Poy Denies Seeing Dan; Feels Offended By Being Known As “Easy”

Poy is confused with her fling rumors with Dan. She firmly denies the allegations that she does not know Dan and has never been close to him. Poy admits that she feels belittled by being in rumors with guys all the time because she’s a transvestite/lady boy (Type 2 woman) and when people see her (or her type) respect isn’t given. So everyone says what they want.

Being one of the hottest and most beautiful lady boy having numerous rumors with guys in the Entertainment Industry all the time doesn’t exactly omit “Poy” Treechada Malaya from being the talk of the town. Being linked to AF4 contestant, “Music” Rathapon Yaemsaeng whom she is repeatedly in the gossip column with, but poor Poy get’s humiliated when Music already has a girlfriend. So rumors were denied about these two, but another rumor isn’t far fetched from this when “Guy” Navapol Lumpoon was caught in a rumor with Poy that the two used to secretly have more then just a fling with each other. But recently Poy is back in the news with the young dark skinned (ผิวเข้ม) singer, “Dan” Worrawech Danuwong, which caused Poy to speak loudly to deny the allegations between her and Dan at the middle of the event of Men @ Play Fashion Men In Trend.

“The rumors with Dan are not true at all. We have never met and we have never been close to each other at all. I do not know him on a personal level, but I do feel confused by this. Even though this rumor is not harsh and if I stay still then it’ll fade away. I’m already used to rumors like this. It’s normal. I have to say it straightforwardly that I’m a Type 2 woman and when I get to know someone I’ve become in a rumor with them or have something with them. It’s mostly about bedroom matters. They don’t have respect for me at all. I have never met Dan and please don’t trust the news too much.”

“Sometimes I feel sad about these rumors and I just wish that the person whoever is spreading these to think about my feelings. Some will say that its me that are spreading these gossips, but why would I do that? In the beginning when I start out I would stress over it, but now it feels like every time there is a rumor it will have to be with my sexuality. I don’t know what intentions the person has about spreading rumors about me. I know I’m not that famous, but I don’t want it to deal with my sexuality because I’m a type 2 woman and I don’t want anyone to look at other type 2 woman badly.”

[Source: Manager Online]

7 responses to “Poy Denies Seeing Dan; Feels Offended By Being Known As “Easy”

  1. Geesh, I hope it’s not true because that’ll be kinda nasty to see Dan with a transgender person. Although she’s pretty, I just find it disgusting.

  2. i think poy is very pretty… but with these guys being linked to her, if true, does that make them bi, or perhaps gay? i know shes all female now, but seriously she once had a penis.

  3. Yes, I can see how someone could get disgusted.

    Some feel the same about seeing decent white folks with slopes – or yids – or niggers.

    We call such people “bigots”.

    And gay men are not attracted to women, no matter what type they may be.

  4. don’t worry, Dan has never even met her.

    To him, nay rumours could be anything, it’s just that he’s the last person to know. and he gets to know it from reporters

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