Pah Tob & Peemai on Teenee Mor Chit

In the hype of their upcoming wedding, “Pah Tob” Parinya and girlfriend “Peemai” Sumolrat have released romantic photographs of themselves in their wedding attire.

The couple recently appeared on TV Show “Teenee Mor Chit” together to talk about their marriage. The clip from the show can be viewed at Mthai

26 responses to “Pah Tob & Peemai on Teenee Mor Chit

      • i was told about the guy..he so older…
        and maybe she does love him or his $$$$$$$
        or well like my sister money can buy u happiness..^^
        what a lucky dude..^^ the gril is pretty….Congrats to them.
        i wish both the best..^^ ( marries it not a game) all the best…^^

  1. Peemai looks pretty and elegant.
    They look happy. Congrats to them.

    What do you guys/gals have more of a problem with? Age or gender?

    For me, it’s age.

  2. I think she has a golf course and a chain of coffee shops or something. Did anyone see the interview, because I thought the friend was really rude. I understand being protective of your friend, but sometimes you gotta let them make their decisions whether it be a mistake or not. Besides, even if Peemai was in it for the money, I think Pa Tob has plenty where it would not even make a dent. Did you see that entrance from the front gates to the front of the house, it looked like an entire block!

    • I just finished watching the interview, and I totally agree with you that the friend was being very rude about their relationship from the beginning to end..she seems very worried that Peemai was in it for the money.. and that’s none of her business! I’m happy for Pha Tob and Peemai!

  3. i saw the interview but im not thai and i couldn’t understand it. hahaha but this couple seems very interesting tho!

  4. i think nong Pai marry this fucking L just for that bitch damn cash only, not for love. i don’t that bitch L make good love to her. nong Pai will get a D somewhere behide her back. any women can’t deny a D.

    • Way to go with the name calling. You don’t even know both of them personally so just get over it. Pah Tob maybe a les w/ lots of cash, but from watching the interview Pah Tob seem like a nice person. I mean Pah Tob was protecting Peemai when the friend was being annoying and disrespecting Peemai. So, good luck with their marriage. Or whatever rock their boat.

  5. Hate to say it…but I also feel like it’s for the $$$…I hope not..but it seems as the shehim…don’t really care if it only for the $$…wish them the best

  6. whatever rock their boat — if both loves each other, it’s all good — sometime, having a best friend there to be with you can be so much better than to attach yourself with a unreliable man ..

    of course, with this case, the money is seem to be the big issue that have everyone talking about ^^

  7. I think they are both using each other. Peemai was never a lesbian until she met Pah Tob. Pah Tob can have whomever she wants and showers the girls she has in mind with expensive gifts. Peemai has brought her whole family to live with Pah Tob as well. Pah Tob is supporting her whole family. I guess in this instance ‘a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to survive’ I think Pah Tob has something pretty and cute and Peemai has a comfortable lifestyle. It’s essentially a business contract.

  8. what was peemai thinking??? shes sooo hot and lovely! her fiance looks like an old man!! ahhh.. Peemai could had done better even if it was with another woman! but oh well she’s happy and so be it!

  9. OMG! i didn’t know the groom was a women! Oh well, got to support the GLBT ppls. They fought hard to be who they are and to have their right’s in marriage!

  10. what is she thinking!!! she’s so young and pretty … by doing this, it’s like throwing her life away… it’s just too much …with the age difference and the same sex at the same time!

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