Rome: P’Gai, I won’t let you down

Lakorn director “Gai” Warayuth Milintajinda and leading actor “Rome” Patchata Nampan are sooo sweet to each other, even in front of the media they pass messages to each other through their interviews, as if to say ‘hey! we love each other!’

In one interview Gai said “Rome is the Pra Aek of my heart and he’s going to be as famous as Willy”

and in response to his praise, Rome says “Thanks P’Gai for being so kind to a brother like me… I won’t let you down”

 How’s your lakorn ‘Chaleuy Sak’?

“This lakorn finished filming a long time ago”

So how was it, hard or easy?

“It’s not too bad. It’s been a while now so I can’t remember much but the hard part was horse riding. It was the first time I’ve ever done it”

Any accidents?

“No accidents, not yet”

How do you feel about the rumour that P’Gai is planning to promote Gosin Rachkom?

“That’s good. I feel nothing by this. You should ask P’Gai about it because this has nothing to do with me . It’s about P’Gai and Gosin, nothing to do with me at all. I’m an actor and I feel it doesn’t matter whose famous or whatever, we’re all actors, all the same. Of course there’s no hate, we all feel the same way, we’re all actors”

P’Gai said, you’re the Pra Aek in his heart – how do you feel about that?

“That was a long time ago. I hear about this often. Am I the pra aek in his heart? P’Gai probably has a lot of Pra Aeks in his heart  but if you ask me I do feel good about it. I feel good that a senior is supporting me, it’s a good thing because at the very least, someone is interested in me and I feel like I’ve been accepted”

P’Gai plans to make you as famous as Willy, how does that make you feel?

“Thanks P’Gai for being so kind to a younger brother like me. I will try and do my best, I won’t let you down”

You’re replacing Smart in a lakorn?

“Right now I have 3 lakorns so I don’t know which one. I have ‘Traisok’, ‘Doung Tar Khong Sawun’ by P’Gai and ‘Kularb Lai Nam’ so I’m not sure which one was originally meant to be for Smart”

It was Kularb Lai Nam

“I got the script yesterday, I haven’t even read it yet and I only just found out now that I’m replacing Smart. I’m going to be in 3 lakorns but I only got the script to one of them, I still don’t know anything”

Source via Siamrath

15 responses to “Rome: P’Gai, I won’t let you down

  1. o o o o o…….I see the hands on the waist….. o o o o o

    Maybe he’s just appreciative of the compliment and knows how important it is to suck up to the director in order to climb the ladder to super stardom. Who knows? I’m just saying…lol…

    • I KNOW 😦
      i love smart 🙂

      if i find out that the nang egg for that lakorn is cute and pretty, i’ll be a little bit upset 😦

  2. haha i see his hand on Rome’s waist! and is that a man purse he’s wearing???? but it’s whatever i still like Rome and his acting!

  3. What is up with all you people always saying that the Thai actors are gay. Just because they are handsome and they talk to gay people, it doesn’t mean that they are gay.

    • I am 100% sure that any male who goes to Thailand, the people there would first ask “are you gay?” that is how ridiculous Thailand has become. For some reason, it seem as if the people there (well let’s just say reporters/paparazzi) likes to promote that hey we are the land of gays! Come to Thailand, all actors here are gay!!! Hahahaha!!! I am sick and tired of it. And some may argue why the fudge I even bother to comment, well… it just so happen that I like to voice out my opinion. So there!

  4. I don’t think he’ll be as famous as Willy…in my opinion, he doesn’t even have half the good looks as Willy back then

  5. It’s okay for the Asian men to hold hand/etc. in the Asian culture I think. I’ve seen Korean, Japs and many more Asain do in thier countries when I visit. Unlike America…..I hope Rome is not gay……

  6. Gosh, so far, any Thai actor who has gained even the least bit publicity is assumed to be gay. That’s so ridiculous!

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