Paul doesn’t want to have children of his own – he plans to adopt

“Paul” Pattarapol Sillapajarn is willing to admit, he does have a woman in his life. However he claims even if he was to be married someday, he has no desire to have children of his own.

“I’m not that confident about not wanting children after marriage. But I feel there are a lot of people like me in our society. Although I’ve never met a woman who shares the same view as me”

” The thing is, I still haven’t found the right girl for me. I think the right girl is someone you can get along with, love itself is not enough, we have to share the same thoughts and opinions too. It’s very important”

“I don’t think it’s strange that I don’t want kids. It’s something I’ve felt ever since I was a child and it’s not that I don’t like children, I love them, I love them a lot and if I do have my own children some day I’d probably spoil them too. But in my opinion I feel there are so many disadvantaged children out there and there are so many opportunities in the world, why do we continue to make more children when there are many neglected children out there. I feel like I want to help those children”

“Nowadays I’ve been sending money to children’s charity through different organizations including UNICEF and many others. I enjoy helping children this way and if I can I’d like to help even more by adopting some children, but that’s something I need to look into in the future”

How is your love life right now?

“Still the same, still not definite. It’s more like talking to someone and getting to know someone. It hasn’t progressed to boyfriend and girlfriend status yet. But honestly, I am talking to someone, someone from outside the biz I’m not a young boy anymore. I’m getting to know someone and with my past experience I’ve learned that I need to get to know someone really thoroughly”

Source via Daradaily

16 responses to “Paul doesn’t want to have children of his own – he plans to adopt

  1. awww. That’s how I think too. Why make more children when there are so many out there without love and support? Paul is such a sweetie. Kudos for his greatfulness.

    • that is true, but i bit you that no one never one a child that is their own flesh and blood. doesnt matter how many kids you have someday you do wish that one is your truly bloodline.

      I have nothing against adopting kids because i always told myself that if my life ever become stable that i could support other people, i will adopt some of those kids too.

  2. Nice to know someone with the heart like Angelina Jolie. God sent him down here for a reason. He know his money don’t goes to waste. Hope he will find a girl with the same thought. If it not. There will be quarrel.

  3. I pretty much have the same views as his on this matter about adopting kids as opposed to making your own. Kudos to him for being kind and thoughtful.

    However~ someone knock some sense into this man. There is such a thing as the right one, but no way in hell would he find her if he has such set standards. I wonder how the girl he’s seeing feels about what he just said?

  4. I totally agree with his point of view on adoption. There are so many kids in orphanges that needs a good home. One day when I’m financially ready I want to adopt too. We don’t need to overpopulate the world.

  5. I can understand why he’d rather adopt…but I can also understand why he’d probably have trouble finding a woman with that same view…since having a child is a little more different between a man and a woman..for obvious reasons.

  6. Wow!!! I salute him Khun Paul
    U r an amazing human being!!. hope there r many more ppl like u!
    u r my aspiration! God Bless u and yr loved ones

  7. These ppl are talking through their hats, there are heaps of abandoned kids in orphanages & you cannot adopt them all! It’s selfish to think only of yourself not wanting kids , have you given a thought to your partner who may yearn for a child?every woman is created wanting to be a mother, why deny her creating another human being ?if you don’t want children then why get married? You guys are young now & have no foresight to appreciating the love & warmth you can get from your loved ones!

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