Film Denies Flying to Korea To See Lee Da Hae

Film Rathapoom Tohkongsub denies that he went to South Korea to see “friend“, Lee Da Hae .

Having been the only gabber out of this one sided relationship, Film Rathapoom Tohkongsub has kept mum about the relationship lately, but recently someone reported that Film discreetly flew to South Korea to see Korean Actress, Lee Da Hae.

Film talked to Thairath regarding the matter.

“I did go to Korea, but I went to Korea for work for a t.v. program at the middle of this year. If you asked did I see her? Yes, I did see her because I was doing work for the Korean government and I went to go build houses. She (Lee Da Hae) was there also to help build houses and that’s how we saw each other. I only went to Korea for work and not pleasure. I will be flying back to Korea next month also to help build houses for those less fortunate. So, we probably won’t be seeing each other at all since she will be busy with her drama.”

How is your relationship with Lee Da Hae right now? How’s it progressing?

“We are just friends. We haven’t been talking much to each other due to our own busy schedules. Truthfully, I do admire her because she’s a well rounded person and she’s very hard working. Is there a possibility for progression? I think it will be hard because we are far and we are busy with our own work.”

[Film and Lee Da Hae at Thailand-Korean Friendship 2008]

27 responses to “Film Denies Flying to Korea To See Lee Da Hae

    • how is she too high up there for him? i dont get it. shes another human being who farts just like the rest of us, aint she? unless her fart smells like flowers… lol. all rumors aside, cause we really cant judge a person from what the tabliods publishes, which im pretty sure you dont know film personally… hes actually a better looking person than lee da hae. just because shes a korean actress, doesnt make her unreachable.

      • actually LEE DA HAE does look better than him, sorry to say…lol…its just so hard to compare the looks of a guy and a woman especially when he’s not half feminine. im pretty sure you don’t know film personally too. and you don’t know lee da hae personally.

          • Sassy, when you replied like that you must be prepared for LDH’s fans to retaliate and I don’t see the reply from Sunshine looked like a bitch-but yours, YES-are you a BITCH in the making?

          • a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings is the meaning to the word hypocrite. i just reread what i wrote… okay. you stated your opinion, theres mine. you say shes too high for him, i wondered why?like if she was special in any way. lol. so yeah, biatch reread it and back up your girl like someone just punched your mama. as for film, say whatever you want, cause one, not a fan and even if i were a fan, i dont phrase that highly of them. two, he aint my daddy. aight?

          • relax.. its just an opinion from someone who is not a fan. take it easy, everyone has opinion right?

  1. It shilarious how there’s only news of them from the Thai side but none from Korea’s lol. Oh Film, just give up.

  2. I haven’t heard any Korean news on them either. LOL @ Film.

    Build houses for the less fortunate, why not help Thailand first before Korea since Korea is more develop than Thailand. Oh please, I still haven’t figure how they communicate. I haven’t heard or read anything about Film being bilingual/trilingual? LDH’s English is very limited even though she does speak okay English in dramas (it was memorize only) so I guess they use a translator, or they point in those Thai-Korean phrase books?

  3. i think they are both good looking but LOL i haven’t heard anything about him either from korea. i heard news of her with this chinese singer who she did an mv for but that was about all. then again i don’t follow too much korean news either so who knows.

  4. I think the media is making this out to be WAY bigger than it actually is. And Film, being the idiot he is, is just stupidly going along with it cause he’s getting some publicity. I wonder if Lee Da Hae knows about his little gush gushes to the media?

    I find his answers stupid. He could just simply say: “She’s a well rounded, beautiful, and talented person, but there is nothing going on. We only worked with each other. Nothing more. There is no chance for a progression. Please stop making a big deal out of nothing.” SIMPLE as that.

  5. How is she way too up there compared to him? Not that I like him either but is it because she’s Korean that she is too good for him? None the less I don’t think he or she is hot. I don’t know what makes both of them so popular.

    • lee da hae is way more popular than film! btw, who the hell is film? didn’t he make a flop with pat napapa? not sure what the lakorn was called.

  6. im soo tired of seeing these two. ESP after what he did to his chicka. idoubt they will last because of long distant. But good luck to them either way.

      • Dear LDH’s anti-please grow up, hating people not good for your health, maybe LDH is far more healthier than you.

        • Dear LDH’s Crazy Fan: Please don’t get so upset when other’s don’t see LDH as you do. Take a chill pill because this stress is not doing you any good!

          • Soni, he.. he.. give the pills to your parent instead-they need to produce a good heart and healthy babies.
            BTW, thanks for reading on LDH’s news, I love it when her antis are so updated with her latest news.

  7. LOL at Film, he said before he will be doing a MV with LDH. But where the heck is his MV? WTF!!! i ain’t saying he is using LDH to increase his popularity! And i ain’t saying LDH is very popular. I think her popularity is just average.

    Film looks is just okay, though its nothing special.


  9. It’s so hilarious how the media stuff all these kinds of thoughts inside readers and let it play out….”he’s not good enough for her”…”she’ ways better looking than him” “she’s from korea where all the good looking people are”…”he’s using her to gain popularity”…get a life peoplez!!! it doesn’t matter which celebrities date which celebrities, it doesn’t matter that one is more famous or higher up there than the other, or that one is from another country….don’t you people have better things to do then argue about the relationship of others as if you were their mommies or daddies!!

  10. I know this is old news but please! Just because she’s KOREAN! Honestly their common people are just average okayish looking. that ain’t where all the good looking people is. It’s really bothersome when people thinks Korean are the shit! She’s just as average! Trust me anybody that becomes a celebrity will eventually develope good looks even when they’re not. They have professional make-up artists and ‘PLASTIC SURGERIES’ not that you guys don’t know but just thought I remind some people again. Film ain’t all that but it doesn’t make Lee Da Hae any higher!!

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