“Liem Rak” Director Defends Kwan: She’s different to what they say she is in the Gossip News

“Kwan” Aussamanee Waitayanon has a reputation for scandals. Her image is off-putting to not only other celebrities, but also to famous lakorn director such as “Tor” Maruth Sarowarth. He admitted he was afraid when channel 7 demanded him to work with her in upcoming lakorn “Liem Rak”.

But thankfully not all books can be judge by its cover and to the director’s surprise, Kwan is not as bad as people think she is.

What’s this lakorn about?

“Liem Rak is based on a novel by “Thepita”. It’s about twins but the twins in Liem Rak are both good, the difference between them is their status which differs from each other like sky and dirt. One sister is raised like a princess, gentle and positive. Like a little bird in a golden cage. She’s kind of sickly too. At the same time the other twin sister is raised like a normal child and in poverty. She has to provide for herself. The older sister is “Tawun”, the younger sister is “Fah”. One lives in Chiengmai and one lives in Bangkok. The younger one in Bangkok is the one who has a life like a princess”

“The older sister in Chiengmai has to fight to survive and the drama begins when the they meet each other. When that happens, they start to wonder why they look alike, are they related? and why are we separated from each other and what happened? The curiosity pushes them to want to find out the truth and that’s the main plot of the story, it’s very fun to watch and will leave the viewers with great anticipation to want to see what happens next”

“Filming twins is not a problem. But it’s hard and takes a lot of time, back in the past you just can’t do it but now you can. You can film them hug each other, touching hands and walking past each other in the same frame. Although it’s difficult and very time consuming. It takes a tough and talented actor/actress to play this kind of role”

“I have to say that Nong Kwan Aussamanee worked really hard in this and I’m full of compliments for her. Before I started working with her I heard so many rumours about her and I was worried. Is she going to be the rebel type? But it turned out she proved herself to me and to the crew that she’s very hard working, she’s different to what they say she is in the gossip news. I have to admit she has great acting spirit”

Source via Siamrath

13 responses to ““Liem Rak” Director Defends Kwan: She’s different to what they say she is in the Gossip News

  1. Wow more twin lakorns. I have seen so many in the past that they are all the same to me. The director gave a very broad summary that it wasn’t even necessary lol…

  2. This director is known to be blunt and honest, he’ll say it like it is, not afraid of anyone so I believe him. Kwan isn’t bad, it’s just the tabloids that sell.

  3. Liem Rak sounds just like Aom and Captain’s drama Kaew Luem Korn. I believe the director. I mean, I’m sure Kwan is a good person and a hard-working actress but I also believe she has her bad side as well. There’s a difference between being a good actress and actually being a “good”, “low-profile” person. I believe she’s a good actress because her dramas are good but I’m not too sure about the “low profile”, “good” person that she is. But hey, we all have our good and bad sides. I’ll still support her work. (:

  4. Well, at least part of her is good. I like Kwan. I do believe people tend to misunderstand her sometimes and that the rumors are sometimes lies, but you can’t stop it. They do it to make money. I like the fact that she stays professional at work and let people see a good side of her. That’s the most important, have a good attitude on a working set. At least she isn’t a diva on set like some actresses. I do believe Kwan is a good person…If she wasn’t, then why not act out on set like she would in public because that is what she is supposedly known for, a bad attitude. A part of your work attitude also comes from you everyday attitude…My opinion.

  5. I’m gonna be the outcast here and say I’m actually looking forwards to watching it. I haven’t seen a lakorn in so long! –let alone a TWIN lakorn for that matter.

  6. Yay I can’t wait to see Liem Rak. Missed kwan lakorn. Hope they air this soon. And Kwan playing as twin that be kool.

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