Janie says no to Great, “He’s definitely not my type”

She’s been dogged by rumours with almost all men in the ET Biz, even her latest co-star, newcomer “Great” Warin Panyahakarn couldn’t escape off-screen romance with leading actress “Janie” Tienpohsuwan.

The rumour echoed all over their lakorn set claiming that Great is deeply smitten with Janie and is on a mission to pursue her. However Janie revealed to Manager, there’s nothing going on between her and her co-star because quite frankly she doesn’t like younger men.

“Great is a junior who likes to tease me a lot. I got close to him because I want him to feel comfortable about working with me. I can see that he admires me but when I act all tomboyish, he gets scared”

“He likes to call me ‘Jhey’ and it’s not that I’m not giving him the opportunity to pursue me but he knows that I wouldn’t want to be with him. Does he like older women? I don’t know, but I like older men, so he’s definitely not my type”

Source via Manager

11 responses to “Janie says no to Great, “He’s definitely not my type”

  1. I feel sad for actors and actresses. If they get along well with their costars, there would be love rumors about them. If they try to distant themselves or not be too close with their costars, there would be rumors about them having conflict with each other. If an actor only hangs about with other male actors to avoid love rumors/scandals, they would be involved in gay rumors.

    • Honestly when going into the Entertainment Industry especially in Thailand, you must have endurance to make it alive. You just got to love Thailand because they are known to be nice people there yet all we see are gay labels among almost all their actors/male singers/bands, beautiful women going after the riches, rapes in lakorns that is consider okay, etc. Nice eh.

  2. well of course, she doesn’t like him. he’s not 85 years old and doesn’t have MONEY and BLING BLING. her mother taught her well.

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