Meet Nong Chaat and Nong Ploy

[Chaat Piyachaat and  Ploy Passorn]

We had the special honor of meeting the 2 Nang Aeks for Mario Maurer‘s first lakorn with Kim Kibum of Super Junior. Not only did we meet the Nang Aeks here in South Korea, but we also have a little inside scoop of what some of the script of the lakorn pertains!

Not only does Kibum of U-Kiss stars is in this lakorn, but there is also, Ryan former member of Paran and Eli of U-Kiss. We are really jealous of Nong Chaat (Piyachat) and Nong Ploy (Who is the leading actress from “The Happiness of Kati”) who get’s close to 4 hot guys!

[Eli of U-Kiss and Ryan]

We do have a bit of the lakorn information due to the fact that we followed (and no we didn’t stalk but had the gratitude of following) the women who will be playing Ryan’s mother on screen. Piyachaat will be paired up with Ryan. Ryan will be playing as an only child and his mother sends him off to study abroad. While abroad Ryan’s character falls in love with a Thai girl (Piyachaat) and the mother finds out and is furious over this matter. She opposes their love and blames Piyachaat for the death of her son. Dum.. dum..dum! Someone does die!

[In front of the Hotel in Jeonju advertising for citizens cooperation with the drama]

We tried to meet Mario Maurer on location, but due to the fact that Mario was in the mountains at a very antique house, we weren’t allowed to follow, but stay and hang out with the rest of the cast and crew that was left behind at the hotel. We do have all other actors schedule on hand and hopefully we will get to meet them as we will of course, will be following to the set here in South Korea.

Some of you might recognize Nong Ploy as she was the little leading lady in the movie, “The Happiness of Kati.” You can watch her first movie below. We can tell you that the 2 hours that we spent with the leading ladies, we were totally jealous, but also loved their personality as they were so cute and loved us for coming all the way to the set to visit them. Hopefully next time we will be very lucky and run into all the leading actors of the lakorn! Eli here we come!

3 responses to “Meet Nong Chaat and Nong Ploy

  1. Oh my goodness..
    The thought of Mario’s first lakorn makes me have butterflies..
    I love him and i can’t wait for this to come out!!!
    and Eli, really?..dang, hot cast they have in here..=D
    Waiting patiently for this..^^

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