Poyd Treechada: Blast from the past

“Poyd” Treechada was crowned as Miss Tiffany and Miss International Queen in 2004, which makes her the most beautiful lady boy in the world. But of course, she hasn’t always been this beautiful.

She was a boy once. Have you ever wondered what Poyd looked like back when she was a boy?

Entertain Teenee posted some old photographs:

Poyd, as a girl:

20 responses to “Poyd Treechada: Blast from the past

  1. I’m not good with names, but I knew she/he looked familiar! Who won the Miss Tiffany pageant this year?? Because I knew the winner and runner-ups were really pretty.

  2. shes so pretty, when i first saw her i couldnt believe that she was a boy before well she is still a boy AHH! have you ever found it hard to call her/he a certain gender?

  3. she must be tall. wow. verrrrrryyyyyy SESSY. ithink she looks better than aum. ithink aum won because she is full female. lol. and has that INNOCENT look to her. proops to poyd.

  4. i dont think his/her arm is long at all. s/he just has a boy hand so it just makes it looks long. if you try to stand in that position and watch your arm it is that length…

  5. Damn! She look pretty.
    I know I know he a she but, now I bet he want to call himself a she so, I’m saying she is hella fine 🙂

  6. OMG!!!. Good for her.. she now found her real self
    very happy for her and I wish her all the happiness and may all good things be with her all the time

  7. Please dont discriminate or look down on her, she was born tat way, she just want to live her life n be happy….dont need people to judge her-

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