Toey Dating Mooham? (see pic)

“Toey” Jarinporn Julkiet looks so innocent, who would believe any rumours which claims she’s a smoker. The actress has been seen in a club drinking and smoking but in her recent interview with Manager, Toey denies the rumour as well as clarifying the latest about her new close Socialite friend “Mooham” (refer to below pic) – Toey says he’s a good person.

“Sincerely from my heart I am not a smoker. But I was sitting in a smoking zone. However I was not smoking, I’m sure of that, this rumour is false news, you can ask my friend about it” Says Toey to Manager

“I feel this news is too harsh. Maybe because I’m still a teenager but when I go out with my friends I don’t drink or smoke”

“I don’t want people to get the wrong idea just because I was sitting in a smoking zone. I honestly don’t smoke and my friends don’t smoke either. I confirm”

Recently there was a leaking photograph of Ping Pimpaporn and Mooham.

“I have spoken to Mooham about the photograph. He said it was nothing and I have met Ping with Mooham, they’re international students so this type of thing is normal to them. It’s honestly nothing and I don’t feel anything by it. P’Mooham is a cute person and he plays with people like that so I know it’s nothing”

“But Mooham is stressed by the photograph. He’s afraid people will misunderstand him. He is not that type of person. But no he hasn’t complained about it to me or anything but it seems like he is afraid of other people getting the wrong idea. Honestly from what I know, he’s not a bad person. He’s a good person”

14 responses to “Toey Dating Mooham? (see pic)

  1. Toey looks different from the lakorn. The pictures she’s not that pretty but in the lakorn she’s reallie pretty..but what I don’t get is why are her and her friends sitting in the smoking zone if none of them don’t even smoke? That’s reallie convincing? LOL. And the guy mooham is UGLY. Haha.

  2. well, i have no idea who she is, but I would have to say, that even though I don’t smoke, sometimes I’m in the smoking sections because the people I’m with smokes. So it could be that her friends are smoking and that’s why she’s in that section. But then she said that her friends don’t smoke, so I don’t see an excuse for sitting in the smoking section. Also, I wanted to point out that she said that her friends don’t smoke, but in the picture, the dude, mooham is holding a hookah hose, so at least one of her friends smokes – but perhaps he only smokes shishas occasionally or socially, so she doesn’t consider it smoking. but i have to say, from my experiences in thailand, it seems like everyone smokes there.

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