Candid: Golf & Dew goes shopping


Teen couple “Golf” Pichaya Nithipaisarnkul and “Dew” Arisara Tongborisuth were presumably ‘fast come fast go’ and not destined to last according to past speculation. But today, young lover Golf and Dew stepped out  and into the open to show  off some love at Siam Square shopping centre.

The couple walked arm in arm around the overly populated shopping district and during their time together, Golf and Dew were inseparable. Whenever Dew expressed an interest in a particular shop, Golf would stand beside her and help her with her shopping decisions.


At one stage he had his eyes set on a trendy bangle and it didn’t take long for him to pull out his wallet and make the purchase so Dew could wear it almost instantly. She was overjoyed after receiving his gift.

Their moment of bliss set off a scent of sweet romance making onlookers green eyed with envy. The expression of love from Golf toward Dew was open and obvious to the crowd, it was as if he didn’t care how many girl’s hearts he could break in the process.

Source via Siamdara

11 responses to “Candid: Golf & Dew goes shopping

  1. to meme: me too, at ,least Golf is happy considering his past…

    and I really would like to see more pictures…

  2. I hate that stupid Dew. I wonder how she attracted Golf.

  3. I don’t like that couple. I mean I don’t like that girl. Looks like a CAT~!!!! Golf is no match for her. I wonder how she attracted Golf. Stupid~!!!!!!

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