Mo dropped out of university: “Education is an obstacle in my life”

“Tangmo” Pattaratida has dropped out of university explaining that school was an obstacle in her life. Her main priority is paying off a 10 million baht mortgage for her father. The actress says a degree from university is a Thai thing and it can’t pay off her debt.

Previously there’s been talk that Tangmo is far too interested in her love life then her education but her rich socialite boyfriend “Thank” Pongsakorn Mahaparaya came forward to defend her by saying even if she doesn’t have a university degree, she still makes more money than those with masters. On top of his statement, Thank also added that he would be willing to support her if she doesn’t finish university in the end.

Thank Comes To Tangmo’s Side After Being Heavily Criticized

Since Thank’s interview on Mo’s education, criticism flooded in from all over the web to the point where Tangmo was driven to come forward to support his claims – education is not an important factor in her life at this point in time.

“Education is not my main priority at this stage. The most important thing for me right now is making money to build a house for my dad. I’ve bought one already and I’m paying off 2 houses, which is 10 million baht and not to mention paying for my own personal needs and for my dad too”

“I’m the sole provider in my family, my dad does make money, but only to pay for his own expenses. So mainly I make most of the money, therefore right now education is an obstacle in my day to day life and I need to prioritize”

“I need to keep the most important thing at the top. As for education, even if I did get that piece of paper, it’s not going to pay off my mortgage. Which is why I have to work, and now I’ve dropped out of Turakit Bundit university. I was in my 3rd year. I know I should be almost done with it but I didn’t do a lot in the first year”

“I only studied the important subjects. The kind of subjects that I could use in my career, anything else on top of that I didn’t study, like mathematics, I don’t use that so I didn’t study that at all. I feel it’s a waste of my working time, I only study the subjects that are relevant”

Mo reveals her boyfriend Thank did not make a statement to say he would support her if she doesn’t finish university, Mo said, the media made that up themselves.

“The news about P’Thank saying he’d support me if I didn’t finish university, P’Thank didn’t say that, the media wrote it themselves. He was confused when he saw the article, he said he didn’t say that and even if it turned out that way, I don’t expect him to support me. I’m having fun with my job, I love my job and it pays”

Mo says a university degree is just something that people in Thailand value and if she was to go back to school, she would go study abroad.

“Will I go back to university? Honestly for about 6-8 years I’ve been planing to go study abroad but I didn’t get the chance because I have too much work. But I still want to go and right now I can’t conclude anything about school, it’s all based around work”

“The most important thing right now is work, it’s a necessity and my dad is supporting me to work (laughs) because he could see that I’m happy with it and I have to admit work in the entertainment industry pays much more than the income earned by those with masters, you just can’t deny that”

“Part of it is our values. People in our country who does have that piece of paper I still see them serving food for a living. But I’m not saying every kid in this country should be like me, education at university or where ever will make you into a real person”

“But because I work in this industry, I’m a lot more mature than my true age, I’ve seen a lot of things and I’ve lived the university life, I’ve done that already and I don’t need anything from there anymore, I don’t know what to get from there”

There’s a rumor that you’re living with your boyfriend Thank

“The rumor about me living with P’Thank before marriage, I’ve been accused before about that and I’ve explained it all already. I’m not serious because I’m almost 30 now and he’s my boyfriend, he’s not just anybody. So I feel nothing by this kind of rumor because he is my boyfriend. But if one day there’s a rumor about me living with P’Ken Theeradeth, then  I would be angry about it  because that would be wrong, but Thank is my boyfriend so I don’t know how that’s a bad thing”

“Right now we’ve been with each other for 4-5 months and I still confirm the same thing I said, he’s going to be my last love. The more time I spend with him the more I know it”

“Do I think about the future with him? I have thought about it but it doesn’t mean that I’ve planned anything but I’m trying to do everything as best as I could so that we will have many more tomorrows together”

Source via Manager

27 responses to “Mo dropped out of university: “Education is an obstacle in my life”

  1. mo sounds like an airhead lol there’s nothing wrong with dropping out to go work for a living if you absolutely can’t do both at the same time, but she puts down a degree too much by saying over and over that it’s a piece of paper that wastes her time. you gotta do what you gotta do but she could have kept it short and not put it down as much.

    she’s not almost 30 is she? i don’t know her situation but why not just buy 1 house if you can’t afford it?

    i do agree sometimes people w/o a degree makes more than those who do though.

    • oh gosh, that piece of paper is not a waste of time. It’s an education that we all should have. Obviously, education is not for everyone but dont put other people down just b/c they’re able to complete their degree. She’s such an airhead, go back to kinder.

  2. Gosh, she SOUND so stupid! Okay, I GET it that she decided to stop going to school because earning a living for her family is her main priority BUT why do she make is seems like a degree is pointless. This girl is STUPID. Education would earn her more money in the long run compare to her profession as an actress. LOL, her looks would fade and soon enough a lot of prettier and more talented actresses would take her place, MAYBE by that time she’ll realize that a piece of paper WOULD mean something.

    Other actresses are working and going to school at the same time so it is NOT impossible. Kwan may not be the nicest actress around BUT I admire her for going to school and also being the main money maker in her family.

  3. yes…math is so useless…we all need to get away from all math related subject, which pretty much involves everything in day to day life.

  4. i get it that she dropped out from school because she needs to pay her mortgage,blah,blah…finishing school is not a priority for her…but she shouldn’t have said anything more about having a degree is just a piece of paper,she doesn’t need math in her life,etc,etc…it makes her look even more dumber than she really is.

  5. HAHAHA!! this girl is as stupid as one can get. okay, like many of you, I understand why she’s dropping out of college and seriously, college isn’t for everyone, especially stupid girls like her. why is she stupid?? okay, she could of just say that college wasn’t for her or that right now it’s not one of her priorities, but for her to bash it like it has no meaning speaks a lot about her and her character. education means everything to me and for her to bash the education topic like that makes me mad!! lol haha college isn’t about a useless “piece of paper.” college is about the experience and what you get out of it. she obviously didn’t get much out of it. i don’t know if she’s just stupid to experience the life changing experience of college or that her college wasn’t good enough to give her that experience. oh, she’s even stupid to even think that by going to college will guarantee that one’s going to make lots of money. stupid girl, finishing college is about getting educated and hopefully getting a job that doesn’t require back breaking labor in the crop fields. stupid girl!!! beauty fades, but one’s intelligence and education can never be taken or fade. anyway, she can say that now, but once her “beauty” starts to fade and instead of being hired to do one of those tacky promotions, she’ll understand that beauty isn’t forever. oh, she’s too stupid to realize how important getting an education is, i’m sure she’ll still be as dumb as she is now in a few years, so there’s not point in saying that she’ll understand. sure she’s making pots and pots of money now, but she won’t be making much in a couple of years from now, unless she marries some rich dude who’s going to let her bum off. this girl is officially stupid to me!!

  6. Okay Mo, you are one stupid chick. How bout you stop spending money on your stupid face and fake boobs then maybe you would have paid off your dad’s debt. Shouldn’t you put your education first before your dad’s debt? Thank, you’re a sweet guy. I like your support and honesty, but you have a dumb girlfriend. Education is an obstacle in everyone’s life but it pays off a lot at the end. Let’s see how long you’re gonna support your girlfriend Thank. If Mo makes more money than those with a masters, then going to school and paying off her dad’s debt shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Well actually family should come first (at least that’s what comes first to me) but everything else I agree with you.

  7. wow mo is pretty stupid..she put herself in that situation of having mortage debt, why the hell would u go and buy another house then when the first one isnt even paid for…her bf is just as dumb, how is she making more money even if she drops out..she dont even have any lakorns right now…

  8. I wouldn’t exactly call her stupid just because she chooses not to continue her own education.

    Was it a stupid decision? Yes. Are her answers stupid? Most definitely. But is she still raking in more money than most people in Thailand with/without degrees? Of course.

    I may not agree with what she’s saying, and I don’t agree with her decision to just stop furthering her education, but I can understand why she’d make such a decision.

    • I don’t think she is stupid either but her action and mouth during the interview was quite stupid. lol

      That must have been a lot of translating. Mo could have cut her interview in half or maybe even less. I felt that she was putting down those who did receive a degree.

  9. geez she WOULD do that.
    She prolly thinks that she already has a successful career & she doesn’t need anything else.
    psssh i’d like to see when no one wants her in lakorns anymore & wth is she gna do? shrivel up & leech of her future hubby?
    what if he leaves her?
    at least get a degree. I mean if bie can do it, she can. & he’s way more popular & busy than her.
    it’s just some stupid excuse for a lazy person.
    not to sound mean, even though its already too late. lol

  10. Lame excuse Mo. Many actresses have been able to successfully juggle work and school and have done so awesomely. Why not just be honest and not be such an airhead?

  11. I agree college is not for everybody and there are a lot of people out in the world that don’t have college a degree and make really good money. But for Mo to put down school and the people that strive to obtain a degree like that was just really stupid on her part. She might be one of those many that end up making a lot of money but don’t have a degree but that is no excuse for her to talk down to peolpe the way she did.

  12. Work is the most important in your life, beacause work make money Not a university degree !!!You can have a high degree and don’t have work !! that’s very very bad , if you know the percent lot of people who don’t have work in the world include the country i live FRANCE !!!!you must know you have a big good luck !!!!

  13. That piece of paper can land her a job in the future. Acting come and goes. You can not act all the time. It always to have plan B. If plan A is not working. There are other celebrity act and go to school at the same time. If they can do it. So can she. It just a very lame excuse for her to say just a piece of paper.

    • yep! i mean, mo is not even that popular. she can’t sing, her acting isn’t all that. her face is annoying to watch. so what is she gonna do when her celeb life dies down? she’s not gonna be in the limelight forever. there are tons of new actors and actresses coming in. In the next 5 years, I don’t even think I’ll even see mo in any dramas anymore. Mo could only get so many surgeries to make her look “young” [although it doesn’t make her look prettier]. It’ll hit her sooner or later.

  14. A degree is insurance. It also puts you ahead of the game. Experience is essential too. If you put both together, you can be very marketable. I know someone that makes the same amount of money with his Masters as he did without. He doesn’t regret he spend tons of money on his education. When you are out of a job and they look at your resume, one with a degree plus experience will get the job. I know someone without a degree and he has been turned down by companies so many times. It was sad.

    Being in the entertainment business can be a fleeting thing. I hope for Mo, she will decide to pursue her “piece of paper” soon. It is a good back up plan when you are in the entertainment business. You can’t use your beauty to make money forever. You can use your talents for a long time though. Good luck to the gal!

  15. Once her acting career is done, she will realize how valuable that degree is. Especially for her field, being in the entertainment industry is a risk, one minute you’re at the top of the game and the then once the young crops comes along, they just throw you right out.

  16. i like mo but.. her answers.. not really.. it doesnt really matter that she dropped out.. it;s her own decisions..

    hehe.. she used p’ken as an example.. lol xp..

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