Nichkhun Will Make His Acting Debut in “The Shining Diploma”

Nichkhun Horvejkul will be staring in a Korean movie “The Shining Diploma” which will commence shooting in December of this year.

The singer of 2PM is said to be taking on the leading role in this upcoming film.

Entertain Teenee reports that “The Shining Diploma” is a comedy about a mom who never graduated from high school as a teenager. So she returns to High school when her son is about be to married.

Nichkhun will be playing as her second child. His character is stubborn and disorganized on the outside but on the inside, he’s a warm hearted person. His role in this film will be different to how he is on his Korean Variety Shows where Nichkhun appears as funny, cute and entertaining.

The producer made a statement to say this movie is most likely to make more people fall in love with Nichkhun. Even though Khun will be playing as a troubled son with bad manners, but deep down his character is very charming. Viewers may even find themselves shedding tears for him.

A spokesperson from “The Shining Diploma” says “The reason why Nichkhun was cast for this role is not only because his facial appearance is unique but also because we have very high expectations for him”

There’s also a report to say Park Jin Young or JYP will make a cameo appearance in this upcoming movie.

12 responses to “Nichkhun Will Make His Acting Debut in “The Shining Diploma”

  1. Let me guess… JYP’s gonna play himself and stalk the pretty one to join JYPE? LOL.

    Oyy! Why not a lakorn instead? I’d rather have 30 episodes of Khun speaking Thai than 2 hours of Khun speaking Korean.

    Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to watching him act.

    • Bwahahhha you’re comment sure did crack me up !
      Nichkhun is adorable. i wish he was a star in Thailand instead
      so that we CAN get to see him for 30 episodes & for about what?! 2-3 months! LOL

    • So.. your saying that Khunnie cant sing or something?

      lets see if you can sing (no offence) because i think that hes got a wonderful voice and if he CAN sing then he can act cuz hes got a nice voice and talent

      so.. not to be rude but he really can sing and nice to meet you! ^_^

  2. Great, cyberspace with the site. colored, specially from the major news corperations with the big slants to the left or right. Did you see last nights Hanity and Colmes? haha, that was hilarious! Sorry, I am rambling on once again. Have a Great one!

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