Pinky dimissed Rumours; “Even if he did call, I probably wouldn’t pick up the phone”

New rumour emerged to say Songkran Taechanarong made an unplesant phone call to “Pinky” Savika Chaidech to criticize her for dobbing him to his parents about their break up. But the actress dismissed the cliams – Pinkysaid, even if he did call, she wouldn’t pick up the phone!

Interview via Khaosod News

“Who’s telling you this? Oii, this has nothing to do with me anymore. It’s over for me now and even if he did call, I probably wouldn’t pick up the phone because I wouldn’t need to to. We have nothing to do with each other anymore. And I didn’t dob him, I’m not that close to his family. I’ve only known him for 3-4 months and I met his parents twice”

“I’m his friend and at this stage I probably don’t want to hate him. Even if there’s bad publicity I am still his friend so please don’t bring in too much drama, I don’t want this to get to the stage where we can’t look at each other in the eye anymore. This is all I can say at this stage”

Have you spoken to Songkran’s parents?

“I’ve spoken to his dad. It was a long time ago. His dad called me, I didn’t call him. It was back when the incident happened and his dad was worried because I’m just a female so he showed good spirits and called me to comfort me. Other than that, nothing happened and it was a long time ago. I don’t want to dig this back up”

Because you claim to speak the truth, this make Songkran seem like the liar

“I don’t know if he’s lying or not but I’m telling the truth. I don’t need to lie and say too much. I think this is enough to make people understand”

34 responses to “Pinky dimissed Rumours; “Even if he did call, I probably wouldn’t pick up the phone”

    • She still sounds dumb! She loves to talk too much, and give out way too much info. she should learn how to just answer it strong and simple. straight to the point.

      • Okay, how about we tell that to Songkran then? When it was Songkran and Pinky, Pinky was the one talking too much and giving too much info, and now that it’s Aff and Songkran, Songkran’s the one giving too much info. Aff’s denying one thing and Songkran’s saying another. I rather listen to someone who tells too much but is honest then someone who doesn’t tell much but lies. I don’t want to technically call Aff a liar, but I guess with this statement, it seems like I am.

  1. How can she say she’s his friend but yet said even if he calls she wouldn’t pick up the phone? This girl is still very bitter.

    • well, let put it this way. if your ex call you, will you pick up? after a hardship break up, if it was me i wont pick up his call but i will still say that we are “friend” for the sake of “goodship”/peaceful for both side..

      • I agree. She’s basically saying their still friends who are on good terms with no grudges but if he calls, of course she wont pick up because she’s really over the situation and him. Answering him would just stir some more stuff.

      • Well that’s where the drama is isn’t it? She said they were seeing each other, he said they weren’t. That they were just friends. So to her he’s her ex? Just because a girl said someone is something doesn’t mean they are. Even though Songkran is ugly but we’ve all read his interviews after interviews. To me, he’s not a liar, he’s pretty straight forward. I mean even Aff’s fan hate him cus he talks too much. Maybe Songkran tried to call Pinky to work something out so that they can actually be real friends but Pinky is too bitter, immature, and her pride is on the line. She got slapped in the face when Songkran came out and said he likes Aff after she went around telling everyone who is willing to listen or doesn’t want to listen that she’s his girl. That’s where the problem is.

        I really do think Pinky need to just tell these reporters to stop harassing her about this. Or maybe she should ask them what are they trying to sell here? They won’t stop if she keeps giving interviews. Just because you are asked doesn’t mean you have to always make comments.

        • We were just using the term “ex” as an example. We’re not saying Pinky “considers” Songkran like her ex. Everything else you said seems to be on a different page.

          Everytime there’s news mentioning Pinky’s name, you always have something negative to say about her. I don’t mind, because it’s your opinion but sometimes it seems like you’re bringing up Pinky’s mistake from the past over and over again just like the media is. But on every topic about Aff, you seem to defend Aff a lot. And I understand if you like Aff much more than Pinky, but give her a break. One time I was so close to replying to your comment saying “Wow, why can’t you be this open minded with Pinky as you are with Aff?” But I was like oh well, forget it.

          “Other than that, nothing happened and it was a long time ago. I don’t want to dig this back up”—this was what Pinky said and to me, that’s her telling the media to stop bringing things up from the past.

  2. U got that right Sally why is this F***** always on the news? He always make girls look bad like Aff and Pinky and so on …I have never seen any good work news about him. I don’t even wants to come on to this website any more because all u see is his news it make is Sick!!!!!

  3. lol she wasn’t like this a few months ago. why is she still saying he’s her friend? geez just stop it and say the truth god.

    • What are you talking about? She’s always been like this. She’s been trying to avoid and show that she’s over all these dumb rumors for months now. Both Pinky and Songkran have said that they’re both still on good terms from months ago when Songkran moved on to Aff. They may not be close friends, but I think she means that she doesn’t have bad feelings for him.

  4. I love her answers. Straight to the point. You can tell she’s tired of the media stirring up drama for her.

    Omg, this means another post/topic later about Songkran’s side of the story! UGH! That means we’re gonna have to see his face again! Just great, another headline for Songkran.

    • xox, i just want to say, I agree with you. I love her answers too, it’s straigth to the point.

      I thought her interview about Songkran months ago was a little.. show off, but it turned like a bad omen to her. Pinky accepted it and moved on and tried not to stir things up again.

      I think some people here should take her example and do the same thing as well.

      Regarding Aff and Songkran, I couldn’t care less. Lies or not, times will tell.

      ps. When will the terms “close friends” will dissapear in thai show biz? It’s more than lame. It’s obvious they’re dating, why try to deny it. People know.

  5. Pinky still can’t keep her mouth shut.

    “I’ve only known him for 3-4 months and I met his parents twice”

    And telling the media that Songkran’s Father called her? That’s too much information for someone who wants to stay out of the drama.

    Pinky should just say, PASS and move on, stop answering already.

  6. sally ! i agree with you. i used like AFF but after she make a date with this guy i realy don’t want to watch her lakorn anymore even WANIDA the best thai lakorn that i am waiting for long time to watch this new version.

  7. I am a Pinky fan but will admit she is not always the brightest star in the sky. You know what though she is only in her early twenty so cut her some slack. She might still be holding a grudge against him, but in all honesty she has some rights to. Here is the guy she thought was her bf but than he dismissed her like she is nothing. Anot now almost everybody is dising her like she commited murder. But on the flip side, Aff who just broke things off with her bf of 10+ years and is now some what serious with another guy? I don’t see her being bashed for moving on so quickly. I’m not saying she can’t move on, but be fair to both sides. Pinky is still young but over time I think she’ll mature into a woman that we’ll be like wow look at how mature she is giving that interview.

  8. i think it’s ridiculous to not watch someone’s work b/c of their behavior — i don’t like pancake/weir relationship but that does not stop me from watching either one of their show — although, i don’t’ watch 100% of pancake but i do watch like 1-2 of her drama ..

    aside from this — the best way to shut everyone down is be silent about it — very good tactic .. soon, things will fade away.

    • also admire her photo shoot — same goes for some other celeb who does so many bad things, i still watch their show b/c of their talent works but to use their REAL LIFE to stop me, that’s just beyond my way of judging ..

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