Sequel to “Poo Yai Lee Gup Nang Ma”?

Daradaily reports that there’s going to be a sequel to “Poo Yai Lee Gup Nang Ma”. Channel 3 has given the go ahead for producer “Mam” Thitima Sungkapitak to work on the making of part II to one of the biggest rating winner of this year.

For the sequel – Ploy Chermarn & Por Thisadee will continue on as leads.

In an interview with Daradaily, Ploy revealed half heartedly that she has heard about the project.

“I have heard about it and for me I feel it’s a success if people like the lakorn. As for whether or not there will be a sequel to the story, that’s up to the executives. But at this stage, I don’t have any time in my schedule for it. I have to finish what I have on my plate first”

“At first I didn’t think there would be a sequel to this because from what I remember “Poo Yai Lee Gup Nang Ma” only has one part so I don’t know what’s going to happen in the sequel, is there going to be more characters and new things in the script? We will have to wait in anticipation”

12 responses to “Sequel to “Poo Yai Lee Gup Nang Ma”?

  1. Agree, with Ploy.
    I think it ended perfectly, hopefully they don’t make the sequal stupid and ruin the lakorn.
    Thank you.

  2. hahaha yeah.. it was a perfect ending. & you guys are right I bet the sequel will kill the lakorn….
    well annyywayss! I love por thrisadee! 🙂 ❤

  3. It was a perfect ending! I thought they were going to get married and have a family. Regardless, I can’t wait to watch the sequel if there is one….I love both Por and Ploy. I hope they don’t have an annoying chick who tries to break them up…..

  4. I hate how if one thing is a success then people feel the need to make a sequel.
    Obviously if the first part was a success then there will be high expectations for the sequel which, rarely if not never, lives up to the first one.
    Since Poo Yai Lee and Nang Ma was such a success, they should just leave it instead of trying to milk it for more money.

  5. Hey do any of you notice she’s starting to look like Aum Patchrapa, you know the sluttyness, attemps to looks sexy, i dunno it’s just my opinion!

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