Most Searched Lakorns, Celebrities, and Songs According To Google

It’s almost the end of the year and we bring in the rankings in on the top searched Lakorns, Celebrities, and Thai songs according to Google so far. This is purely based off what people in Thailand like to Google up the most when they are on their computers.

Top Searched Celebrities

1) Kob Suvanant Kongying

2) Ying Mann

3) Janie Tienpohsuwan

4) Singto The Star 5 [Watch his music video here]

5) Koi-Yong [Watch their music video here]

6) Ploy Chermarn

7) Nichkhun

8 ) Tao Somchai

9) Pancake Khemmanit

10) Ploy Chidjun

Top Searched Lakorns

1) Ching Chang (Hate)

2) Lee San

3) Buang Hong

4) Mia Luang

5) Fai Rak Asoon

6) Saap Poo Sa

7) Luke Mai Plian See

8 )  Jam Loey Kammathep

9) Prajun See Roong

10) Sao 5

Top Searched Thai Songs

1) Kwarm Kit (Memories)

2) Koo Cheewit (Lifetime Partner)

3) Faen Gep (Secret Lover)

4) Oi Oi

5) Tua Itcha (Jealous Character)

6) Taam Aow Arai (What Do You Want By Asking?)

7) Sia Dai (Regret)

8 ) Khon Mai Mee Wayla (A Person Who Doesn’t Have Time)

9)  Fun (Dream)

10) Ween

[Credits to those who uploaded the videos]

20 responses to “Most Searched Lakorns, Celebrities, and Songs According To Google

  1. WTH? Lee San isn’t a lakorn, heck, it’s not even remotely Thai–it’s a historical Korean Drama. o.0

  2. Everything that they have on here are all different from what i had anticipated. Where are all of the other celeberties that are way more popular than these people……wack!

    • I assume you’re not from Thailand. I know that certain channels appeal to different audience. Just an example, if a lot of people enjoyed a certain lakorn, it doesn’t mean the same in Thailand. LOL

      Anyways I did not google any of the above mentioned. Well I did google Fai Ruk Arsoon lol

    • just because they are not as popular as what you had anticipated doesn’t mean any different from when people search them up.

      they’re not famous and popular yea, but it doesn’t mean it stops people from googling them. this isn’t based of top celebs or lakorns it’s purely based off what people in thailand like to google up and what they find interesting in thailand.

      • According to Fun true that they might be popular in Thailand

        …..but Honey aren’t you somewhat contradicting yourself. if one isn’t so famous and popular they why else would ppl be googling them for?? it doesn’t make any sense on what you are trying to say. usually if one is popular or famous those are the ones who get searched a lot, not just cause people want to search or google for no reason. props to those who made it on this list but im just saying what ever happened to those ppl or lakorns that seemed so popular here in America. based on youtube each of those lakorns were getting lots of views but i dont see any of them on here.

        • well i think people google the songs bcus they dont know who sing them.
          It doesnt necessarily make them popular. I know i look up songs to find out who sings them & if i recognize the voice then i dont gotta look em up bcus i already know who sings them. but idk about the lakorns & all. ive never tried lookin them up.
          but omg i have to share! SAO 5 is sucha good lakorn it kept me interested! haha & it was cute.
          I actually liked it better than kom fak 2/rook kard. 🙂

  3. does ying mann google herself everyday for to be that high up?

    i google nichkhun everyday and i’m surprised he’s only at number 7!! i must start googling him in thai now!

  4. I googled Aum at least 5 times a day at work and he didn’t even make it on the list. Jeez, I guess Thailand do have very different tast from us.

  5. Where is my dearest Jam Loey Rak and Aum and Aff, i google them all the time and their not on there. I am so disapointed!!! HMPH

  6. I knew Kob would be number 1 cause i google her heaps anticipating on her next project (work)

    Kob has a strong fan base so im guessing alot of her fans google her too!!! woo hoooo KOB is always number 1.

    • well when i first heard of this ugly slut (: heehee.
      she showed up on ratree samosorn when golf&mike were on there & i was like who the heck is this ugly chick? & her family just has a royal title, hence the YING in her name.
      & ever since then she’s been in the news for a lot of bad things. I dont really keep track but I only remember her taking swimsuit photos & being all over a thai singer named pa-yu. & how she doesnt act royal at all & blah blah blah.
      sorry i dont know any good facts about her but i just dont like her (:

  7. haha..thanks for the info about this ying girl, i was curious too about this ying mann girl, never heard or seen her before until now, thanks lalala.

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