Aff and Songkran Caught Being Sweet

Songkran takes Aff to a Bonanza concert at Khao Yai with such a romantic atmosphere that let the two be closer to each other and the cool wind. With photos of the two being taken like wild fire of their little date night. Too bad, Songkran’s Hi-So sister couldn’t stop pictures being taken of the two fast enough!

Around 11pm a straight eye photographer noticed that it was gett ing late, but they also noticed that Aff Tucksaorn and Songkran Taechnarong were sitting closer to each other then before. So the “photographer” headed back to the front of the stage to take pictures of Aff and Songkran getting comfortable together. While the photographer was taking pictures a woman (who is a little chubby) came in to block the photographer from taking pictures of the two! It seems like she’s always around whenever there is Aff and Songkran, but she felt annoyed and yelled,

“Can you stop taking pictures! It’s annoying!”

She said it loudly and firmly, but we find it suspicious that she would do that in front of Aff Tucksaorn, who didn’t even feel bothered by us taking pictures of her at all! There were plenty of fans there also who asked to take pictures of Aff who willingly took pictures with them. At this event, everyone who was there has said that this was a way for Songkran to show everyone that him and Aff are an official item now!

As the atmosphere got colder, the two got closer. It was a perfect night for a little snuggle up between the two, who didn’t care about anyone else around them and left friends around them swarming off pesky photographers who were capturing the moments of their date night.

[Source: Siamdara and MGR Online]

17 responses to “Aff and Songkran Caught Being Sweet

  1. Couples go out. Couples sit close together. Couples cuddle. It’s normal.

    Are these reporters kids? They act like the two will get cooties or something. They’re adults anyway. There’s nothing wrong if they wanna stay out a little late.

    What next? They hold hands and people will say she’s pregnant? Get real here.

    • I like the part you say “What next? They hold hands and people will say she’s pregnant?” LMAO…
      Anyway, they look cute together. I’m waiting for their good news.

  2. omg, i hekka dumb. on the second picture i though aff and songkran was kissing. i thought the other guy that was in the middle was songkran and “he was kissing aff” but ACTUALLY songkran is the first guy and not the the middle guy..hehe

    why cant the reporters give them space, geesh.
    they are grown adults.

    • I know! That’s what I thought too! hahaha! After reading your comment, I had to go and study that picture hard! LOL! It’s definitely a tricky picture! That guy in the middle looks like Songkran too! haha.

      • lol!! same here!!
        XOX; I also had to go back after reading both ur comments and actually look at it closer!

        wow what a picture though! I really thought they were kissing and had a double take of it! I was like, they are actually kissing?!?! ( I mean it’s nothing wrong since they’re together but I know how strict thai people can be so it was shocking for a second there! LOL)

  3. Whoa! I thought they were about to kiss in that 2nd picture. lol. Good lord, Aff is on the loose! haha. It’s about time they finally made it official! I’m gonna be mad if they’re still denying it. Since it didn’t state that Aff and Songkran confirmed it. I understand that they’re adults, but I guess the reporters and including myself have never seen this open, public, lovey-dovey side of Aff before. Aff is just full of surprises to me these days.

  4. i think its cute, i think its so normal. Geez i would of shouted at the reporters taking pictures to. i just want aff to get married, its fustaiting to see a actor that you like not married when nearly 30, thats how i feel with Ann. i dont know why but it makes me fustraited. lol

  5. What is wrong with the media, just leave them alone, okay so we know they’re seeing each other? Thats what normal people do, just get over it and go write about something else.

  6. First already, Second they look cute togather, Third songkran look drunk as hell, Fouth they must be really deep in love

  7. this is like a cute fairy tale/ dream come true! lol Songkran has always liked Aff & he happened to just get her. I wish something like that would happen to me. haha
    but anyways you guys have to remember that it is thailand & she is a nang ake, shes supposed to set a good example for everyone, its not america whrere PDA (public display of affection) is an okay thing. & they are celebs they have to be prepared to deal with the package that comes with being famous.. & the paparazzi are just doing their jobs!

  8. It’s about time Aff finally goes out to party like a rock star- just don’t party too hard and too much. It can be a big turn off. Anyways if they deny going out, I will be disappointed since these pictures are quite something.

  9. seriously, how much money does these ThaiReporters get??…this is getting so boring…


  10. there’s nothing wrong with them going out and having a little PDA, they’re adults give Aff a break!!

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