Ann announced her break up to Rajit

“Ann” Siriam announced her split to Rajit. She said they have separated for a month now. The reason for break up is not due to Rajit’s private personality. It is due to a clash to their way of thinking. The actress said she is through with love and after her second fail in marriage she doesn’t plan to marry again. Ex husband Billy has been told about the news and he didn’t say anything.

“We broke up because our way of thinking is different. We have different visions and before we broke up we tried to sort things out with each other because we are husband and wife. We tried to make up to get our family through this but we are so different. At first I tried to understand but I could never adjust myself to be in tune with him. I tried for a year”

“It’s not because he’s a private guy. I don’t think is wrong to be a private person. I don’t blame anyone for this because I chose this myself. I chose him, he chose me and if our choice can’t make our life better then it’s better to separate. We have separated for a month now, on good terms. We talk a little bit, not much. We only talk when it’s necessary”

Part of the reason for your break up is because you didn’t have a child together?

Siriam was startled by the question and had tears in her eyes before explaining that when people don’t get along the best solution is to separate. She admits she is worried about her image to the public after two failed marriage.

“I don’t know. It’s hard to say. It’s good that we didn’t have children. To me the past 5 years that we’ve been together was good. We had good feelings towards each other all the time but if we can walk together, the best way is to separate. I can accept the situation now because it’s the truth and I have to accept reality”

“Is this bad? Yes it is, a woman in Thai society, females are closely watched more than men. Because of my job I have to be the one to announce the break up because I work in the industry and it’s not his job to explain to the press”

Ann reveals she has moved back to her mother’s home with her daughter Nonlanee Ogan (daughter to Billy)

“Right now I’m back with Nonnie. I’m living at my old home. I have my mom, my grandmother but my grandmothr is sick right now so I’m looking after her and Nonnie is helping my emotional health. On my first day home, it’s only normal for me to be upset but I can’t be too weak because I’m older now and I have to accept what’s happening. I have a daughter and I’m the leader in my family. I have to be strong so the people around me won’t get upset”

“Right now I only care about my daughter’s feelings. She is in year 7 now. She can read the news and she goes on the internet. She can absorb the media. I’m afraid if people ask her about it she will get upset by what other people say”

Does Billy know about this?

“Yes he does, but I didn’t tell him. Nonnie told him and he didn’t say anything”

Ann says she is through with marriage

“I think 2 marriages is already too much because I’m probably not lucky in love. Right now my psychic told me I don’t have luck in my love life. I think I can take car of myself, no more marriage, I’ve had it”

Siriam’s first marriage was to a famous singer “Billy Ogan”. Siriam and Billy have a daughter together “Nong Nonnie”.

Her second marriage was with advertising director “Rajit Sangshooto”. The couple chose to marry without officially signing any wedding certificates on 17th September 2005.


5 responses to “Ann announced her break up to Rajit

  1. Lust & Love are two different things. Obviously they didn’t belong together. Women always say they’re through with love when something goes wrong in a relationship… she’ll find someone better someday.

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