2PM’s Leader Jay Park Resigns!

Hottest prepared for the worst, but never thought it would actually happen. 2pm’s leader Jay Park was faced with a controversial issue over a few comments that Jay left for a friend on his myspace almost 5 years ago.

Hottest and 2pm recently spent 2pm’s one year anniversary in grief and hoping for the bad to end.

Side note, If you do not want to read about this, then don’t continue to do so. As this is a personal matter as I (one of your blogger) is a hottest and has loved 2pm and these are purely based on my own feelings.

JYPE has confirmed to Newsen by JYP himself that 2pm leader Jaebum Park has decided to step down and resign. Jay has left a message on JYPE’s official website to everyone.

“Hello, I’m 2PM’s JaeBum.

I’m sorry for giving you my last greeting through this letter.
I think it will be hard for me to see you all on stage because of my sorry heart.

I’m really sorry to everyone, and I’m even more sorry to the fans who have shown me love.
From today, I will leave 2PM.

2PM boys, I’m really sorry to the boys and I’m sorry I couldn’t be strong as a leader and a hyung and have to leave like this.
However, I hope you will be more cool and charming.

Again, I’m sorry.

JaeBum “

It is sad to see this and it’s breaking my heart terribly as I had plans to see 2PM while I’m in South Korea next month. I was really looking forward to meeting my 7 beastly boys, but now there are only 6. It has been said that Jay was forced to resign by JYP himself. He was given 2 options, either resign or step down as a leader. Jay felt that if he was still performing on stage he could not bear with the resentment that some will have for him, so he decided to resign.

I am not here to argue or say what is right or wrong. I’m a Hottest and these are purely my true feelings. What has happened to Jay is being put into my own feelings and understandings for him as, I will also be in South Korea and will have to learn the steps that Jay has once taken a path on. I may not be in the same field as debuting as him, but I will be a foreigner just like Jay. Everyone copes with fear and loneliness in their own way. Something that happened long ago should all be left in the past. If we don’t learn how to forgive and forget then we will only be living in a world full of hatred and resentment towards each other.

We all say and do things we don’t mean to do, but as we grow we learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat the steps that we do. I’m very sad over this matter and this is sad over this.

Hottest, what are your thought on this issue? How do you feel about Jay resigning?

Read Jay Park’s Full story: Here

103 responses to “2PM’s Leader Jay Park Resigns!

    • I so agree with you!! Jay is the best out of all of them. In plus it won’t be 2pm anymore if he is now out of the group): TAKE HIM BACK PLZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I’m speechless…
    I feel like someone just died or something, I’m hoping and wishing this would be some ploy or trick to make us want to look forward to the guys’ new album…I don’t know, I’m really sad.
    I was really starting to love and adore Jay as the leader, and I’ve always said that he was the best leader…How could this happen over something so stupid and meaningless? They act like he’s some political figure or something…Boo
    I’m gonna blog about this

  2. Sniff sniff but sometimes we got to learn how to let it go. It will take awhile for me to actually sallow all this. =(

  3. they should understand that he said that because he was missing home. i totally know how it feels to be in a different country and adjust to everything, from language to culture to people. it was something people should’ve expected and they should understand him.

    and it was frickin five years ago, WHY DID THEY BRING THAT UP JUST NOW ? damn this is so unfair. 2pm will never be the same without him.

    those netizens need to open their minds.

  4. cann’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take him back pls cmon Jay you’re the best member. why neitizen anti-fans are so crazy?! why people always focus on the past why why.

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  6. Netizens are now feeling remorseful over this matter as they only posted the bad comments that Jay posted up, but kept the good ones. Jay did in fact say that he loved Korea.

    Now he is leaving the JYPe building and and Hottest members are trying to stop him at the airport. This is the worst thing ever! It’s ok to be a netizen, but controlling and ruining someone’s life is not right!

    • I didn’t know they could feel remorseful, I didn’t think they had a conscience, cuz if they did, they would’ve never brought it up in the first place to make it such a big deal.

      That is so wrong of them, and really bad karma…knowing Jay, he’s already pretty insecure, I bet it was a major blow to his confidence, whatever he had anyways…Poor guy.

  7. Ohhhh man why?!! Who the fck care what the haters think if you [jay] enjoy being a memeber and the leader of 2pm then you should continue to keep doing what you love. You’ve always been real and I’m sad that you decided to give up we were all rooting for you but anyway I’m still a fan and I’ll always will be hope to see you in the future jay. People of S Korea please learn how to forgive and forget don’t dwele on the past move the fck on!

    • He didn’t really have a choice though, plus, it would be hard to keep performing, knowing people are just hating on you…and this was the worst they’ve ever taken it. I feel really bad and sad about this…

  8. such sad news. I didn’t expect to see this coming. it breaks my heart to see how they make thing run out of proportion. it is one thing to feel resentment against jay but to petition him to commit suicide base solely on a comment he left years ago. I always hear ppl say this and that of netizen but never thought they can be this cruel over a lonesome comment. If ppl truly put themselves in jay’s shoe at the time of his trainee day, they’ll know how hard it is to have to experience that, especially when you’re asian american. *sighed* don’t really know what else to say but grief for this loss. I don’t feel like supporting k-industry anymore b/c of crazy fans like this.

    So, i’m with you .. felt like someone close to home just pass away. I grew to love the boys and seeing this just upset and make me hate the ppl in S.Korea so bad!!!! They just prove what Jay wrote 4-5 years ago!!!

    • I agree…I feel really grief-stricken over this and don’t know how I’d recover or be able to support 2PM even though the other boys had nothing to do with it…How can I support JYPE for letting a perfectly good artist leave over something so stupid and trivial as this? How can I support Korean entertainment ever again? 2PM was my first Korean artist that I loved…and now will be my last…

      I don’t know how to watch the rest of 2PM or listen to them without waiting to hear or see Jay.

      I feel so speechless, but at the same time, I feel like I need to say so much. I don’t even personally know him, but I feel for him. They treat him worse than if he was a political figure…see, we don’t care about stuff like that in America, look at our celebrities, they’re much worse than Jay but still are celebrities…

      It’s so sad…I’m not too fond of S. Korea either at this moment.

      • i know what you mean. i keeps refreshing the soompi thread, HOPING to read some good news but each time i do that, i get back news. Don’t they understand that he’s raise in two different nations with two completely different culture, what he wrote then is like my 18 years old bro does with his friends. How can the ppl in korea be this judgment. i still can’t get over the fact that they all gang up on him like this and now, are feeling remorseful b/c he resigned.

        i agree with the way how the American are like. They can be prideful but at the same time, don’t be so judgment over such comment like this. Ppl really need to go back and take them human ethics classes to get a better knowledge on their moral. What they did is MORALLY wrong! How can ppl move on and live with this kind of act when they hurt someone else out there whole hearty.

        I have been following the industry over 6 years and this news is the most nonsense and ridiculous thing i have ever heard. It really prove what i hear he/she say and really make me starting to hate the country for itself. It’s not the country fault that make other asian look down on it but b/c of the nations’ ppl, fans all over asia will now look at Korea differently, all b/c of some netizen making such big deal out of a little comment. This is definitely the BIGGEST mistake S.KOREA has done for me. The hate is starting to grow!!!

  9. i duncare of any comment but i am gg to say WTF, idiot la. why must Jay take the whole responsiblity? It is not totally his fault wad, it is partially some of the KOREANS FAULT TOO. Do you think Jay will say that cos he like it? Of cos is because he saw some people who acted like one or are like one, den he will den say tat. I once love South Korea so much and had a dream to live there but now i think ppl there are just unreasonable and fucking petty.

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  11. I have just received news that the anti’s are throwing rocks at Jay while he is leaving the JYPE building! It is breaking my heart so much. I can’t believe this is happening. How can they be so freakin cruel?!

    • How can someone be so cruel to throw rocks at someone else. Sure, my pride for AMERICA can be big too but if that person see what they did wrong and has come CLEAN about it, i’ll forgive them. Break my heart to have to witness all these bad things happening in S.KOREA, the nation and ppl that i once grew to love and wish to live in !!! TT

      • You’re telling me! I’m leaving for S.Korea next month and what is happening to Jay right now is totally breaking my heart. I don’t want it to change the way I feel about S.Korea, but I’m just too sad to even care right now.

        • It hit me hard on the chest, even so more than when they poke fun at RAIN .. I don’t know how i could grow back to love this nation as much as i did before any of this happen. It’s good to go vacation there but the plan to go and stay there is now shatter in my book — better yet, i probably won’t step foot into that place at all, even if i still love RAIN until something come in to wash away this sad scar. The ppl there disappoint me and disgust me as a fan of the nation and its people. How can they not be ashamed of what they did !

          • I’m following updates on twitter and fans are no longer stopping Jay from leaving the airport, but they are just letting him go. I’m sad over this matter as it happened to fast like a bullet just went through, but now I guess the best interest is to have Jay be with his family.

            He really needs them the most right now and hopefully he can overcome this hardship and the worst part of his life.

            If I would’ve known ahead of time, I would probably try to re-route and not go to S.Korea, but I can’t change my time now. I’m there for a whole year. I don’t want some psycho netizens to ruin my hopes and dreams while I’m there.

            Don’t let psycho’s ruin what you want to do.

    • Are u effin serious? WTF kind of world is this when a guy gets kicked out of the country for something that can be easily resolved! Fuckin sounds like netizens should be called ‘nazi-zens’ instead!

    • i dont think its a great idea for him to go anywhere but to go
      home to his family and friends to comfort him.

      im pretty sure many other countries have heard of this news and are very welcoming to him. but seeing him around w/ family and friends will probably cheer him up…

  12. devastating news .. Jay’s in plane — WY fainted 😦 .. going to the hospital — all the boys are crying, i’m crying to see this .. VERY SAD!!!

  13. I can’t believe that it had to extort to this. With this kind if thing going on ppl are going to kook at S. Korea differently now.

    It just all seems surreal. Hope that Jay us surrounding hi
    self with his family and friends. He needs them the most right now.

  14. it’s been 4 EFFEN years! seriously!! i can’t believe that someone can be so hateful. i’m totally w/ u gals here. i feel like a part of me is dying.

    For the 4 yrs since the postings on myspace, Jae has become the leader, he’s taken care of his members, he’s worked hard. he found his way into the community.. he’s PROVEN to Korea how much he deserves to be there.

    this is just bullsh*t that the netizens can have this kind of effect. they are NOT ppl! they are NOT the fans that love and support the boys.. why are we not able to make this kind of difference but they are? what kind of world is this where the haters can generate results and those of us that LOVE can’t make anything happen?

  15. can someone tell me what this person wrote on his myspace that was so terrible to these people for them to throw rocks at him?

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  17. NOOOO!!!
    The leader???!?!!?!
    He can’t resign!! No one even cares about those myspace comments!!!!
    Noooooo………..(fades of into the background)

  18. I know Koreans are very patriotic and all but this is just ridiculous. I don’t know how their celebs do it, to be put under so much pressure by their people, I commend them for that.

    It’s sad to see what has happened but I think he made the right decision to be with his family and friends in the US.

  19. He is a true leader of 2pm. Seeing the condition in Korea about him and 2pm, might be this is one of the better ways to take. easiest one, yet, the hard one. i guest, he do not want to burden other members. but who can predict the future? now he already leaves, and nothing we could do but curse the netizen and jyp (cause he cannot handle this situation well).

    I never really met him or care about him too much, cause i only care about their music and dance. Seeing him treated like this is too sad. Why Korean treat people who worked for them badly? just why? why?

    i hope this is for the best.
    he still young and he still can do things, especially with all the hard work he done in jyp. i really like to see him as a student in some campus and do a normal life as a teenager. i do not know why. funny thing is, my love for him is growing. i will be his forever fans and patiently waiting for his work in anything he do in the future. go jay!!! i am with you!!!

  20. awwww…I feel so sad for him. Welcome back to the U.S Jay!!..You know we will love you like always and treat you with respect.

  21. hmm i’m missing something here. can someone tell me what was the cause? so he’s not from korea? then where is he from?

  22. No this is freaking stupid!!!! I don’t want him to resign and leave. Tell me thi s is not true!!!! I love this man, he got talent especially his moves. I’m really sad about this!!!!

  23. I was really praying this whole “I’m leaving 2PM” thing was some sort of ploy to get attention. Oh my effen god, what has South Korea come to? I’ve seen those crazy cyber bullies torment so many others on countless situations, but never has the reality of it all hit me THIS hard.

    Everything was blown WAY out of proportion. Starting and signing a SUICIDE petition? Throwing rocks at him? (_>

    Whatever. Best of luck for Jay, and I hope all those idiots that did this to him get what they deserve. Karma baby. KARMA.

  24. My friend and I are considering taking a road trip to Seattle, and just driving around with a banner or something, saying, “We will always and forever support Jaybeom Park as 2PM’s only leader”

    And have T-shirts made and stuff, I feel so bad for him, it’s so sad that it has escalated this much.

    And JYP has no faith or confidence or even support for his own artist, to allow it to get this far, to allow Jay to just leave, instead of defending him.

    Again, 2PM is my first and last Korean artist I will ever listen to. I love the rest of the boys, but it’s hard to support them without Jay, because they are not 2PM if one member is missing.

    • I thought about that also but the best way is to just leave Hay alone right now. I’m sure he knows he had all the love and support but just give him time to reflect and spend it with his family and friends.

      Those guys that started all this mess shouldn’t be forgiven at all! All those petitions if cries for Jay not to leave didn’t work so what makes us think one of him returning would?

      I’m so devestated over this.

  25. those last two day i started watching wild bunny.. i so love them .. i mean 2pm!! its hear break.. he did it 4 years agoo! ppl should frogive.. cuz nobady is perfect!!
    i already miss him and 2pm is not 2pm without himm
    i hope that he will come back and im sure the other member love him and miss him.. at least im hope!!
    im so sad right now.. i fell like crying!! =((

  26. wow..i am extremely shock..i mean i don’t know what comment jay made..but it shouldn’t be that bad to the point he have to resign and come back to America. I love 2pm and what got me noticing them was Jay. Now that his gone, i don’t think i can watch 2pm the same. I love the rest of the members, but so use to seeing 7 not 6. And about the rock throwing??? wtf?? that is insane, over a comment..are u Fking serious?? now way. After reading all these comment, i just can’t image how the boys of 2pm feel and how jay is doing.. JYP’ could of come up with a better situation. Also, I myself wanted to go to S.Korea, but now i don’t think I want to, what if said something and ppl take it out of context; I would probably too be sent back to America. Well hope the best for Jay and the rest of 2pm. Love and support always.♥

    • Yeah, all he said was Korea is gay, I hate Koreans, or something like that, because he was homesick…that’s not a big deal people say it all the time.

      They didn’t show the other comments he made about it, saying how much he loved Korea or whatnot…dude, I’m just so sad…

      Why does it feel so bad? I never thought I was so attached to the group, or even Jay.

      • i know .. any homesick person would say that .. i even say it when i’m around my parent and i live with them 24/7 .. Netizen are pure cruel and evil by making this comment overshadow his grew love for KOREA. Really disappointed and still mad at the ppl .. It’s no wonder so many ppl committed suicide b/c of things like this.


  28. it is very pitiful ferr JYP & HIM!
    why!i was just so freking happy though
    jay you let me down!he let evryone down!

  29. I still can’t get over the fact that Jay left 😦 I feel you…I’m very dissapointed with the netizens.. I mean, IT WAS FREAKIN YEARS AGO! When I followed Jay’s departure on twitter, every second was heartbreaking 😦

  30. It is freaking heart breaking!!!! I’m totally sad right now!!! But oh well, Jay WELCOME BACK to the USA!!!! Love Jay and will always support him!!!!

  31. poor guy, this comment ruins his career!? its true about how korea goes crazy over sorry rappers though lol.anyways its just culture shock, those netizens need to come to america and i bet they’d be hating it too!

  32. that comment is like how many yrs ago..and anything can happen through the process like hate can turn into love… but i bet he said dat bcoz he was emo at dat moment of time.. every human makes mistakes.. so y not just forgive and forget..

    I nvr view S.korean negatively after dis incident… just dat there’s a handful of ppl just like to show negative stuff to the world not knowing what will happen next..

    Now, Jay has left korea.. i know dis is 4 his own gd.. bad things or worse might happen if he stayed.. who knows.. Anyway, I view this matter positively as this is a gd lesson to learn not only for those who started dis but also for us all ppl of the world.

    …so think first before u act. peace!! =D

  33. OMG!!! jayyy donttt goooo… T^T
    you’re the best for me…i always laught a lot because of you…
    you’re still 2PM leader for me…

    SARANGHEOOOO T^T wish you all the best…

    • ur are so correct…i also laughed so hard whenever our old pink man gives a joke or just petty things…i hope that he comes back after reflecting this whole matter…

  34. Jay Park is right Koreans do suck and very rude.I was in Houston and stopped at a gas station owned by Korean bitches who were very very unfriendly,I saw this white lady who just came out the bathroom ask this elderly Korean lady(who owns the gas station) if she had any paper towels because apparently they didn’t supply any.the Korean old bitch in an ugly matter walked her over to the paper towels section of the store to indicate she had to buy them.I was so embarassed.They gave Asians a bad name.When we tried to ask the younger Korean bitch at the counter for directions she rudely said I don’t know in an ugly way her face was already ugly, they pissed me off.Never have forgotten that experience.

    • That’s a rude thing to say. It’s one thing to come in here cussing about Koreans at a gas station, not knowing who 2pm is, and so on, but to criticize the blogger? That’s just flat out ignorant.

    • Yeah, I love this blog, so don’t say that. Everyone who read this blog knows the whole situation, so you coming here and calling them stupid is actually pretty stupid yourself.

      That’s so rude, I was all for your comments, until you criticized this blog.

  35. lulu you are just rude period! Don’t try to preach to others about Koreans being rude when you yourself is rude!

  36. lol you ppl take things too seriously.Sheesh.Anyways no where in the comments does it have any details of what he actually said, I had to wikipedia it.Did I not say not all Koreans are like that?I might not be familiar with this group or their music but I totally understand why he thinks Korean suck.And ppl that say I have no rights to these comments yet contradict themselves by saying I’m rude or stupid are hypocrites, nuff said.

    • With Jay’s incident, they took things he said out of context, but you came here, not knowing what’s going on, and instead of going to find out yourself, you call someone stupid for not making that info available for you.

      He doesn’t think Koreans suck, you’re taking it out of context as well…He was homesick, in an unfamiliar country, with no friends or family…He had a bad day and expressed it to his close friend, but not that he meant it…The whole point is that they don’t understand where he’s coming from, America’s culture is so different from Korea. He is Korean, but born and raised in America, so making comments like that mean nothing to us, but the Koreans took it too seriously…He shouldn’t have to apologize for what he said, because he didn’t even mean it, he just wanted to vent to his friend.

      • I was in a rush yesterday.To Dirtii Laundry.I’m not sure if you went to college and took English 101 but when you write an article or a blog it’s to inform ppl about what’s going on in a particular subject matter.One should not assume ppl will know who or what you are talking about.You have to be thoroughly detailed.I got upset because I had to go to another websit to read more into this.To tell me to click on a link or go to wikipedia defeats the whole purpose of doing an artilce or blog.You want to keep ppl on your website not go off of it.Not very smart thinking.Second. to be raised in America and able to speak your paren’ts mother tongue(in your case Thai) does not make you smart, it’s expected of you.If you learned another language on your freewill then it’s another thing but still doesn’t make you smart.And to sofabed.Unless you are Jay’s mind then you don’t know either.

          • I really don’t know who is the idiot. You can go around bashing Koreans and how you feel towards them but to bash on the blogger themselves for not providing information is just maniacal. Not only do you criticize them but to say that they have no educational background? I didn’t know that writing your own feelings required a journalism degree.

            This is their blog and they do as they please. They are not telling you that you should come here and read this. They just put their own words out and you have the right to pick and choose whether you would want to read it or not. You say that Koreans make Asians look bad, and say that sofabed is a hypocrite, when you, yourself is a hypocrite that doesn’t know the meaning of it.

            If you weren’t so damn nosy, I suggest you read what’s in RED as the blogger said that this is purely her feelings towards this matter. I guess you can’t really see it since you are colorblind. This is purely her feelings and no information regarding or leading up to Jay resigning needs to be put into it.

            Before you go and say someone else rose bush smells you need to smell your own roses because you can’t tell people what to do and how they want to do things. Purely this is their blog, not yours. They really don’t need to listen to you on how they want to do things and run things. As it says in their “ABOUT ME” section that they are doing things their own ways.

            Accept that and STFU and move on. The more you reply back it seems like you are the one with no educational background and is the “stupid idiot.”

            Even if the blogger replied back to you and deleted their comment. It seems like they took the smarter route out and realized their mistake to not pursue or even bother with you as they feel that it’s a waste of time.

            I’m a fan of this blog and I love what they do. To have you criticize them is our right disrespectful for your idiocy.

            sofabed: I suggest we do not reply back to this attention wanting person. Let them talk and say what they want and bash all they want. It makes them look like the idiot and if we stop giving her the attention that she wants then she’ll realize how much of an idiot she is.

        • Blogs are personal, and if they want it for entertainment purposes, then that’s up to the blogger. No one says blogs had to inform anyone of anything, it’s up to the blogger on what they want to write about, and whether or not they want to explain further on their topic. You don’t have to be insulting by implying that someone needs an education just to have a blog, newsflash, ANYONE can write a blog about ANYTHING. You’re the one who chose to read this one, then complain about it. I didn’t see the official rules for blogging, that it had to have the information YOU want on it.

          So this whole discussion is just you getting mad that you had to go to another site to read up on what’s going on? If you were in such a hurry, then you shouldn’t have tried to go online in the first place, if you can’t even go to another site that will only take a few minutes.

          If you’re interested in something, then you should find out that info yourself, I’m sure you reading this blog isn’t going to affect the rest of us who have enjoyed coming here. We are all familiar with how this blog works, and what they inform us about, that’s why we’re here. If you even knew 2PM like the rest of us, then this blog wouldn’t be an issue.

          I may not know Jay’s mind, but I don’t automatically assume the worst about people. I didn’t want to assume anything about you, but you came in here being rude already, so that’s my assumption of you. How can you come into someone’s blog and call them an idiot for not being able to do something for you? You’re not paying them for this information, they just post it because they want to, not because they have to.

          And how did it get to you saying the blogger isn’t smart? They didn’t even respond to your comments. You shouldn’t even come in here anymore. Your comments just get worse, for no reason too. No one offended you, but you’re calling people names, and I’m not trying to offend you, but to defend this blog and the people behind it.

          • hey dumb bitch, the bloggers did respond to my comments, then she removed her response, second I was in a hurry in terms of responding back to the blogger.You don’t know Jay’s mind yet you matter o factly act like you know what he meant.Face it you are a hypocrite, doesn’ t matter if you’re defending anyone.He’ll be a nobody in the U.S. because the Korean look is not in in the U.S.

  37. i really wanna blame koreans for this stupid incident
    but im sure a lot of good koreans were against this
    SO STUPID i cant believe it
    i cant even fucking concenturate
    how can this happen this fast?
    it wasn’t even a week ago

  38. no wonder why so many korean celebs actually commit suicide!! not only is their management bad their anti fans are bad too! i read that his anti fans wrote a petition for him to commit suicide? WTF? crazy people!!! i dunno if they think this is patriotic i think its disgusting!

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