Thank Comes To Tangmo’s Side After Being Heavily Criticized

Socialite, “Thank” Pongsakorn Mahaparaya is overly sweet toward his girlfriend “Tangmo” Patarathida Patcharaverapong. When she was being criticized because she still hasn’t graduated from University after a long period, Thank was quick to jump to her defense. He said even if his girlfriend doesn’t have a university degree, she could still make more money than those with a Masters degree, so there!

“Mo is still studying and I’m giving her my support. I believe she can take care of herself in this area. I’m only giving her my support and cheering her on for her to finally graduate” says Thank to Entertain Teenee

“It really depends on people’s perspective. Mo is a special case because she’s talented enough to make her own money from an early age. As for having a degree, it is important but in Mo’s case, we have to admit, she’s truly a special one. She’s talented and knows how to make money. We don’t need to judge her based on education. She’s already a successful actress”

Would you care if Mo doesn’t graduate?

“Would I care? No I wouldn’t care, like I said she’s a talented one. I don’t want to criticize other people or anything but people should be judged based on their abilities, not on a degree or no degree. Sometimes people without a degree can earn more money than graduates with masters. Besides, even if she doesn’t graduate, I can support her (laughs)”

14 responses to “Thank Comes To Tangmo’s Side After Being Heavily Criticized

  1. so true, some people with no degree can make more money than a person with a degree. the degree is only for the name..

    • Unless you’re with a rich guy, then it’s nothing, if you’re on your own, you need a degree to survive — in mo’s case, she’s a celebrity so she’s lucky but for us commoner who work and go to school everyday, a degree is SOMETHING.

      • What I meant to say was that having a degree doesn’t measure your level of success. Some people who don’t have a degree, but are smart, hard working can also become successful through experience and knowledge that they’ve obtained on their own. You can’t say that college taught you everything. Most of the things are learned on the job and in the real world. So, don’t even try to say having a degree makes you automatically survive and become successful. It doesn’t mean anything if you don’t apply it right. Just my two cents.

        • i agree .. what i’m saying is that .. for some of us, a degree means something, i didn’t’ say that the degree mean everything. Only a few talent ppl can have success with no education — majority of us are still making and working hard to earn a good life so the degree does mean something to us who want to live a good life — almost every common position you run into, they require a degree so only those that are lucky enough can survive in this economy with experience and knowledge unless you want them crappy jobs then it’s a different story. Even with experiences and knowledge, if you don’t apply it in the right way, it’ll go to waste as well. Basically ppl need both with unemployment rate going down and down, company/corporate require HIGHLY QUALIFY individual with experiences and degree so yup, experience doesn’t get you far without a degree too.

      • hmm.. so you’re saying, if god love us, we’ll get fame and money and for those that don’t have it, god doesn’t love them .. how is it that god bring you fame and fortune when you have to work your @ss of to pay the price to live a good life? If God TRULY loves us, we should all betroth with wealth and happiness.

  2. So what if she hasn’t graduated? Sooner or later, she will be getting that degree. She’s just taking her time, and moving at her own pace to obtain it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  3. lol…that was sweet of him…and yes…undergraduates can still make more money than those with degrees too….=)

  4. As much as I dislike Mo as an actress, she too is human. People work at different pace. A degree doesn’t measure how smart or intelligent a person is. But at the same time, I do agree with Ceci. As much as what I said is true, without a degree, life for most commoner relies on it- yes that piece of paper that is crap but yet worth something.

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