Pancake Nip Slip?

Nipple slip seems to be a trend amongst the Thai celebrities. So many pictures of possible nipple exposure is surfacing the internet every now and again stiring big online debates about whether or not this is real or fake.

The latest “oops” photograph to be the object of discussion is of “Pancake” Khemanid Jamikorn.

Is this a nip slip of prim actress Pancake or just an imagination, see for yourself.

Photos via Pantip & Thaioops

18 responses to “Pancake Nip Slip?

  1. ew that’s pancake?….i dont even care about the nipple but that’s a very bad picture of her.she a cute girl but not in this picture…lol

  2. yeah i gotta agree with you ladies or guys?, i don’t think nipples are that high up, but that’s one terrible picture of her. she’s not a drop dead gorgeous kind of girl, but she’s a cute one and that picture makes her look like some hooker.

    • she has her hand raised so her nip can be a little high up also she’s flat chested but that definately looks like her nip.

  3. but what do you guys see in this girl I think she is so fucking ugly to be made such a big deal out of I guess beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

  4. I agree she’s not drop dead beautiful, but she’s also not ugly. Bad picture and that could possibly be her nipple. It could also be pushed up too that’s why it looks so high.

  5. im not a big fan of Pancake but this i gotta agree..i do NOT think nipples are even that high up!….its like WTH!…and YES i gotta agree..Pancake looks hideous on that photo!..the make up doesn’t go with her..its makes her look like those stripper or bar girls with HELLA MAKE UP on!…i like her better natural or with light make up..

  6. That things is hardly even noticeable O.o
    Her boobs can be THAT flat.
    So that can’t be her nipples.
    lol horrible picture though.

  7. that is not a nip slip because that is way too high to even be a nip, geez. and pnacake is super pretty no matter much!

  8. That doesn’t even look like Pancake. It looks more like Pat. That’s only ugly picture of Pancake. She’s usually good with photographs, I wonder what went wrong with this one. Oh wait! I know! It’s the shoulder and the arm, leaving her neckless! And her poofy pancake face. (:

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