Arnas Rapanich doesn’t mind playing the villain

Channel 7’s leading actor “Arnas Rapanich” takes on the villain role once again in “Rahut Logun”, the actor says he’s not limited to playing only the lead role.

“In this lakorn (Rahut Logun) my character is Dr Pisuth. On the outside he seems like a good person, kind hearted and very helpful. But behind the mask he’s a criminal and a villain. The leader of Insree gang and he steals people’s organs to create imortality. He’s a terrorist and he wants to take over the country”

“I’m not serious about playing the villain, I don’t have to always be the lead hero, I just want a good script and an interesting plot. Something colorful, the kind of character that stands out in the plot and that would be okay enough for me”

“I think if I limit myself to only playing one character, I will always play the same role, I wouldn’t get the opportunity to improve my acting skills. I like to change and take on different characters and try out new things, it’s fun”

Source via Naewna

7 responses to “Arnas Rapanich doesn’t mind playing the villain

  1. now that is what i call an actor!!!
    having to act differently.

    Be like Yui Jiranan.
    She has been lead, villain, supporting.

  2. Actually i think rahut logun is interesting ive never been interested or into any action,drama lakorn like this one,its really good. Arnus played his role well

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