Mario Maurer Exposed By Former Manager

There is a famous Thai saying that comes to mind when I think about the scandals that Mario Maurer is going through as he reaches the top of his career. It’s something like “Ying Soong, Ying Nao.”  The higher you are the more colder it gets. After having numerous scandals involving him it seems like Mario can’t seem to get himself out.

From a video sex scandal of him and his girlfriend to ditching work and showing up late to events for no apparent reason to his girlfriend caught by paprazzi cheating on him! Wow! We can say that Mario is on a string of bad luck! The latest scandal involving Nong Mario is that his former Manager “Coco” went on EFM’s radio show “Chae Dtae Chao” to expose Mario on why he switched from “Coco” to “A” (which is the current manager of Mario & Aump Patcharapa).

Click to listen to 30 minute audio

Mario’s decision onto why he changed Managers was stated by Mario himself that the reason was because both parties had different opinions on decisions while “Coco” said that was all bs and the reason for why Mario ditched him for “A” was the fact that Mario wanted more money and that is what caused it all.

We have the full audio clip of the phone conversation via veoh. From what I was listening to “Coco” talking it seems like “A” wanted to take Mario away while he started to become famous! Talk about scandalous! Well “Chae Dtae Chao” can’t just have one person talking, no they can’t! They get Mario’s current manager “A” on the line also. A, of course has to sell his side of the story.

47 responses to “Mario Maurer Exposed By Former Manager

  1. I don’t understand Thai so I’m not sure what the full deal is, but personally I don’t really see what’s wrong with switching managers because one wants more money. Isn’t that the point of business?

  2. From memory, it’s the word ngao, for lonely, not nao, for cold. The higher you get in your career, the lonelier it becomes.

    • yeh but theres a thai saying the higher u r, the colder you get, this this case, it is ‘nao’ = cold

      • Well if he is way up there and alone I can be with him… hahaha 🙂 love this kiddo he is so precious and yummy… hahaha I LOVE MARIO MAURER hope we can be friend via facebook, I can be your confidante…

  3. Its not that worl “LONELY” there translating. I guess you never heard of that phrase then? Because the phrase is THE HIGHER YOU GET, THE COLDER IT’LL BE. It has nothing to do with lonely in this sentence. They use this phrase all the time.

  4. The equivalent phrase in English is: ‘It’s lonely at the top.’ I have a couple of versions of a song which uses the Thai phrase here at home, and shall track them down today if I have time.

  5. After a quick look on Google, I have found both in song lyrics…for example, ยิ่งสูง…ยิ่งเหงา…แล้ว เราจะอยู่โดดเดี่ยว…

    However, the song which I was thinking of is an oldie, called ยิ่งสูงยิ่งหนาว, which uses the word cold. However, the lyrics also refer to loneliness…which explains my confusion!

    หมอกจางตา ฟ้าร่วมกันท้าทาย


    สูงๆ ขึ้นไปใครจะอยู่ข้างเรา


  6. Ohhhhhh bkkdreamer.. I have heard your version also.. for it is true that when a celeb is at the top of their career they are lonely because sometimes you have to lose some to gain some..

    i don’t know why i thought of ‘ying soong, ying nao’ .. i always see it when magazine articles refer to superstars who gain such success in a short little time.. to me it’s kind of like a mountain where you climb your way to the top and the higher you climb the more colder it get’s..

    I just have no clue at all.. thai phrases are so hard to depict in english.. but thank you for your take also.. i like it too.. (to referring to mario’s career)

  7. no matter, this is last year’s issue. consider yourselves lucky, having to understand thai and even – somehow- see Mario in person while, I, on the other hand, must scan the web just see how his career is blooming.

    no matter, im glad that i saw the movie THE LOVE of SIAM, til then i would not have realized the loneliness im feeling…

    so silly that i have been waiting for a girl to make the first move, and me? not even one. well, if a guy would also propose, why not?

    having to understand narcissism, and knowing that im one, it would not be a surprise.


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  9. You know his so called scandals are not really that bad… I mean, the cheating girl friend, almost everybody goes through a relationship where the other will cheat, specially if you are in the biz. I for one had almost all my exes cheated on me and same with coleagues and friends.

    And the whole switching managers thing, Mario wants more money and that’s okay. That’s how you grow and get what you want. That’s the whole point of business. So why even consider this a “scandal”???

    The only thing I can consider a real scandal is the whole “sex video” thing, which up to this point nobody have seen nor prooved that it is him.

  10. Fuck you! all! shit!

    mario…….. he is a fine actor and rumor.
    about the sex video. that was not proved and nobody can prove it because nobody sees the whole thing!

    about the switching managers stuff, i understand that im also a model and same as him i also want more money. The only thing im so irritated with, is me myself want to get more money so whats wrong with switching managers? right? if the other one offers you allot bigger i will grab it. I see no wrong with that!

    i dont believe the sex scandal stuff! unless theres evidences given!

    please if anybody has any details about mario maurer please dont hesitate to send me datas to :

    please stop this shit!

  11. Well… when u r famous things change even people around u would like to take every opportunity.

    The dispute I would rather say it is between Mario, Coco and God.
    Who ever is speaking the truth it is not for us to judge.
    All I know is I hope Mario will remain the same person he was b4 becoming famous.

  12. Mario needs to be wiser in selecting friends,elites,co-workers and be extra careful when listening to advice even to one closest to him.

    Hope Mario will be wiser and always appreciate all of his achievements and what ever he has been given fm God.

  13. Video scandal? who gives a crap? Its not like the kid is a virgin or anything. I dont know him that well but I’ve seen him skate a few times and the dude fuckin shreds.

    Fuck coco, that guy’s a complete piece of shit anyways. Plus he is also gay and I know he has a crush on Mario and was “heartbroken” or some shit when mario decided to switch managers. Fuck that piece of crap, egomaniac faggot photographer.

    He’s a good kid, fames gotten to his head a lil bit but he dont give a fuck.

    • Dette er for dÃ¥rlig av Telenor som anser seg som en seriøs aktør pÃ¥ teadeommuniklsjon.Hakde det skjedd i en bananrepublikk kunne det passert, men ikke her i landet. Telenor har Ã¥penbart valgt billige løsninger for Ã¥ maksimere profitten. En historie som er gjenganger i alle bedrifter som jager profitten i alle sammenhenger og tar tekniske snarveier og dyrker lettvinthetens kunst.

  14. all I know is that he makes us happy when his movie first aired on the televison named CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE .. he`s not that bad .. i an see it in his eyes ..
    and for all the people who are bluffing about him remember there`s KARMA 🙂
    hope mario`s okay FiGHT :))

  15. well, the only thing i can say is “don’t judge”.They have their own mind,so don’t care them and just see what good of them and pray for their better life.

  16. i dont know things about… i am just wondering about mario’s sex scandal.. it’s normal for a celebrity like him… but i just cant believe it.. i dont know mario, who is him, what kind of person he is. i aint fans of him.. i am just in love with him.. so frankly to say right now i dont care about whatever,.,. i just feel jealous… kinda uncomfortable feeling i have… weird, tou…. well, but this guy really makes me in love as a personal….

  17. …, duhh.., i dOnt cArE.., abOut,,. his scAndAll.., its just normal 2 have that 1 .., he is an actOr.., remember.., i dont care on whAt thEy say on mario .., no 1 can never remember that mario is my 1 and only.., love.., above.., all …., ❤
    ILOVEYOUMARIOMAURER.., im ure biggeST fAn.,

  18. I very like to you I hope you like to me .when you come to indonesi,,,,, my I know and I want near with you. remember please my name is wiewie

  19. mario maurer is a great fan of him, and i dont think so that he would do that cause i know he is a good man. and i think the manager wants to make money! right! and theres no sex video because theres no proof and evidences against him.

  20. hay!!!! its my second commet my commet 4 the manager of mario maurer wants 2 make money right. its so so so………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………yak its so dirtii manager

  21. I doesn’t care with you as long as I’m loved into Mario. No matter what the scandalous is all I know is he was perfect and the most handsome actor in the world at this today.

  22. I am your big fan from INDIA i love you soooooooooooo… much since i saw your movie CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE…..
    ONE + ONE = TWO
    TWO + TWO = FOUR

  23. Hi,
    I am nidhi from india ILU mario jst want to wish u all the best for ur future & stay good, healthy & safe, keep doing movies…
    if u get the chance plz visit INDIA for ur indian fans plz…

  24. will… i should say,” its just showbizness, who cares?”. Also, this issues is not a big deal, mario is just being practical for himself.

    (crab men are all over, they’re just plotting issues, to pull you down.)

    and i want to say to mario that, ” don’t you worry, its not that cold, neither you get higher or reach beyond what you have dreamed… just look back and their are people whom you love smiling back at you. Last, remember to look on God, becuase he will never live you alone, high or low you get from the wheel of life.”
    be great! idol!!

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