Songkran announces: He’s seeing Aff

Leading actress “Pinky” Savika Chaidech loses face as Socialite Songkran Taechanarong announces he’s seeing sweet face actress “Aff” Taksaorn Paksoukchareon!

Songkran confirms he’s not a third hand or the reason behide the break up between Aff and boyfriend “Officer Oor” Yuthawun Rathanaporn.

Apparently you’re a 3rd hand in the relationship between Aff and “Officer Oor”, is that true?

“I’m definitely not a 3rd hand. I heard they haven’t spoken to each other for some time now. They have broken up and I am definitely not the 3rd hand”

Are you courting her?

“Let’s call it as I’m trying to prove myself to her, not to the point of courting yet. Because it depends on the timing and it takes time”

So you are talking to Aff?

“Yes I am, but I haven’t spoken to her for long”

You’ve been talking to her ever since the recording of TV Show “Tee Tai Krua”?

“Oh, no it happened after that”

How did you know her?

“My sister’s boyfriend sister is close to Aff so she introuced us. Before that I meet her often but didn’t talk to her. But now we talk to each other”

What do you like about Aff?

“Umm…I’m  not the only one who likes her. The whole country likes her, she has a cute personality”

So in the past, Pinky and everybody else were all fakes and Aff is the real deal?

“That’s for the future to decide”

Do you communicate well with Aff?

“We can talk to each other about everything. We ask each other for advice”

Aff is the only girl you’re seeing right now?


Since Aff is single now, are you planning to pursue her right away?

“It’s more if I’m successful at proving myself to her, it’s up to her whether or not she’s okay with me and she hasn’t asked me to prove anything”

How do you feel about been dogged as third hand?

“Not good, I confirm I’m not a 3rd hand. I respect the female party and Officer Oor as well. They haven’t spoken to each other, they stopped talking already”

So you know they broke up with each other


You asked her that?

“Yes I did, I asked her”

Someone saw you and Aff at Hua Lumpong Temple

“No, but if we did go there, we went there with a group”

Have you started going out with each other?

“Not yet, we mainly go out with a group of people”

Did you go to Bonanza with her?

“That day I went to a concert for Honda and Aff went as well because my sister’s boyfriend sister opened up a booth there. There were 30,000 people so they were selling stuff and Aff was helping them out”

Have your family met Aff?

“Yes during the recording of “Tee Tai Krua” we all met each other”

What did they say about this?

“They didn’t say anything. They don’t interfere with this kind of thing”

It seems like you’re more open with Aff

“I don’t know (laughs)

How’s your relationship with Pinky?

“As I’ve said before, we’re friends”

Source via Gossipstar

72 responses to “Songkran announces: He’s seeing Aff

  1. And so it is true…I like his answers to the questions because they are direct and not vague compare to answers about Pinky. Wish them the best! Feel bad for Pinky because she spoke to soon about him. Maybe next time she should wait for the guy to acknowledge the relationship.

  2. OMG OMG OMG… Aff si now free!!! wonder if Aum knows, he need to move quick to win her heart. Aum and Aff would make a wonderful couple.

    • Aff and Aum have a great relationship and maybe he will go for her since they have great chemistry from what I see in the Thai news.

  3. wow he is soo open about liking and proving himself to Aff. Feel bad For Pinky, she should think before she talk next time… what a shame!!!

  4. i think aff should definately go for aum… this songkram dude seems more like a one hit wonder, and he’s ugly.

  5. omg i can’t believe this! aff has been with her bf or ex bf now i guess for so long! i think that’s kind of sad. how can you stop talking to someone you’ve known for so long? wow finallly hear news about aff she’s always quiet. agree with joeschmoe she should hook up with aum. songkran is ugly lol

    what’s up with pinky gosh that’s so embarassing. she’s ok onscreen but with the things i’ve heard of her recently she’s not quite there. but the biggest thing is embarassment!

  6. No offense but songkran is ugly she should go with Aum
    but then again Aum doesnt stay very long in a relationship if they break up then it going to be awkard working in lakorn together also
    songkran is wayy to open about Aff life he should let Aff confirm the break-up and everything and that there not talkin and he seem so careless giving those information out that it does seem like he a third hand…anywayy Aff old boyfriend seems way to old for her and looks like he doesnt have anytime for her and songkran looks like a player

    • I agree, a relationship between Aff and Aum would not be good if they don’t stay together. Maybe we should just be happy they do movies together even if we love them together so much.

      • Yeah i mean there are close really close and natural together but eh watever happens happens and Aff a smart girl she wouldn’t choose Songkran ( I HOPE)

  7. yay to aum and aff! songkran back off because dude, you look buckled up! songkran should stick to someone like pu praya bc they are on the same level. its like shit trying to land on rose if he’s shooting for aff!

  8. hhahahaah.. i found this to funny..
    first off – pinky saying all those things but to only get turned down and losing face…. how embassarring..!!!!!!!
    second of all- hearing the news about this songkran guy having feeling for aff is just so cute… i was watchin ttk and how he was all shy and everything.. funny!!..
    but anyways aff will come out and say something sooner or lets just wait..
    aff is adorable girl… anyone would love to have her..

  9. AFF!! please hurry and confirm…so the media is trying to pull news on AFF…*sigh* i guess every thai actress does get their turns in the media..haha…anyways i just want to hear aff clarify this…=)

    • To say that he’s ugly is a little too much. I don’t think he’s ugly at all, in fact, he’s quite cute. I’ve seen others that are worse than him.

  10. WOW, I feel bad for Pinky!

    She broke up with Aum to go with this douchebag….only to find out that the douche wouldnt even admit to seeing her and is now interested in Aff. Not only that but her ex, Aum, is now also linked with Aff and everyone is complimenting how cute they are together.

    The way I see it….Pinky must secretly hate Aff right now! Hahahaha. Not only did she lost this douche to Aff, but she lost her ex to the same girl. OUCH!!

    • well technically she didn’t loose her ex to aff..haha cause aff and aum currently has nothing going on…until they both or one of them confirm then there’s nothing between them..aff and aum are just fan fantasy’s that hope comes true..=D

  11. sounds like he is just dreaming!!!! now he is acting like pinky when pinky was into him….hahahaha…WOW! aff really broke it off…i think she will stay single for a long time because her relationship with orr seemed forever, its hard forgetting that.

  12. I don’t understand why some people are bashing Songkram? I find his answers being direct and not rude. He seems like a nice guy. I don’t think he looks that bad either. Just because the media has linked him to a lot girls, but that doesn’t mean it’s true and that he is a player!

    • 1000% agree with you! And I believe that even if, he is a player, he still has real love once in his lifetime which is happend in everyone. sometime a person surrounded by lots of women still feel lonely and seek for a woman that he could spent the rest of his life with (I meant his true love) because those women come to his life by themselves. We don’t know what happen behind the closed door!

      I agree, he’s look okay! but I like his straight-forward to Aff and aggressive announce to the world that he likes her, unlike some guys afraid to admitt their fellings.

      Everyone is so excited about all the news and busy to pair her up with all the good guys but I think they forget about how is Aff doing, now. She might be so stressful and weak dealing with all the broke up and news. I wish her the best! And God bless her to meet the best guy for her life!

      Poor my Aff! *sigh & faint* I hope everyone around her that love and care for her could contact with her stay by her side, comfort and cheer her up. Fighting… fighting.. Aff!

  13. AH HA!! It was freakin bound to happen, the ex boyfriend looks old and unhappy plus the fame was probably a stress factor in their relationship as happens, lol when the photographer asks him to move aside so that they can take pictures of Aff solo because, hes a nobody and their salary doesnt match.. all that plays a big part in a relationship..oh boy…I think if the rumor with Songkram or whats his face is true, it won’t work because, lets face it..Aff should be dating Aum then..sheesh lol

  14. man he is indeed so opened.. i knew he was so into aff when i saw the tee tai kreu clip lol..

    wow.. so aff and her bf are finally over.. wow.. theyve been together for so long too….

    but **coughcough** I WANT ATEAM!! lol..

  15. I wonder if Aff would feel uncomfortable since he’s so open about this interview…and what would her ex-boyfriend think of this guy admiring his ex-girlfriend so much?

  16. I hope Pinky learns from this, just because you’re pretty doesn’t mean that every guy who happens to look at you is interested or has fallen for you. I think Pinky had it too high up in her head that she was this goddess, that every guy would fall for her, well, it’s time to wake up from that dream.

    Songkran is an adult and from all of his interviews, he gives a lot of respect towards the ladies including Pinky. I really like how he holds Aff in such a high position, you can totally tell Aff and Pinky are on different leagues of importance. I like how he keeps saying that he’s trying to prove himself, that’s what a man of caliber would say.

    It’s so sad to be in Pinky’s shoes. Songkran’s answers towards Aff are full of love and protection. Pinky is just another pretty girl that quickly entered and exited his life, he’s willing to let everyone go and focus in on Aff, how sweet. Pinky should really brush up on her mannerism, she lacks a lot for being a college graduate and a child celebrity who has been living in a world full of class and elegance. I’m surprised Pinky still speaks like a 10 year when she’s been a star ever since childhood, if anything, her communication would be way better than this.

    • I agree! I feel for Pinky too. It must be hard for her to handle the embarrasment and heartache. Love is blind! I hope she learned from that mistake.

      Well….. well said! about Songkran *applause*
      His answer toward Aff is cute and sweet.

    • I hope she learned her lesson too.

      This is by far one of the most embarrassing situations that I’ve ever seen, while reading Thai gossip lol.

      After I read Songkran’s interview, I started to feel a little sorry for Pinky, but then I remembered that this entire misunderstanding was of her own making.

      If she’d just kept quiet about Songkran, she wouldn’t be front page news right now. From the beginning, it was like she’d gotten a new toy and wanted to show off to the entire world.

      Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t she break up with Aum and start talking about dating Songkran, right afterwards?

      • Pinky was seen booty slapping with this other guy but that didn’t last long and then a few days later, she announced that she was dating Songkran. Pinky moves on quickly so I don’t really pity her much; she’ll continue on with her life like always. She’s probably thinking that she’s too good for him anyway. I think Pinky is too into herself, the way how she presents herself. Second thought, I don’t pity Pinky at all. The woman deserves this embarrassment. I think this whole embarrassing situation, Pinky is entirely at fault. When Pinky rushed to annouce her closeness with Songkran, the guy’s first reaction and interview already gave it away that he totally felt different and gave her that much credit and respect by generalizing his responses but Pinky on the other hand kept giving out interviews about Songkran and the progress of their fake relationship like how she met his parents already, that they go to places often, she was practically pushing him to admit that she was his special someone.


        Songkran still had nothing bad to say about Pinky BUT had nothing special to say about her either. Pinky should really learn from this, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that means beauty within and out like Aff. Just because Aum jumped hurdles to be Pinky’s boyfriend doesn’t mean anyone else would do the same. Maybe Songkran thought Pinky just wasn’t worth it nor was he ever that interested in her. Pinky was just another girl to talk to when he was lonely.

        I think Aff should be the one to clarify the breakup rumors but then again, Songkran and Aff are already talking so Songkran probably has the greenlight to say stuff about them being an item, that’s how he knew that Aff and her 10+ boyfriend weren’t talking for a while already. I mean, Aff just wouldn’t tell anyone about that, it had to be someone close so I guess, that tells us that Songkran is telling the truth. And I think it’s sort of nice that Songkran, the man, came out to talk about Aff and not the other way around like Pinky. See, gals, if you have pride and respect for yourself like Aff, many guys will chase after you because you’re worth it but like Pinky, the girl threw away her pride and respect when she desperately tried to catch Songkran with her announcement, which in the end, she was left with all of the embarrassment and heartbreak.

        • Well said, Jo! Two thumbs up!
          I’m a fan of ATEAM too, but I don’t know why a lot of people keep bashing Songkran. Before I never interested about this guy at all but after news with Aff came out, I went back to search all the nwes about him. I believe there is only me that cheer Songkran and Aff together because if both of them work out I think he’ll be a good family man for her. I love Harit character in JLR alot because he is very smart, strong, down to earth, straight-forward, serouse and resposible. although, girls chase after him but he loves only Soraya, and not afraid to admit it. Back to Songkran, seems like his personality is like Harit. He came out to announce his feeling toward Aff; he didn’t claim that Aff loves him but he did show that he is deep into her. He confirms again and again that he has nothing with Pinky more than just a friend, I watched all the shows that interviewed him saw those girls tried to link themselves to him because he is rich and make him look like a playboy while the truth is he is very decent! I watched his interviwing with Woody he said something like ” Pee, I’m not sweet and I don’t talk much, but if I’ve found the woman that I love I’d take care of her the best.”
          All of you know how sweet the real playboy can speak, right. He might was a player before but now he seems a workinghard man. And you know, when we single, going out and having fun or talking with someone is a normal. It’s hard to blame him about comming out to give the news about Aff because we should blame the most is the truth and paparazies. If there is no truth that they go out together and someone sees them then say that he is a third hand then he may be not come out to clean himself at all. I just share my opinion not trying to offend anyone.

          • As for Aff, it is hard to blame her about breaking up with her long time BF since we all don’t know about the real story of their relationship, so we should not judge! a relationship for more than a decade if it didn’t progress then it might be about time to move on. I remeber I read her interview at Chiao’s blog long time ago she talked about how caring her father is toward her, when asked that her bf nice to her same as her father or not? she complained that not even half!
            so whoever she choose, her bf, aum, songkran or any guy, I’ll wish her the best!!!! as a hug fan of her will support her forever!!!!!
            I hope she is strong right now, and even it’s real or rumors I’m waiting to hear from her with my heartfelt because even she is a celebrity but she’s still a human like all of us that need happiness. No one is perfect!!!!!

  17. Please add more news about Aff’s response if you have one. I will keep checking to see if there are more news from Aff. I want the truth from her lOLz.

  18. Hm…Want Aum and Aff.
    Now I’m so gonna watch Nam Tan Mai since every news and every page on Youtube is about Aff and Aum now.

  19. Hai…. I’m from Malaysia. Love to see Aum and Aff as a lover but we can’t simple match a person just because in we thought they have chemistry, lovely and cute couple and we like them to be pair together. Love came from heart… But if true that Aum likes Aff, he should move quickly to win her heart….. I think lot or their fan will happy if both of them become couple including me….. Aff and Aum look too natural around each other, they would make a wonderful couple.
    Poor Pinky….. Ex-boyfriend and some that she likes, like Aff…

  20. Aff is great friends with Aum, i wonder what she thinks about the guy that was rumored with Pinky.

    and, that guy doesnt look good enough for Aff. he better prove himself 200%. our Aff is a sweet face, so this guy better not break her heart.

  21. Songkran confirms he’s not a third hand YEAH RIGHT.
    Anyway this not going to last long. Aff is a bitch for leaving her bf of 10 years for songkran, I know songkran is rich but come on after 10 year.

  22. WTF r serious wowzer aff is should totally hook up wit aum ATEAM, ahhahah as for pinky she pretty much my idol but she should had waited but i guess she’ll learn!!!!

  23. was just on Sarnworld and guess what ATEAM FANS!…i just read a comment from *cecilia* that Aum was on RATREE SAMOSORN ATM talking about how ATEAM FANS are cheering them to be REAL BF/GF and guess what Aum said!!…eeks….”Wait until she is single”….i beleive we just got another man thats hoping to pursue Aff if she really is single..=D

    • Personally, I think Aum already had a twinkle for Aff during the filming of JLR. As for Aff, she’s an educated woman with class and traditional morals, that is, she believes in being loyal to her partner even if the feelings may not be there anymore. Aff probably really tried to make it work but couldn’t because ever since her explosion of stardom, she’s been sort of different and I think she has changed in so many ways, she’s realizing that her 10+ boyfriend that once made her happy doesn’t make her happy anymore, things have changed with time. The Aff now and the Aff 10+ years ago are no longer the same, people’s hearts change as they go on in life, experience new things, meet new people, which is perfectly normal because Aff was with him even before she was legal 21 and your 20’s is the most revolutionizing era of your life, that is when you grow the most, find your identity, and truly understand yourself. Whoever Aff decides to date and end up with, I’m happy for her.

  24. i def. dont want to pressure aff and aum to get along like american celebs just because everyone is whoooing them to. I think id perfer to see them as good friends because what if they dont last? their great chemistry will break..:( that will be heart breaking. Anyhow, can you do a article bout the break up of aff and her Ex cop? lol Oh aum and Songkran better watch their back. lol… Anyhow. watever happens, GL to aff and her ex.

    • That’s true, friend’s relationship is long lasting than boyfriend/girlfriend, I’d prefer to see them as good friends. If they’re a couple and it doesn’t work out, it’s going to be awkward working together now.

  25. I don’t mind Aum and Aff together and I know for sure that even if they do try dating, it’s not because of the fans’ support that pushed them to, they really have sparks and chemistry, it’s undeniably present. I with them both luck.

    And even if they aren’t dating, they’ll be great friends, like those type of hidden messaged friends on the borderline of forbidden romance ha ha.

    And if they do go out and do not last, just cherish the beautiful moments, at least they both once walked down the same road together hand in hand. I hope they can remain as good friends, I think they can, they look like those type. Aum still has good feelings for Pinky so with Aff being the gentle type, I’m sure they’ll be good buddies.

    And if they do last, wow, God just answered sooooooooooooooooo many prayers! Ha. Ha.

  26. Jo – you are right about the answers being answer – I can see so many people want Aff and Aum together..haha

    and I’m ONE of them

  27. i support ATEAM cause they do look great together! but no pressure on her to get with Aum…I agree that it should be her own decision on who she chooses..and who knows..Aff could choose no one..

  28. i think its very rude of him to say aff and her b-fren already broke up. thats not something he should have said. he should of shut up and let aff confirm everything. i wouldn’t want someone to report to everyone that my b-fren and i broke up when the fact is nothings happened. i think its rude and when the truth comes out lets see who will lose more face, songkran or aff’s boyfren. as for ateamers, YES i am one too but watever happens i just want them be happy. if they stay friends that is great also as long as their chemistry is there i am satisfied.

  29. Wow this seems like a hot topic. For Preaw, Officer Or is a hi-so as well. Anyways it is quite sad that a 10+ years relationship has ended, but I think it might be like how Jo stated. Aff is a traditional Thai women, she probably did tried her best to save their relationship but somehow it has come to a point where she realize it wasn’t love but it was loyalty.

    OMG OMG OMG it’s sooo intresting.
    i wanna know wat Aff has to say bout it.
    AUM&AFF= ❤

  31. hahaha I like aff.
    this would be an interesting couple bcus songkran really likes her. I for one think that aum & aff are so cute together too but like..he’s kinda goin out ish with nat myria. -_-
    so i guessssssssss… at least its not pinky! 😀

  32. OMG! Songkran, wait til Aff denies you like how you denied Pinky! What goes around, comes around! The only person Aff is hooking up with is Aum! So you don’t stand a chance! (:

  33. I don’t see what’s so “wrong” about Songkran seeing Aff (if that’s really the case). He’s actually a good looking guy, and his answers in all the interviews that I’ve read so far are actually good. He hasn’t disrespected anyone in any way, and he hasn’t done anything wrong. If Aff were to be really dating him, then good for her.

  34. lol Poor Pinky =(
    She shouldn’t have jumped to conclusion.This guy seems very opening to Aff than anyone else… Let’s just hope it works out fine.

  35. Aum what are you waiting for Aff is single now here’s you once in a life time chance make your move I will be waiting to hear the good news

  36. I don’t know why everyone is all worked up about this. It’s none of your business anyways who they go out with. Why don’t you guys mind your own busuness and focus your attention on more important stuff. I do hope you guys have more important stuff to focus on. Oh and one more thing if Songkran didn’t have money I don’y think these stars would give him a time of day!!!! If I was Songkran I would really re-evaluate myself!!!!

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