Pancake is fed up with Weir

In the spotlight, “Pancake” Khemanid Jamikorn and her beau “Weir” Sukollawat Kanarot are as romantic as they come but behind closed doors Pancake is an overpowering girlfriend according to rampant rumors.

Apparently her controlling behavior is just as bad as Weir’s partying life style. Pancake is fed up with his “show off” spree with his friends – she’s been giving him numerous ultimatums and warnings, one after another. But in the end, the actress is said to always give in to Weir’s handsome sweet talk.

A famous celebrity psychic once made a prediction to say “Pan & Weir” are not soul mates. The assumption is not so hard to believe considering their rumored history of troubled romance. And despite Pan & Weir’s public attempt to deny negative publicity – Psychic “Arjarn Nutt” Norrarat insisted they should be wary of third hand intruders.

Weir’s destiny implies – he tends to have a weakness for female socialites..

Source via Gossipstar

28 responses to “Pancake is fed up with Weir

  1. There’s always a possibility of a third hand in every relationship, not just this one. These predictions are silly!

  2. Well obviously it’s expected that these two aren’t destined to be…she was born and raised in Bangkok and he in the even from the beginning they were separated. Even though I don’t really like them as a couple, don’t really care about their news, and think they won’t last long…whatever happens happens.

    • Where they were raise doesn’t assure they shouldn’t be together or will not last. That’s as great of a prediction as a wanna be famous fortune teller foretelling a famous couple that seem to squabble often will break up in the future. Her mother is actually a city girl and her father is from the country. They’re still together.

  3. Men doesn’t like it if the women are controling. As for an Asian man. That make it even worse. I like Weir. I am not a fan of Pancake. I wonder why he is partying. Maybe she was the reason. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

    • Weir has always been a party animal even before Pan and him were together. Although I don’t like Pan, I understand where she’s coming from. I wouldn’t like it if my man parties all time.

  4. i like both of them alot! i find them cute together! at first i didnt like pancake that much either cause of the first few lakorns i saw of her. but now seeing more lakorns of her, her acting skills are good. and she’s cute on-screen. as weir i have always liked him from the start. so if they dont make it through, its ok. cause like what rainbow4life said, “there are plenty of fish in the sea.” hope the best for this couple! 🙂

  5. And, I think it was just a couple of blogs away [last time I checked] where it said that Pancake and Weir were the most influenced couple of the year and are great role models to young couples???? I’ve never been a fan of them. They reminds me of Zac and Vanessa. They’re in the public wayyy to much to the point where it seems like they’re just flaunting their romance in the limelight. It’s good that they’re trying to deal with each other’s differences. But only time will tell. It’ll either make ’em or break ’em. (:

  6. I am a big fan of Wier , i am not a fan of his girl friend Munster Cake.I don’t really like them as a couple because Wier is suit for this MunsterCake !!!

  7. lol…Weir has always been the party type before the two hooked up. Can’t blame the guy, Pan should have known from the start before pursuing further into the relationship. but like i said above. The two are better off on their own, its just not meant to be…

  8. Not a Pancake fan, but she can seriously do better. Weir’s known for his party hardy lifestyle. Pan’s probably a bit too controlling too, but at least she has her priorities straight. Honestly, Weir wouldn’t even be as popular as he is now without Pancake. She can throw him away at any moment and it won’t hurt her or her status in the industry one bit. Weir better shape up because having Pancake break up with him along with other rumors (true facts for the most part) about his party lifestyle is not going to make his image any better.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I dislike Pan with a passion, but the chick can do better and still keep her fame. Weir being in her life isn’t adding or taking away anything from her status. And if she thinks keeping Weir in her life will make her more popular then she’s one dumb chick.

  9. At this moment I don’t think one is better than the other as far as fame goes. I think both flaunt their relationship to get media attention. And my gut feeling tells me these two will last a lot longer than we think. I agree pancake is controlling but the girl is also very smart and that is what weir is attracted to. Weir loves a smart girl and he will do just enough to keep her happy and around.

    • I think Pan is smart, but shouldn’t she be smart enough to know whats good and bad for her? If she’s fed up with Weir and his ways, then she should put up with it. That’s dumb on her part. I think Pan’s “smartness” is making her controlling and I guess you can say insecure.

  10. I don’t like pancake and weir together, they don’t make a good couples. But i don’t think niether their status will be affected once they break up.

  11. Pancake is smart but not all around. She should be smart enough to know that Weir will always have a wandering heart and eyes; it’s better to let go now while she’s still young than to have dated him for a good 10 years and they break up later on. Pancake should stop trying to change Weir. If she did have that power to change him, it would have worked ages ago but apparently, he’s still too young to be tied down. In a way, it’s normal for Weir to still hang out and party, he’s still young just as long as he doesn’t cheat. There’s a difference between partying with friends, called having a social life, and partying to cheat. If Weir isn’t cheating, Pancake should have enough trust in him and grant him that freedom to have fun. But if Pancake is too overbearing like this, even if Weir isn’t cheating, she’ll push him that way.

    I disagree. I think both Pancake and Weir made each other in the spotlight. It’s just that, women in the Thai industry tend to shine more so it may seem like Weir is less than Pancake in terms of popularity and stuff but reality wise, they’re about the same. Weir will do just fine with or without Pancake but it’s the fans that will suffer from the breakup.

    I don’t think Pancake is any better or Weir is too good for her and I can’t say if they’re meant to be or not because I truly think it’s still too early to determine anything. Both are still very young, they still need to sort things out individually before they can even see things clearly.

  12. geez…how long have they been dating? indeed, guys don’t want their girls to control them. are they even thinking of getting marry? if not, both shouldn’t waste time of staying together. though, they do look happy together in every photoshoots.

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  13. wier has an alcohol problem that he has to get help for or he will end up drinking and driving and hurting or even killing someone. People who dont love themselves enought to stop the drink cant love other people.

    I strongly believe pancake thinks her love for him will help him. But he has to hit rock bottom before anything she does will have any impact.

  14. man all these pancake haters! lol i actually like pancake because her acting skills are superb and i think shes cute. i ont think wier and pancake are meant to be either but im just being biased cause i have always thought it was wierd when i first heard the two started dating. wierd looking relationship….i guess i meant they dont look good together…? yeh thats what im implying.

  15. It’s kinda hard to accept their romance isn’t as romantic as it was before. I love these two. Weir us also Pancakes first bf but Weir has already dated before. On the country side it’s normal, people party alot buy Weir should at least not act like that in front of Pancake. Best wishes to this couple and hope they find a solution to thier love:)

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