Pinky Trying To Avoid Aff?

Aff and Pinky meet for the first time after these two leading ladies were/was rumored with Songkran. Were they really trying to avoid each other purposely or were they too busy to not have seen each other at all?

Everyone had paid much close attention to see if there would be a feuding battle between “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech from Channel 7 and “Aff” Tucksaorn Paksukjarern because of a man name, Songkran Taechanarong, Hi-So heir to “Bonanza Kao Yai”. Prior to this Pinky came out to say that her and Songkran were seeing each other, but they were on the “getting to know stage”,but out of no where Songkran came out publicly to say that he was seeing Aff! We don’t know if Pinky is still hurt or sad over this matter. Even though they both (Pinky and Aff) came out to say that there were no grudges against each other because they knew each other before this matter when Pinky was still dating “Aum” Artichart Choomnanon.

But no matter what on the 3rd of December, Aff and Pinky had to meet face each other to honor His Majesty, The King. At this event there were a lot of reporters who were there investigating the scene and found out that Aff came to the event before hand, but was directed to sit on the boat. Pinky arrived to the even 30 minutes late that had her bustling around and caused her to follow the group later which cased the two to not face each other, sadly. There were rumors being spreaded around that the reason Pinky was late was could be that she did not want to face Aff. If she was to meet Aff then there would be rumors and that she might feel awkward or feel not at ease, so she decided to come late instead!

[Source: Siamdara]

19 responses to “Pinky Trying To Avoid Aff?

  1. OMG! Late or early peoples still start rumored. Why would they avoid each other they are two busy people plus Pinky is done and over that UGLY Songkran. Pinky is to pretty for him anyways!

    • Songkran is not an ugly man. People shouldn’t prejudge the man because of rumors because they are only rumors! He seems like a descent guy who happens to like Aff more than Pinky.

  2. okay. weird rumor. even if idont think it really matters since its all in the past? anyways, that picture is Scary lol

  3. Pinky looks sooo pretty hahaha any who CARES about songkran i mean c’mon really!!! He’s a player!! But i did think pinky really was late……..i mean she said it herself they were good friends before, and plus she does’t look like she cares about songkran no more!!! I agree with nana he’s too ugly for pinky!!! (^_^)

  4. Aff looks like my cousin in law in that picture lol, i wish they had a fight over aum instead of that ugly piece of shit songkran!!

  5. well, he gotta be good looking or decent looking to have two beautiful women fighting over him like a lakorn n’ek and n’rai Lol .. whatever it is, i’m just glad they’re there together even though they don’t ‘see’ each other —

    as for those who make comment that pinky is too pretty for songkran, i would say, that if i were to look at this the wrong way, ppl would be saying that aff is not pretty enough that’s why she’s with songkran too .. however, as a devoted Aff fans, i’ll look at this on a bright side, AFF is the prettiest that’s why she’s with him.

    REGARDLESS, i love these two women individually so i’m just glad they’re together at another event together — would be nice if there’s no tension between them report by the reporters.

  6. im a fan of both lovely ladies. so to side with one and not the other is kinda wrong.

    To those who are saying Pinky is too good for songkran, IF she is too good for him than sure thats cool. It makes it easier for her to move on since she’s too pretty and will be able to find another man. (meaning he is not the last man on earth)

    To Aff fans, she is truly a beautiful just like Pinky! The difference about Aff is she is older and has already fully mature as a woman. Regardless we all love her! and even if some of us wish she wasn’t with Songkran, we respect her decisions as a grown up. =D

    Over all, as long as both ladies are happy than thats all that matters. Because both of these woman are really BEAUTY’s!..

  7. Wow! That’s one bad picture of both Pinky and Aff! LOL!

    But honestly, I don’t think they were trying to avoid each other. And I’m sure they were both trying not to be all sweet, happy, and talkative towards each other either because that’ll just be fake. I’m pretty sure they both acknowledge each other but still knew not make it look like there were any strings attached. I mean, if I had been in a triangle situation like that, I wouldn’t be acting all nice and sweet to the other chick just to prove that I’ve moved on. This is just dumb, so what, now every time Aff and Pinky shows up somewhere together than there’s gonna be tensions?? Omg, what’s next? Aff and Songkran shows up somewhere and Pinky’s there too?? Dun, Dun, Dun! (:

  8. aha.! of course.! reporters always write what pop in there head then think it throughly ever thought of asking pinky why she was late? and I don’t think that Aff and Pinky no each other THAT well…..why fight over songkran what is there to fight about anywayy?

  9. What I see are? These 2 lovely ladies act very professional by taking a photo together. Not look like other actresses. If there are no rumors. How the news will make money? So therefor, they have to start somewhere. It won’t last long for Aff and Songkran. Be patience.

  10. I know lot of people will prob not agree, but Money and Status can get you many things. N Songkran has both, he isn’t the handsome hero, but he isn’t the ugliest on earth. As a used to be Aff fan, I think she’s in it (play that Kanye W song) Comon I had relationship that last 2yrs before and it hella time to move on. I still feel like she’s 2 face, admit it we’re all human not Phra Buddha.

  11. i tink its sad that Aff is caught in problemtic rumors w/ Pinky..esp. since she has neva been in any negative rumors..and Pinky has recently been in lotx of bad-image rumors..

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