Rome & His Admirer ‘Choochai’

Previously there was a rumour about actor “Rome” Patchata and Socialite “Choochai” going around. Gossip claims, Choochai bought Rome a massive diamond worth 30 million baht, the rumour in which Rome had already denied. But at the latest Diamond launch Midnight Sale Royale promoting latest collection of James Piece By Choochai”, Rome appears on the catwalk for the event and adding more fuel to the rumour.

In their interview together, Choochai could barely contain himself from showing his affection for Rome.

Rome, how do you feel about Choochai’s admiration for you?

Rome: It’s good to be adored by an older person. I think it’s a good thing if all celebrities could get the same support from their elders

How do you feel about the rumour that Choochai bought you a 30 million baht diamond

Rome: It’s nothing, you should ask P’Choochai about this one

Choochai: It’s nothing, not true at all. I want it to be true, but it’s not. If we look at this from a business perspective then I think I’ve suffered a loss. If I wanted to be in the news then it would be okay, but I don’t so I feel it’s not worth it. But okay today I got to hug him but I never gave him any diamonds and I believe even if I did, he wouldn’t take it. I know he’s a good person. And I think anyone who would do anything like that is crazy. If someone was to like me, they need to like me for me, I’m worth more than diamonds, I own a diamond store. Lately I’ve been practising buddhism so when I saw the news I laughed about it. I don’t even have Rome’s number, when I was acting with him, I had Tah Warith’s number, so people should be linking me with Tah more than him. I’m not brave enough to ask Nong Rome for his number and he’s not brave enough to give it to me”

Are you going to ask him for his number today?

Choochai: I don’t know if he’s willing to give out his number

Rome: To talk about work? I see P’Choochai all the time, soon enough I’ll probably run into him again

Do you want to deny any rumours?

Choochai: I want to tell everyone that I love Rome and adore him like a little brother. I want him to have a good future and I feel everyone whose been in the news with me have all succeeded in life, especially Rome. There’s still a long future ahead of him, he’s a cute person

Do you want him to be on the catwalk for your events?

Choochai: Yes…I’ve requested for him so many times. I’ve thought about setting up a function for Rome and his crew from Yok Lai Meh, there are so many people I like in this, Tah, Janie, I want them all on the catwalk but I’ll have to see if it’s suitable all not, is everyone free to do this. Rome has a tight schedule, it’s hard to get hold of him. When I saw him came in today I was shocked, I was only told just then that Rome’s here today, it’s good to see him

Do you have a present for Rome?

Choochai: A kiss on the cheek

If Rome wanted to buy some diamonds, would you give him a discount?

Choochai: I’ll be giving him a very special rate

Source via Rakdara

9 responses to “Rome & His Admirer ‘Choochai’

  1. Rome isn’t that great looking in that pic. He looked pretty good in Yok Lai Mek though with Janie. Eh, so what if Choochai adores Rome? I bet other gay ppl do as well.

    • yes I believe Rome is 100% gay, he competed in a swimsuit pageant a few years back, all the contestants were gay and in the pic of him with the swimsuit he had on an earring.Before I even heard about him possible being gay, I watched Yok Lei Mek, I sensed sexual tension between him and Andrew Cronin and this Choochai guy who was also in the lakorn.It’s so obvious,I thought he was so freakin hot but when I found out he might be gay……well he doesn’t convince me as a male leading actor who is attracted to females anymore.

  2. blah and J well said. I have a gay friend, should I say those other guy friends of mine who hangs with one gay friend makes them gay? I don’t think so. Of course gay people will admire and adore a guy like Rome. He’s handsome, but they can’t get him to be there because he’s not gay.

  3. He’s gay and not even handsome, people like him or Aum we know are gay

    This couple remind me of pla top and peemai

  4. So many gay rumours with thai men these days first Aum now Rome thai media might as well say every thai men that talks with men is gay. Come on thai media find better news i would like to hear more about new lakorns and good news rather than gay news, the gay news is getting old and predictable.

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