“It’s just the camera angle” Says Janie

Janie Tienpohsuwan is known for her rampant rumours with random men and in the latest news, private party photos of the “Abbaew Nang Aek” was leaked by the media press featuring an image of Janie cuddling up to Socialite “Pratoo” Distawat Issara, heir of “Sree Pun Wa” Resort in Phuket.

The cosy picture of Pratoo & Janie stirred some speculation claiming the actress has ‘fallen into a rice bucket’ or in other words – she got lucky! However Janie disagrees with speculators, she claims she did not cuddle up to him in the photo, it was just the camera angle.

“Please don’t call this a leaking photo, I was partying at a resort in Phuket. There was a function there and I normally take photos”

“In the picture that was published it seemed like I was cuddling up to his shoulder but honestly I was not. I think it was probably the angle of the camera that made it seem that way. It’s like when I’m working on my lakorns, you see the leading hero and the leading heroine kissing each other, but it’s just the angle of the camera”

“Right now me and Pratoo are friends with each other, we’ve known each other for a while now and if he was to try and make a move on me, I don’t think he would. I heard in the news they said I was seeing him, so I don’t know what they’re saying because honestly there’s nothing going on between us”

“If you ask if I need to be more careful with Socialites now? Honestly I think it’s normal for me to work with them. I can’t be cautious all the time and if I’m not thinking anything with anybody then I don’t think there should be any problem. Since the news broke out, I haven’t even spoken to Pratoo and I probably won’t talk to him about it, there’s no point.”

“I confirm my photograph with Pratoo is nothing, the executives haven’t said anything about it either because there’s nothing bad about it at all. As for whether or not Pratoo is my type, (that question) again? no, not yet (laughs)”

Is anyone courting you right now?

“Right now I am seeing someone but not 100%. I’ve had men approached me and when there’s no rumour about me, they dissapear. I think maybe it’s the timing, I’m in the middle of filming a lakorn and I don’t really get to see many people and when I do get to go out, I get into rumours and when I’m in the news, I always get event work. I guess maybe I have to be in the news more often so I will get more work (laughs) but right now I’m not accepting event work, I’m in the middle of filming and the lakorn crew doesn’t want me to accept event work and I do regret losing the extra income”

Source via Manager

9 responses to ““It’s just the camera angle” Says Janie

  1. don’t care for this or what ever that they do, but he’s one ugly fellow, but what ever floats her boat. hahaha camera angle? hahaha she could of came up with a better lie. ridiculous!

  2. Not that I care but seriously—-camera angle???? She could have came up with something better than that! Although the pictures don’t even look that bad to criticize, Janie is like the queen of press denial. Other actresses can confirm and deny things with sincerity, but everytime I hear about Janie, she’s always in denial. It’s good that she’s being very private but it just seems like she’s not honest. I’m not a Janie fan so I don’t care much about what goes on in her life. like “dsfasfd” says: “whatever floats her boat.”

    • if ur not a fan and dont care…… then dont say anything…. wats the point. i loooove how so many ppl r so quick to say how anything janie says is not honest….. im sorry but do u kno her????? i didnt think so

      • Of course I don’t know her. Which was why I stated that I wasn’t a Janie fan and don’t know what goes on in her life. I was just stating my point of view. There’s nothing wrong with not caring about a person and still commenting. I’m sorry you dislike what I said. (:

  3. I believe she meant that it wasn’t a serious hug. It’s very normal to hug cuddle with people like that. I don’t see the big problem. I am pretty sure the people you all hang out with aren’t so pretty themselves. At least she’s making friends not based on look.

  4. Camera angle..LOL. She could’ve just said it was a friendly hug for the camera which there is nothing wrong with because they are friends. It’s not like the picture was blurry, it’s clear and her excuse was stupid. The more she denies or come up with lame excuses, the more she digs herself a hole and that is what these reporters want.

  5. I see no point to their rumors. This look innocent enough to not talk about. Reporters/paparazzis are funny. I have plenty of “wrong angled” pics like these. LOL

  6. If Janie is lieing about her relationship with this guy than that is her right to do so. She does not have to share her personal life with the rest of the world if she doesn’t want to. I wish that the Thai media ET business would focus more on the celebs talent than who they date. This whole thing with Janie is a catch 22, if she admits to dating him she is called a gold digger but when she denies it she’s known as a liar. If every celeb admitted to dating every time they date someone new they would be known as easy and a player. There is just no winning with this one.

  7. It’s true, it looks like a friendly hug and I agree with Honda. I’m a fan of her btw. Mmm, Janie’s dress looks familiar to the one she wore in her recent lakorn with Film. In their elevator scene. I love Janie(:

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