Aum Wins Sexy Icon 2009

Recently at Men Intrend Man of the year 2009 award, actor “Aum” Athichart Choomnanon took home the title of sexy icon.

The actor reveals to Innnews “I’m so happy and honoured to win this award. I feel there are so many other men in the industry who is worthy of this award.And from now I will have to take better care of myself, to make myself more sexy and worthy of this title”

List of Winners

“Aum” Athichart Choomnanon – Sexy icon

“Dome” Pakorn Lum – Charming icon

“Top” Nuttaset Polsapmanee – Trendy icon

“Pip” Rawich Terdwong – Gentleman icon

Katatong Thongyai – Leading icon

9 responses to “Aum Wins Sexy Icon 2009

  1. wow. congrats to all the winner — gosh, i hate that green pant on him — i hate it when RAIN wore it too .. tight green pant need to go — PIP LOOKS GREAT ^^ Thanks for the news na ^^

  2. Yuck! How can he wear something like that to accept a sexy icon award?! lol. I don’t like it when Aum dresses preppy and pretty. I like it when he dresses more of his age. He can definitely fit into 2pm with that look right there. lol.

  3. What ever Aum wears still makes him look hot, i don’t care if he’s wearing green pants everything makes him look good!!!!

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