Tik’s Good Looks Has Diminished?

After a period of hibernation in the woods, leading actor “Tik” Jessadaporn Pholdee is back!

Since his wedding to socialite “Peach” Sithimon Tangsuwan, we haven’t seen much of him until the recent opening of his latest lakorn “Wanida” by big time producer “Da” Hatairath Amorntawanich. In this upcoming lakorn series – Tik will be returning to our screen as leading man once again.

But despite his former reputation as been heavenly handsome, nowadays Tik’s good looks seems to be diminishing. He is not as handsome as he was on his wedding day. His complexion appears to be dull and he’s not glowing like he used to. There’s something about him that’s not quite the same.

Siam Bunterng News made assumptions to say – perhaps the leading actor is not satisfied with his marriage or maybe he’s just been spending too much time in the sunny woods and not enough time with his pretty wife…

Here’s a clip of  Tik J at the opening ceremony of “Wanida” on Youtube:

42 responses to “Tik’s Good Looks Has Diminished?

  1. he’s still charming too me! I can’t wait to see this! I heart aff and Tik!!! Would like to see their on screen chemistry.

  2. MAn….this is disappointing. I hella wanted to see Aff play with Rome instead of Tik. Tik is getting old….he doesn’t look quite cute as he used to anymore.

  3. wow! the ceremony already…that’s so incredible…

    Tik still looks hot, handsome, & cute for me. Of course his looks had been diminished cuz he’s already old and beside that he’s a hard working man. Tik & Aff make such a cute couple in here, can’t wait to see….

  4. He seems fine to me, still as handsome as ever…I just realized how much I missed seeing him, I can’t wait for this lakorn…perfect n’ek to star with on his return.

  5. he still looks hella FINE!!! I just realize how much I miss him onscreen doing lakorns!!! OMG Aff and Tik look so good together!!! a handsome man and a gorgeous woman together in a lakorn is awsome!!!! can’t wait!

  6. He’s still decent looking. He’s aging, spending a lot of time outdoor and working. Give the guy a break. No one stays young forever unless you know the rest.

  7. He looks fine. Just darker. People need to lay off. I like that Tik isn’t afraid to get tanned or whatever. I know celebs should take care of their looks for their job, but I think a lot of them take that way to the heart and do too much (whitening injections ,etc) to themselves. Tik is naturally handsome and he’s aging well.

  8. I think it’s just the darker tan…you know he IS the outdoorsy type so I don’t mind….I think he’s still handsome! I actually think he looks better there than at his own wedding…lol…that’s just my opinion though.

  9. Still handsome as always.
    It was just his hair that didn’t make him handsome, since the hair is chop off.
    So much better.
    So excited, can’t wait till then.

  10. i think it has nothing to do with his marriage nor him spending 2 much time in the woods….everyone ages n i think tik is aging great…still charming n handsome

  11. Tik isn’t aging ur so wrong, hes still as cute as he was 10 yrs ago!! i am so excited for this i loved the mew and saranyu version!!!

    • I agree that he doesn’t make the top 10, that’s because their is no top 10 list for actors; it’s impossible since there are so many great actors. However, I have to disagree on your opinion that his acting is bad. He is better than most of the Thai actors in his generation…

  12. lol, who ever said he’s not good looking no more must be blind…he still look f***ing sexy to me…hahaha…

  13. the content and the pictures & clips are totally different
    story ha ha. they probably think readers are blind or stupid enough to believe them, when will they ever change???
    you can get more pictures and Tik’ news from navigatortiktun website, there are more news and pictures and more clips of him there

  14. ohhh I fergot to say, Tik does looks older but he’s still adorable! ahaha his personalitys cuuute! I sooo missed him! Can’t wait to watch this!

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  16. of course as you grow older your looks will change a little, you’re not going to be young forever..I think Tik is still handsome 😀

  17. Tik is ok but i don’t like Aff ,i realy disappointing with this n’ek.i have waiting for this lakorn(the new version) for long time cos i loved Mew and Sanranyu version too much.

    i still keep and watching Wanida DVD(Mew version) again and again so i am not sure that i will watch this new version or not.

  18. Wow! I’m excited for this! Tik is backkkkkkkkk baby! LOL! But Aff?? hmm, please don’t give Aff another sweet, innocent, weak role! haha. But Aff and Tik does make a good couple. I can already tell. mwahahah. Okay, don’t talk about Tik’s look diminishing and his skin is now dull and not glowing like it used to because that’s exactly how I feel with Ken! If anybody’s aging, it’s Ken. Not Tik. To me Tik still looks handsome! (:

    • right ..he started quite young in the industry and played roles of older guys in his early 20s …that makes people think he is older than he is

  19. omg!!!!!!!! Wanida…yay! they are so matched to be together in this lakorn. i love it. tik and aff. i’ve been waiting forever for something to be shown.
    ne way. love tik no matter what. he has never lost his touch. always been a fan since his first lakorn. i’ll always support him. all the way tik fan. ^_^

  20. What are you talking about? Tik is still good looking. There is nothing wrong with being darker especially a man. Most Thai people are still narrow minded about white beauty. I think it’s stupid. Whie skin in, to me, is lifeless and rather look ill. Tan is the best skin colour. Come one white people have to spend a lot of money in a tanning bed to get dark. Thai complexion is tan or honey, white is European, and Chinese are yellow.
    Tik’s look is just fine even if he got darker than this


  22. he’s still very handsome but i do rather agree! when i saw thephotos. i notice that my handsome Tik had aged, not a little but a lot! but regardless I still enjoy him! I am sitll looking forward towards this lakron! TIk and Aff in one lakorn=dream come true!

  23. Some said he is aging, he is out but the thing is Wanida was so popular so as Yah Leum Chan that Tik costared with Ann. These can prove he is a real superstar.

  24. even i was thinking his looks had diminished during wanida …he was looking older than his age in some scenes specially in that scene where wanida gets into trouble with the horse and he lectures her about how she rides a horse in spite of being a woman .
    But he seems to be looking young and charming again in mafia leurd mungkorn … don’t know how he’s done it but he isn’t looking old anymore 😀

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