Sirita and Tye Private Rendezvous In Japan?

“Rita” Sirita and “Tye” Natapon admits that the two did go to Japan for end of new years, but both had arrived separately and scheduled to meet up with each other for lunch/dinner one day only. There was no kisses on the cheek or anything sweet in that matter as rumors are being spread around. The two are just friends and as for the future if it will change, they don’t know.

Both Sirita and Tye are being under watchful eyes if their on screen romance will play an off screen romance when gossip of the two came from The Raw Fish Country (Japan) that on New Years someone has spotted Sirita Jensen and Tye Natapon had traveled afar to have a secret rendez-vous there.

When both Rita and Tye were approached they both admit that they did go to Japan but they went separately. Rita clears it up first.

“I did go, but I went because of work. As for the rumors of me traveling around, I did go, but I went with my manager and the agency in Japan…As for the rumors with p’Tye, well he knew that I was there on work and he told me that he’d show me around because he was going to be there in Japan around the same time also. There was one day that he came to pick me up to go sight seeing and I saw plenty of  Thai people but I never thought it would made such big news. I never thought anything of it.

What about the rumors that you two kissed on the cheek? There was no such thing that happened. Its something that is not serious. I’m not shocked over it. There are more serious things going on in our country and that is more important compared to this. I’ve talked to Tye about it and we just laugh at it. We had fun just the two of us. Some people are saying that Tye maybe followed me there. I’m not sure about this (laughs), I don’t think he did because he went with his friends also.

Tye clears up the rumors.

“We did meet each other. She went to work and I went to travel. I heard that she was going and I called her up. I took her places and we went to eat. As for the rumor about me kissing her on the cheek is just a senseless rumor. We can’t stop them from saying that. Rita and I met each other and we’re not denying that.”

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