Kob will be in a new lakorn

Famous couple “Kob” Suvanant Kongying and “Brooke” Danupol Boonakan made an appearance together at Siam Paragon. At the function, the couple talked to the media about their love life and also gave an insight to Kob’s upcoming lakorn project.

“Our love life is still the same, no more and no less, just the same. Lately I have more free time because the parliament was closed last week. I have 2 months off but I still have some work to do, I’m not entirely free but I have less work than usual. As for my wife, she has a lot of work now, she’s preparing for her business and she has a new lakorn coming up” Said Brook to Khaosod News

Kob on the other hand added “I want to keep my business a secret for a little bit. Right now it’s not finished yet. As for work in the Entertainment industry, in a while I should be able to give you answers on it”

“I want the producers to be the first to answer questions. It’s still going to be with channel 7, by Daravideo so you’re better off asking Louis (Siam Sangwaributh) about it. As for whether or not I’m going to be switching to diva roles, we’ll have to wait and see. I can explain later, I have already spoken to P’Louis and Khun Dang and I’m not sure if I will be in this lakorn, it’s quite difficult but P’Louis said I could do it and the script is very interesting”

How do you feel about Kob’s new hair

“It’s okay now, I’m used to it now. At first I liked her hair better when it was long but now that its blow dried nicely it’s okay. She seems more comfortable and she likes it. Kob exercises alot and washes her hair frequently, short hair makes it more convienient for her”

Kob on the other hand said “P’Brooke doesn’t like to compliment me to my face (laughs) when I do my hair strangely I will ask him if he’s okay with it”

“I think short hair is okay and P’Brook said he’s used to it now. The reason why I cut it off is because I was bored of it, I’ve had it long since I was 16-17. I came into the biz when I was in year 9, that’s when I grew my hair long and ever since then I never had short hair again. Since I got into the industry I never cut my hair short so that’s why I decided to cut it. At first I thought I probably won’t be acting in lakorns anymore”

“Honestly longer hair can be styled in more ways but now that I’m not acting much, short hair is easier to maintain. I exercise a lot and short hair is easier to wash”

Since you cut your hair, has anyone told you that you look younger now?

“Yes, it serves its purpose, misson accomplished (laughs)

Source via Khaosod

16 responses to “Kob will be in a new lakorn

  1. OMG…i’m so happy. I can’t wait to see her on screen again. She’s so talented. Can u give an update about that lakorn if you have?

  2. I think the lakorn is PLERNG PRA NANG, and shes playing the diva role. The one that chammaiphone played I hope its Plerng Pra Nang and they make it grand like the last one.

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