Bie Says He’s Not Serious About The Gay Image;Laughs It Off

Bie Sukrit laughs off the rumors and images that he went to see “Chicago” overseas with his boss, Boy Takongiat one on one. Bie explains the gossips that he did go see the musical, but it wasn’t a one on one ordeal. Boy’s wife was also there and they went as a big group. He’s not serious with the gay image, but says that having new rumors is also good so it doesn’t seem too overboard.

Bie clarifies the rumors to MGROnline:

“I did go see “Chicago” with P’Boy, but there were also a team of crew that went also. I went to study and learn the life of going/living overseas because my life normally isn’t anything exciting. The reason we went to watch it was because I can learn from the musical and use it in “Kaang Lung Paap” (Behind The Painting) and it was like just studying.  Even if I can’t understand the language, but that’s OK, it was to see if I can learn anything from the musical to see if I can use or change anything in the musical drama that I’m in. I just want to confirm that we did not go together one on one like how the news mentioned. P’Boy’s wife went also.”

“The rumors that came out I’m not serious over it because there is always a good and bad rumor always. It will level each other out. If there was too much good news it would seem to be an exaggeration. I haven’t talked to P’Boy over this rumor, but he’s probably used to it. There’s nothing to it, but having a rumor with your boss is kind of funny (laughs) and people who read it will probably laugh at it also for entertainment purposes only.”

Is the reason why you’re having rumors is because you don’t have a sweetheart or haven’t clicked with anyone yet?

“I’m still looking for a sweetheart, but I haven’t found anyone yet. I might have to start picking. Truthfully, I don’t really have any specifications. I want to meet one that when I see her it’ll be like an instant click. Doesn’t matter if she’s short, tall, dark, light, skinny or fat. I don’t have anyone just my friends, but I haven’t been going out with them much either.”

7 responses to “Bie Says He’s Not Serious About The Gay Image;Laughs It Off

  1. I hate this guy, I hate how they’re trying to prop him up at the next Bird. I feel like he is talented that’s fine but he likes the charm and charisma of Bird, he comes off sort of cold and desperate in al his appearances. I understand the grooming and all but superstars like Bird come only rarely…its like a Madonna or Michael Jackson….you can’t force that type of thing on the public.

  2. OMG… if they are going to talk about people being GAY they should have prove like Bie kissing a guy or something but they seems to have no prove… but if is gay he will wait until the right time to tell everyone x

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