The Celebrity Graduates

Sunday Dec 13, “Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuer made an appearance to the graduation ceremony held at Rangsit University to congratulate former fling “Todd” Sina Oontornpan on receiving his Bachelor of Architecture degree.

Monday Dec 14, “Jib” Pokchat Tiemchai & “Air” Pantila Foogin (from Soot Sanae Ha) also graduated from Srinakarinwirot University for their Bachelor of Arts degree.

In the photographs from Todd’s graduation, Aump seems very cheerful and proud, acting as Todd’s personal paparazzi with a video camera in hand capturing the moment while her much younger ex beau is sporting the ‘uncle look’ – if people didn’t know any better, he could probably pass as her uncle.

On the other hand “Jib” Pokchat is making a huge controversy over at Pantip webboard (and everywhere else!)  for her unique hair-do. Thai netizens felt, her hair style was highly inappropriate for a graduation ceremony. A ceremony in which most Thai’s believed is an honorable event and all graduates should dress appropriately to show respect for the venue and most importantly – to the member of the royal family who hands out their degree.

More Photos

Photos credits to, RSU, Siamdara

11 responses to “The Celebrity Graduates

  1. its fashion time..!!

    aump: beautiful as always..
    todd: how old are, dude?? get rid of the glasses.. argh.!!
    jib: its A GRADUATION!! not A ROCK STAR PARTY!!
    air: cute smile wif cute hairdo..

  2. Aum seems like the only one that is overly excited where as Todd as the graduate himself looks tired and whatever lol. And don’t they wear a graduation cap when they go get there degree? Cuz I know ABAC Uni does and if these graduates have to wear one too, how can that girl Jib wear one when her hear is bigger than her head?

  3. It is good that Aum and Todd are still friends. Congrats to all the graduates!

    Aum does look very beautiful! I love her hair.

  4. What the heck was Jib thinking? Not only her, but also her family and most importantly the professors and staff and her uni that took care of the graduation ceremonies. That haistyle is a no no for Thai graduation ceremonies. Not only the style, but also the hair color. I remember for my cousin’s grad, she had to die her hair back to black and take off her acrylic nails. I’ve never seen a celeb dress so outrageously for their grad ceremony. Everyone seemed to know that you’re supposed to dress very proper. Jib sure didn’t get the memo or simply doesn’t care.

  5. jeez people. enlighten up about the girl’s “inappropriate” hairdo. she didn’t kill anyone. she worked just as hard to get her degree like everyone else.

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