Midnight Sweet: Aff & Songkran goes grocery shopping at midnight


Her prim image is about to be ruined, the angelic actress “Aff” Taksaorn Paksoukchareon is caught on candid by TV Pool Paparazzi while grocery shopping with Socialite Songkran Taechanarong, wearing a very short skirt.

Her appearance with Songkran at “Food Land Laadprao  95” wouldn’t be such a big deal if the timing of their shopping rendezvous didn’t happen to be after midnight.

A source revealed inside Aff’s shopping basket were items belonging to men and women. One item was a shaving razor blade for men and judging from their conduct, it’s not hard to put two and two together and assume – they must be living together.

Previously Aff made a statement to say she’s never been out ‘one on one’ with Songkran. So how did she manage to get caught out and alone with him after midnight?

Source via TV Pool


30 responses to “Midnight Sweet: Aff & Songkran goes grocery shopping at midnight

  1. How the heck is that short? It looks normal to me. Aom wears stuff shorter then that and she’s also known as conservative. I think people need to just leave Aff alone. She’s human who is finally having a real relationship with someone who doesn’t look so boring. Also is it against the law to go shopping after midnight? Maybe he just picked her up from a lakorn set.

      • yeah she is, she has two lakorns but the teaser hasnt came out yet theres-
        “Plerng boon” with aum atichard again and “wanida” with tik jesadaporn. i think it would be a while till they come out. i think they look good together, i use to not like them together but now i changed my mind, i really hopr she gets married soon cause shes nearly 30. I dont know why but its uncomfortable seeing actress not married when their nearly 30. I think the same, thats not short?!

        • anyway, whats wrong with the cameras they use? my shit cheap camera dosent even blur like that. What do they pretend to blur it so it looks real or something? my father uses thoes winding plastic cameras that has cardbord rapped around it you buy for $10 when you forget your good one, that camera even comes out well.

    • I don’t think it is short either…^^
      Nothing serious shopping at midnight time, they are both adult. Media should leave them alone.
      Honest speaking, i do think they look good together…:)

        • I dont wear skirts at all and if i was to wear that, id be like ITS too short. i personally think the dress is short but KUTE . probably the poster or the one that came up with this article(Not pointing to dirtiiilaundry) is like that. however not the KUTE part. lol

  2. Yeah, I know there’s no law against shopping after midnight. Also, it could be that he picked her up from a lakorn set. I think everyone is just trying to get her down now. She’s being watched over like a hawk. It suck to be her right now. She needs her privacy too, but then again, she’s also a celebrity. I guess that is the price for fame.

  3. Well, well, not that I care but I guess she can’t really say they “haven’t” gone out “one-on-one” anymore. I wish the pictures were clearer because Aff’s outfit looks quite cute. lol. Geesh, well if people find this to be “shocking” then they better prepare themselves because I’m sure Aff and Songkran are gonna be out in public a whole lot more.

    I don’t think theres anything wrong with her and Songkran going grocery shopping at night. And just because I don’t like Songkran doesn’t mean I’m gonna use him as a target to lash out on Aff and her actions.

  4. oh god!! you call that a “very short skirt?” are you freaking blind!!! or are you just stupid!!! the length of her skirt is appropriate and nowhere near skanky. and what is wrong with going to the the grocery store together??

  5. First of all, the skirt is not short and it’s an appropriate length! Second, there really nothing wrong with shopping at midnight. And they must be stupid or blind to say that there somthing wrong with the skirt and shopping at midnight. They like to make a big deal out of everything.

  6. I have never considered Aff to be prim and proper nor a bad bad bad person.

    Anyways maybe the reason why she doesn’t go public alone with Songkran is because of these stupid tabloids. Hahaha!

  7. Well…. well, it is hard to be in their shoe; it is sooo confusing, really don’t know what to do. I’m not saying this because it’s Aff, I meant it’s hard for any celebrity to please the public. Go out at daytime, they say you’re publicizing yourself or being too open; go out at nighttime they say it is a big deal. What should they do, though?

  8. this is all RETARDED..so what if she’s out grocery shopping around or past midnight…i still go shopping at 24 hour walmart around 12-3am….

  9. But I thought she already had a bf?? no?? her bf is a lieutenant or somethin?

    Whoa… but who in the world wouldn’t dump their bf for Mr. Songkran, the perfect billionaire??!!! She’s smart.

    • why keep the fire burning when it’s about or has died for so long — on top of that, he have cheated on her once, who know repeated things could happen to end up the relationship too. I’m not blaming either one of her nor her ex but i’m just saying, no point of keeping a fire when it’s dimming out .. one clap can keep it going — it need two claps so it’s no wonder she’s going for someone who love her — maybe she love her ex more so than her ex love her too .. that could be the reason why things lead to be this way. At least, in Songkran’s case, he respects and shows that he does care for Aff and admire her DEEPLY with his confession after confession — very n’ek and billionaire p’ek so yup, if he does love and provide warmth and security for her — i would pick him as well.

  10. Also, how can you possibly tell what the heck is even in the shopping carts?? I mean, the pictures are so blurry. Maybe Aff likes to use men’s razor blades to shave her legs?? Then after that, Songkran can use it for his face. LOL! (:

  11. Wow they assumed she was living with him just because they bought a razor blade? Then damn I must be living with every single guy I ever dated cus I went shopping for razor blade with all of them. Geesh I’m such a slut.

  12. Totally agree with everyone on her skirt, although in the Thai culture. Out in public shopping past midnight with someone you’re trying to get to know better is a bit inappropriate because they are acting like a married couple. Some people may assumed that they are going shopping for food to cook and then head back to her place or his place to cook it and then who’s know what else are going to go on after that… hehe..I mean it’s really late! unless they are the type of people who think that being out during the night is normal and like to be out during the night and sleep during the day time. This is just my opinion. I just think that it’s a bit too much for her to be doing that since they are only getting to know each other stage right now. It’s not like they have known each other for yrs. and have been with each other for yrs. and yrs.

  13. in a way i am disappointed, everything about aff is so boring i hear abt her life bts more then her life on screen…(yawning)

  14. I don’t think her skirt is short either.If you keep up with Aff’s news,you’ll get to know that she wears skirt like that length on many occasions.And for people who work in ET industry,it’s quite normal to go out for shopping at midnight because of their schedule.I don’t like Songkran either.But whether Songkran is good or not,that’s her own life.Thai reporters should just stop disturbing her or say, destorying her like this.

  15. I bet they are living togather or just having sex at his place, prim 555. She’s becoming more like yui jiranan.


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