Ploy Gets Flowers from Tomo (K-OTIC) & Golf is NOT upset

“Ploy” Chermarn Boonyasak is one hot sugar mama! Not long after her separation from fresh young duo singer “Golf-Mike” – Ploy gets flowers from another youngin, Tomo of ‘K-OTIC’ for Valentine’s day.

As for Golf Pichya, the former young grass pleaded please don’t make false assumptions – he is not upset! He’s doing fine and for your information ‘he’s not hitting on Aump Patcharapa’!

“On Valentines day I got so many flowers mainly from my friends. I had a party and I was the host so it was common courtesy for people to buy flowers for me as a gift so it’s nothing special”

“As for Tomo from K-OTIC, he’s a friend of Mike and he came to say Happy Valentine’s. I don’t think there’s anything, he already has a girlfriend and I’m like a sister to him. I’m close to his family so no he’s not hitting on me. We’re all just friends. All the people who tried to hit on me backed away, they know I don’t want a boyfriend but I do have a dream – Tae Yang from Big Bang (laughs) I really like him and I wouldn’t hesitate to ask him out. I wouldn’t even be shy about it. I like tall chinky guys, light skin, prominent nose – it’s totally my type”

How is your relationship with Golf now?

“I haven’t spoken to him in two months. Don’t ask me about him first, you’re putting me in a bad situation. I can talk to him. We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend so it’s not unusual for us to be distant”

On the other hand Golf Pichaya was asked about the news claiming that he’s ‘upset’ with Ploy for being distant. Golf quickly explains his side of the story with a frustrated look on his face.

“I’m not upset. Please don’t write that I am upset because I don’t feel that way at all. If you go to my Hi5 you will notice that the comment I wrote was back in December! Now my hi5 is empty and I don’t feel anything so don’t say that I’m upset – please.”

“Today I didn’t get to see Ploy. I’m not hiding from her, if I see her I will say hi to her like normal. I saw her a little bit when she walked past and I am not upset at all. Ploy has a lot of friends, she’s a friendly person. If you ask if we parted on bad terms, no I don’t think so because we never said we were boyfriend and girlfriend so please don’t write any news. As for the news about me hitting on P’Aump – it’s not true”

Did you get Ploy’s happy birthday message?

“I don’t know. I didn’t see it. Did she send it to me? I’m not sure, I got a lot of messages from my friends”

[ News via Siamdara ]

19 responses to “Ploy Gets Flowers from Tomo (K-OTIC) & Golf is NOT upset

  1. Funny that Ploy mentioned Taeyang from BIG BANG. He’s actually short though, probably the same height or even shorter than GOLF. keekee.

  2. So Miss Ploy is into Korean guys especially from Big Bang. Hehehe… As for K-Otic. I don’t think he’s her type. Golf seems to be swooned by Ploy because she is beautiful and friendly,heck any guy would love to talk to her,unlike
    Kwan who was a snob and liar. I’m glad ploy aint jumping into relationship too quickly because she needs time to get to know the right guy. I wouldn’t mind seeing how it goes with Golf. 🙂 hehee

  3. LOL! Ploy… tsk tsk tsk! Those descriptions were so not Taeyang, thus making him so NOT her type. Unless her current type is actually cute, famous, younger guys that sing?

    Taeyang is 5’7 while Golf is 5’6. Not much of a difference. Mike (5’9) is taller than Taeyang. Golf is also has a lighter skin complexion compare to Taeyang. -shrugs- I’m just saying.

  4. gosh she needs to grow old is she?? 25 or 26….stop hangin out w/ guys that are like 4/5 years younger than her.

    taeyang is not 5’7…he’s way shorter than that…like 5’4..i’ve seen him in person

  5. Hahahaha!! Dream on Ploy! Tae Yang is off limits!
    – He is not light skin and tall!

    She is describing Dome. Are we sure she’s not imagining and picturing Dome as her “Dream Guy?”

    -YB can not be 5’5 because Teddy Park is around 5’9 or 5’10 and if Young Bae ( Tae Yang) is 5’5 he would be up to Teddy’s armpit or something. According to Google and Korean sites It says that YB is 170 cm which is 5ft and 7inches. YB and Dae Sung are almost the same height but Dae Sungie is an inch or two taller then YB.

  6. My Baebae is so popular. If only Ploy knew what she was talking about. She sure as hell didn’t describe my man.

    It’s ok. It’s only in her dreams so she must imagine him being tall and light skinned.. lol

  7. There’s nothing going on with Ploy and Tomo. Ploy and her Tomo’s older sister and brother hang out in the same crew so that’s how they know each other and that’s how Tomo and Mike and also Koen from K-otic and Mike know each other.

    I can care less about Ploy right now cause, wth Tomo has a gf again?! Damn it -___-

  8. hahaha her guy is tae yang.. whoot whoot.. go girl.. xp.. awwwe how kute.. tomo gave her flowers ^_^…

  9. พลอยอ่ะนะถึงจะเลิกกับโดมแต่ก้อดีแล้วหละมาชอบกับโทโมะคนดีดีดีกว่าครับพี่พลอย

  10. of course, everyone loves tae yang, and he is 5’7, it’s fuuny though becuz ploy mention tat she likes tae yang, lol… and i think she’s into guys younger than her, it really don’t matter by age, becuz it’s jux a number…

  11. is Tomo single now??…hope so…aah~ cant stand seeing him with some other girl…haha ❤
    tomo kawaii!! xoxox

  12. OMg!!!!…..what!!!…..Tomo have a girlfriend already???/….oh my goodness….oh i cant believe Ploy want to be with taeyang the big bang guy….but go gurl keep it all up…tyr to find a good man…who dont lie to u and all that …

    Hope u find a special man who really love u Ploy..:D

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