Nam Tramples A Man For Secretly Taking Pictures Of Him!

Nam Rapeepat is irate that he was secretly snapped on camera! The sick part about it was that the person took pictures of him while he was going #2 on the closing set of his lakorn! The incident drove the actor to lose his cool and resorted to using many forms of violence towards his peeping tom. But in spite of Nam’s anguish, he said no serious actions will be taken against the “toilet intruder” because his work crew has deleted the images on the man’s camera.

Siam Dara caught up with Nam at Central World Plaza to clear up anything that has been the talk of the town for a couple of days.

“With this news it was the closing party of the lakorn set and the whole crew went to Nakorn Prathom. We all went on a boat, which was a lot of people there including the crew team and other people .. there was probably about 100 people altogether. At the time I didn’t really know who the others were because with the cast and crew there were about 20-30 people. It was already dark because we boarded on the boat at around 4 in the evening. On the boat there is only 1 bathroom, which I thought it would be better to let the women and children use it because due to the long line I didn’t want to wait. Being a guy, I thought it would be easier for me to just use the bathroom anywhere freely. So when I went to the bathroom by the side of the boat, I saw a mobile phone peeping out from somewhere and it startled me.

I would understand if they came up to me and asked for a picture, but when I’m trying to take a dump, it’s just not right (he looked very irate.) I then turned around and locked his body. He seemed a bit fruity and he wasn’t a part of the lakorn team. I was very angry and I thought it wasn’t just right for him to do that.”

After the incident happened, Nam did accept that there were forced being used against his disputant.

“There was a bit. I was still holding him in a headlock and there were some crew members that had to hold me back and break up what was going on. The production team said that they will take care of the incident and delete the pictures. So, I said OK. I say that if there was a picture that leaked out then you’ll know it’s from this incident here.”

The reporters then asked if that when Nam was angered and used forces was it because of the alcohol?

“I wasn’t that drunk at all because at this party there were a lot of elders there, there were a lot of kids also. So,if I was to drink that much it wouldn’t be right. I can clarify that I wasn’t drunk.”

8 responses to “Nam Tramples A Man For Secretly Taking Pictures Of Him!

  1. I would be irate too if someone was snapping shots of me while I was doing my business…I definitely think the photog had really stepped out of line..AND it doesn’t matter if the photog was gay or straight I would’ve been just as equally as mad as Nam…so I don’t understand why they have to make emphasis that the photog was “gay”…who cares…u just don’t go invade someone privacy like that especially taking a dump!

  2. Wow… that’s just disturbing. Why on earth would anyone want to take a picture of another human taking a dump? EW. But then again, why was Nam taking a DUMP on the side of a boat? In this case, shouldn’t it have been a #1? I just can’t imagine (not that I even wanna =.=) anyone just poopooing on the side of a boat. O.o

    Anyways, I’d be just as pissed. In a case like this, Nam’s right for using force. If I were him, I’d have shove the perv off the boat and let him drown.

    • I think there was a bathroom by the side of the boat.

      Anyways, I would have beat the crap out of that person- yes I am a very sensitive person when it comes to privacy especially taking a dumb. That’s just crazy and quite disgusting.

      Kind of funny though to image Nam pinning that person down. LMAO he probably didn’t even whip his butt or washed his hand.

  3. I think he was doing one, not number two. He said he was STANDING while doing his business. “ในระหว่างที่ยืนปลดทุกข์อยู่ก็มีมือถือโผล่มาก็ตกใจ”

  4. This is the price of fame. It happens all the time. These cats see dollar signs. They are looking to make money off of him and possibly use these pictures to get money out of him. Violence is not cool. First of all you never know who you are messing with. This is one thing I learned on the streets. Read the signs. besides this could end up for a lawsuit. Maybe this is what the cat wanted.

  5. man what’s up with these ppl taking pictures of ppl when they are in a bathroom? so disgusting! talk about invasion of privacy. they have no morals whatsoever

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