Interview with the cast of “Soot Sanae Ha”

With the success of “Soot Sanae Ha” on the rise, famous comedian “Saena Hoi” of OHO magazine pays a visit to the set of the lakorn to interview leading cast members such as “Ken” Theradeth Wongpuapan, Anne Tongprasom, Willy Mcintosh & Sonia Cooling.

Hoi: Hi, how’s it going? So which plate has the nicest food?

Ken: I thought you came here to interview us? Why are you asking us about food?

Hoi: Because my theory says ‘must eat before battle’ – eat first and then work later

Anne:   Such boldness

Hoi: (laughs) I’m just kidding, so Ken, in this lakorn your character is a very talented chef – but honestly, did you need to take cooking lessons?

Ken:  I practiced, I practice so my cooking moves will look good but as for whether or not I can really cook is irrelevant.

Then more food arrives on the table and Hoi’s eyes became fixated on all the foods.

Ken: Food’s here, P’Hoi you should eat with us

Hoi: Thank you, I was planning to eat here with your guys. Willy told me the food here is really nice and speaking of Willy, where is?

Before Hoi could finish his sentence, Willy walks in

Willy: Hey mueng, you here to eat?

Hoi: (smiles) I made my intention pretty obvious didn’t I? Anyway, Willy what’s your character in this lakorn?

Willy: My character is “Khun Anucha”, his mom is a politician and in the lakorn, the heroine falls for me. As for Ken, his character is a chef who is not as good looking as me

Hoi: Oh! Such boldness!

Willy: In this lakorn, a lot of girls like me and Pim is my wife in the story

Hoi: Any love scenes together?

Willy: Noooo! I’m confused, I don’t know why. This lakorn is a comedy but it’s full of fighting scenes and I don’t get to have any funny scenes at all. I feel so sorry for myself

Hoi: How about you Ken, do you get to be funny?

Ken: Not really, I’m victimized most of the time

Hoi: Anne, how about you?

Anne: A little bit, not much

Hoi: So has any celebrity tried to hit on you yet?

Anne: Noooooooo, not yet

Hoi: Ken, honestly, have you ever felt anything for Anne?

Ken: Anne is a superstar

Anne: Oii! he’s talking about when I first got in the biz, in the past I’ve never been hit on by my leading co-star

Ken: Maybe Anne seems like a talented woman and men are intimidated by her. She seems like the type who can take care of herself and doesn’t need men

Willy: How about this, in conclusion she’s too out of reach. For example, Hoi wanted to pursue Anne, but he couldn’t

Anne: Why not?

Willy: His arms are too short, he couldn’t reach

Hoi: Sonia is here but how come no one’s talking to her?

Willy: Sonia’s addicted to BB (Blackberry)

Ken: If you want to talk to her you need to talk to her through BB

Sonia looks up from her blackberry

Hoi: How are you going to get pregnant if you’re addicted to BB?

Sonia: I just got back from a Honeymoon in France

Willy: No wonder I saw her looking nauseous

Hoi: Really?! If this is true, you should name your baby ‘The Fronk”

Sonia: I’m not pregnant yet, when I do fall pregnant I’ll let you know. But when I do have a baby, I want to name it something starting with the letter “P”. Because my name and Ton’s name starts with P

Hoi: How about you Ken, how’s your kid doing?

Ken: He’s good. Now he’s talking  but strange though he doesn’t say “mom” or “dad”. He tends to mainly say “want milk” and “want to see dog”

Source via Oho Magazine:


8 responses to “Interview with the cast of “Soot Sanae Ha”

  1. Yah! First one to comment, which is not important. Hehehe.
    Totally love them, they’re so fun and funny.
    Thank you.

  2. I must say this is one of the best lakorns, its filled with stars which mean every storyline is worth watching and not always focus on nang ek and p’ek. But then again since its filled with all stars like willy, sonya, ann and ken, it has two p’ek and two nang ek.

    The acting in is lakorn is absolutely perfect oh forgot to mention the guy that plays ann’s assistant and kens friend, i dunno his name but his a great actor and was a p’ek before.

    All star cast = Super Great Lakorn with no faults

    Pei is also a great evil bitch in it.

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