Oh & Fluke says they’re straight – “Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tur” is not a reflection of their natural behavior

“Oh” Anuchit and “Fluke” The Star successfully portrayed a gay couple  in “Prong Nee Gor Ruk Tur”. Their acting skills were so believable and convincing – the feedback was beyond expectation. But on the downside, their supreme acting added more fuel to their gay allegations.

Oh: I’m thankful that people like this lakorn. Honestly all in all everything turned out well. The script was very cute and very romantic and we were nervous about whether or not we could portray this role nicely, P’Boy was our director. And in the end, we managed to satisfy everyone

Were you shy at all?

Fluke: A little bit because it’s going against my natural behavior. But on the job, I have to portray whatever role that I was given. I had to give it my best shot

Your onscreen character is emphasizing your gay rumors?

Oh: For me I’ve always had gay rumors in the beginning even if I didn’t take part in this lakorn. And the reason why I wanted to play this role is because I wanted to work with P’Aom (Phiyada Akarasearanee) I didn’t think about whether or not I will get caught in gay rumors

Fluke: I’m used to it. Before this lakorn, I’ve had a lot of rumours, from kissing boys mouth to mouth to being married with a woman

How does your girl feel about this lakorn?

Fluke: I don’t have a girl, I’m single

Oh: Mine didn’t say anything, she just smiled and seems shy about it. Sometimes she’ll tease me too

Who is she?

Oh: Someone I have good feelings for

From the industry or outside the biz?

Oh: I don’t want to lie to you and I don’t want to answer this question, I’m sorry. But I do admit that I have someone that I have feelings for and I’m currently talking to. I’ve been seeing her for a long time now and there’s been rumours constantly

She’s fair and looks Chinese?

Oh: She looks good in my opinion

So can you both confirm that you guys are real straight men, 100%?

Oh: Yes. I’m a man

Fluke: Same here, I’m a man too

Source via Rakdara

13 responses to “Oh & Fluke says they’re straight – “Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tur” is not a reflection of their natural behavior

  1. LMAO, poor guys only in Thailand will the reporters do this to you. It seems they want all Thai guys to be gay or something.

  2. I think Oh looks darn good. For some reason, he always get supporting roles and not praek. I don’t know why. I think Oh and Fluke’s roles stand out more than Aom and Pong’s in this lakorn. They are more cuter too.

    • I agree with you. i find O and Fluke more interesting than Aom and Pong. I really want then to star the lead role in the next drama May be ” Tomoro I still love you ” Season 2 where the leads are gay couple ha ha that would be the record in thai drama history.

  3. good, short to the point interview..plus the interviewer was good wasn’t trying to push into answers too much

    but i love tis couple on screen..so scute

  4. My family were watching this lakorn during Thanksgiving. We like this couple. The scenes they played are very cute in the lakorn.

  5. I luv how they portray their chatacters roles, they r amazing!
    I like them better than pong/aom characters… They deserved a oscar award, LoL!!!

  6. hahaa I love this lakorn too.
    buuut…i know fluke’s friend & he said that fluke IS gay.
    but idk…
    oh doesn’t seem gay to me at all, but i just get this vibe from fluke..haha.. but i like the way he sings! 🙂

  7. Haha. Fluke looks straight to me, but idk about Oh. LOL! I think Oh looks like a girl. Kinda reminds me of Elle from Hana Kimi. haha. (:

  8. I have a feeling that Fluke is gay. It doesn’t matter to me, Its their life, their sexuality, their businesss. I think People should back off, they said they are not, so we have to accept what they are saying as true.

  9. who give a shit about their sexuality ! I just love their work ! And I like them for who they are ! and not what the society want them to be !

  10. No, i think don’t Peewit and Kong’s relationship outshined Bor and Kaew’s. Although i love these two (they’re so darn cute!), i don’t think their relationship would’ve been as interesting without Bor and Kaew’s. I loooooove the Pong and Aom team!! 😀

  11. okay that “uh?” was just a test. rofl.
    never commented on anything before so yeah..
    “tomorrow, I’ll still love you” was the best lakorn ive ever watched. i love Oh. xD. and seriously, Does it REALLY matter about their sexuality? So what if theyr gay or straight. “no means no. or even if they are, they will tell us when theyr ready to. Put yourself in their shoes. -.-
    I woudlnt want to have answer those questions… but anwyays.. Good job on the Lakorn. and Keep your heads up.

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