Pah Tob & Peemai Are Engaged! Wedding to be held 12th Jan

Lesbian Couple “Pah Tob” Parinya and actress “Peemai” Sumolrat announced their wedding plans in front of over 100 reporters at “Exact+Scenario Together 2010” last night. The couple revealed their wedding will be held at Maldives next year on the 12th January.

Here’s part of their interview at Gossipstar, more kissing photos can be viewed through link.

There’s a rumour that you guys are planning to get married at Maldives, is that true?

Tob: Yes, it’s going to be sometime on the 10th January, but our wedding will be held 12th January. We’ve been engaged since 22nd November in Hong Kong. It was my father’s birthday we were sitting at the dining table and Peemai asked my dad if she could have me and my dad said take her, she’s a player but if you can handle her – take her (laughs)

How much is the dowry?

Peemai: Nothing (laughs) I don’t want anything

Pah Tob: All this is not about money, I want people to understand that me and Peemai, we love each other and it’s not about money. And this time, I’m lucky now, I’ve won an award, I’ve found someone who loves me for me and not because of my money

Peemai, how did you feel?

Peemai: The first time she proposed to me she didn’t ask me for an answer. She said she just wanted me to know that she truly loves me and is always ready to marry me and whenever that I’m ready to let her know. One day she took me to Hong Kong, and we exchanged rings and I didn’t know how to answer her (laughs) so I asked her dad (laughs)”

Pah Tob: She asked my dad first and then I asked her (laughs)

Peemai: Honestly that day was her dad’s birthday and she’s been asking me to marry her for so long and she really loves me and from the 6 months that we’ve spent together I was happy everyday. I wake up with a smile on my face and I’m happy. I don’t need anyone else. Being with her makes me happy everyday and that’s enough answer for me, that’s why I proposed to her

Where’s the wedding home?

Pah Tob: At my place, I’m not spending money (laughs) just kidding, I can’t leave my parents and I believe once you’re happy in life, you can’t just dump your parents, it’s not right

Why Maldives?

“So we can go just the two of us and no one else can come along (laughs) no, just kidding, it’s my childhood dream to be married at Maldives. I always wanted to be with someone who can stay with me for more than 5 days without wanting to kill herself. We’ve been together for 6 months now and haven’t had a fight at all, we’re always happy”

Some people are not confident that you truly love Pah Tob, what do you have to say to them?

Peemai: (laughs) Asking me this to my face? Honestly Pah Tob is a cute person, anyone who gets to know her will know that she’s worthy of love

24 responses to “Pah Tob & Peemai Are Engaged! Wedding to be held 12th Jan

  1. Peemai you are to PRETTY/HOT to be a Lesbian but I would be one too if you like me…LMAO So Congregation to the both of you!

  2. it’s like Peemai is trying to get away from him/her in the photos that i can see!


  3. I thought this much PDA or PDA in general was frowned upon in Thailand.

    Peemai is pretty, don’t know who she is though and what she’s famous for.

    Hats off to these two for not caring what others think and following their bliss. Congrats!

  4. Odd couple but if they’re truly in love then congrats.

    However gay marriage in Thailand is not legal and I doubt civil union is even available.

    It’s a long long long battle ahead to get marriage equality right for all and progressive country (U.S.) is still struggling with it. I don’t care who other people love all I care if that everyone have equal rights.

  5. In the USA, some states allow gay marriage and some don’t . But what I see is Peemai is in for the money. She is not famous. She is in some lakorn. Not a N’ek role. Mainly supporting role.

    • i agree with you on the fact that Peemai is in this marraige for the money even though that might sound mean and rude.

      but she is definitely a hot rising star in thailand. i think she gained her popularity by a “sex tape” type of way…i don’t remember …

      • and because of this issue. i feel like im watching a lakorn lol. cant wait to see how their lives will end as. 😀

  6. Gratz to them but Pah Top is just like groping Peemai- she doesn’t seem so into it (judging by the pics at least).

    Anyways Im pretty open with gay/lesbian couples so gratz to them.

  7. man peemai is too cute to be a les. and pah top is creepy haha last i heard of peemai was when her suppose neutral friend set her up to be a bf stealer of her close friend.

  8. 6 months.. They been getting married..ain’t that fast?! To me, that is fast and they shouldn’t hurry to get marry.. Wait a little bit more and get 2 know each other more. Anyways, Congrats 2 them.

  9. quick to get married for a quick divorce. no dowry, no problem. she’ll probably get more after the divorce gets finalized.

  10. Congrats to them and all… but I’m actually sitting here gaping, appalled, and quite frankly, disgusted at those pictures. It’s not so much that they’re a gay couple, I just find the Pah Tob’s presence and personality very… disturbing. Pah Tob just really irks me. Peemai is too hot to be gay.

  11. I’m very happy for them. When people get along well, it doesn’t matter whether they are opposit sex or not. To be able to have the good relationship is happiness itselt. No drama in romance is the best any couple can ask for. I wish both of them well. Life is too short they should do whatever make them happy. After all they have the money to do it.

  12. Pah Tob isn’t stupid. According to someone from Pantip who watched an interview her long time ex gave, she took everything back. Every last cent. If Peemai is really in it for the money, she shouldn’t be expecting much. As long as they’re together it’s okay, but once they break up Pa Tob wouldn’t be letting her keep everything for sure.

  13. hmm…i wasn’t expecting this but Congrats…

    Peemai’s so pretty though & i thought she had a boyfriend maybe that was a really long time ago…

  14. I’m happy for them…but 6 months is a bit fast, I don’t think they know each other well enough yet.
    Plus, Peemai said they’ve never fought yet…umm, she might actually want to wait until they’ve had a fight so that they know they can work things out. Marrying partially because that “sig” other has never pissed you off is not very wise.

  15. Comments like, “she’s too pretty to be gay” or “she’s too hot to be a lesbian” makes me want to LMAO!!! hahaha!!! Anybody can be gay…it doesn’t discriminate against hotness and not-so-hotness. Personally, I don’t care if someone’s gay…I’m just not thrilled at the labels given.

    This marriage will NOT be legal so, in the event of a break up, Pah Tob will not lose anything…except the hot girl.

    Now, if they were let’s say, Canadian..and got married, that would be legal and Pah Tob would lose a few cents…depends on how good she and her counsel are in divorce court.

    Quick quib…Pah Tob, it’s okay to show that you love the girl but don’t man-handle her too much…looks kinda creepy. That goes for any couple out there.

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  17. omg!! i can’t believe this is true.. noooo.. i love peemai.. she’s so cute n pretty.. n pah tob.. uhh.. no comment.. but if it’s love then it’s love.. congrats to them 2.. T_T.. peemai.. wahhhh…..

    (lmao.. im not a lesbo.. lol)

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