Lakorn of 2008

In the recent year there has been more than 38 lakorns aired by different channels. However not all lakorns manage to capture the ratings or the people’s attention. Only a small number of those 38 made it.

By a report from Thairath Newspaper, after huge consideration taking into account the ratings, news and popularity, the best lakorn of 2008 has been narrowed down to only 6 lakorns.

Here is the list of the lakorn that made it.

Winners from Channel 3

          Jumluy Ruk

          Jai Rao

          Sawan Bieng (The highest rating by ch.3)

 Winners from Channel 7

          Kom Faek (The highest rating by ch.7)

          Dao Puen Din

          Nang Tard

13 responses to “Lakorn of 2008

  1. WOW…

    Aff stars in Jumluy Ruk & Jai Rao

    Ken stars in Jai Rao & Sawan Bieng

    Noon stars in Kom Faek & Dao Puen Din

    Vee stars in Dao Puen Din & Nang Tard

  2. ^ Yup! Love all Ch3 lakorns. I’m glad those lakorns were chosen. For ch7, I enjoyed Nang Tard but not the other 2.

  3. jai rao? really? hm. never liked it, but hmm…botun gleep soot tai was good. jam leuy ruk! thats wat got me into thai lakorns again!!

  4. WoW! i’m happy wit the winner’s of channel 3 all thee lakorn….But not so okay wit thee channel 7 winner’s…LOL!

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