mentioned before, he has been criticized by the channel. So let’s just end this conversation”

16 responses to “Hiso Praew & Aum are fighting

    • OMG, what does she mean not yet??? Don’t tell me he sneaking around behind Nat’s back for her because of money. Maybe they got into a fight cus she wants to be out in the open and he doens’t. She sounded like she is totally seeing him…..nooooooo Aum….dont’ do it!

    • Yet…? Maybe they can’t agree on how many digits Aum should get paid….she makes it sound like she’s the one to decide what should happen between them (she certainly have the money but not the beauty. yuck)

  1. Her words doesn’t sounds right to me, it’s like all-over the place; it’s not like I’m defending him or anything.
    But seriously, how the way she’s answering the question seems like she is trying to jeopardize him.
    Doesn’t sound and look right to me, I guess must just wait until what Aum say about this.
    Thank you.

  2. Once a cheater is always a cheater (I’m referring to Aum). I’ve been reading news about him even before he became popular w/ Jum Luey Ruk and all I can say is he is not a good bf. When he used to date Kat English he cheated on her. And cheated on his other ex-gf. He even try to hooked up with a girl who already have a bf at the time. And all this news has been confirm by one of the parties. He is really sleezy. So, I wouldn’t pass Aum about going behind Nat Myria’s back and cheat on her with this hi-so lady. And hence; the phrase; “the bf and gf yet” I don’t think hi-so Praew would jeopardize her own reputation as a business woman if there is nothing goin on btwn them.

  3. I am speechless right now. I am having second thoughts on Aum. I know I shouldn’t be bias to use his personal life as a way to avoid his works but I don’t know any more.

  4. Okay, this is just stupid! That lady is clearly sprung over Aum! She’s basically buying him over with money! First she’s gonna pay Aum a 6 digit figure just for a dinner, then a ring now?! Gosh, rich people really can buy their way in on things! I wanna hear what Aum has to say, because if he’s 2-timing, then I’m just gonna be so disappointed.

  5. what’s the big deal?”We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend yet.”Maybe she wanna have further relationship with him and wait for his answer.But he feels it can’t be like that way.So they have a fight.Apparently she loves him and is trying to seduce him.He wants to take the money from the job but doesn’t love her.I think he should just refuse this job like he did on their schduled event.You can’t find a balence bewteen the work and personal things.it’s gonna cause more fight.

  6. as much as I LOVE Aum the actor, i read somewhere that he is not a BF material..something to do with his wandering eye/ two-timing habit…but he has not said anything yet so i hope it’s not true that he’s dating this hi-so and two-timing his gf for the money…

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