Kwan still has good feelings for Golf

Rumor has it that “Kwan” Ausamanee is feuding with senior actress “Ploy” Chermarn over “Golf” Pichaya. The rumor seems more true when yesterday at an event in Central world, Kwan and Ploy sat on opposite ends as if to say, they really do hate each other.

Here Kwan talks about all her latest shenanigans in an interview by Gossip Star

“I’m feuding with the whole industry (laughs) it’s okay, I’m just letting the news flow. But I’ve seen Ploy ever since I was still a child. I still respect her and today we sat on opposit ends so I didn’t get to talk to her. I just said hi to her that’s all”

Rumor has it that you called Ploy to ask about Golf

“I do have Ploy’s number a long time ago. But I never called her. Rumors happens naturally and I’m just letting it pass. My job is to answer questions to the best of my ability. But my feelings for Ploy is still the same. I don’t let things get to me. I know what I should and shouldn’t do”

How did you feel about Golf’s speech saying along the lines of ‘I’ve learnt from my past mistake/pain’ and since you’re just a friend you shouldn’t wait for him?

“Learning from past pain/mistake, I think he was singing that (smiles) I didn’t think what he said was mean. I didn’t get a shock from it because it’s the truth. We are friends, closest friends. I’m not close to any other guy in the industry. Because most of them are mainly older like Veraparb. Golf is a good friend that I’m close to. The reason why I said I’m still waiting for him in the same place is because I still have good feelings for him and there’s no reason for me to think bad thoughts about him. I remember the good things and he’s a good friend.”

“Anyone who heard his interview and felt angry at him for what he said. I just want to say, please don’t be mad. Friendship is good, it’s not bad and we’re close friends that’s all”

You told us you didn’t see Golf on that day but Golf told us you went up to him on that same day

“Well when you ask me that question. You asked if I spoke to the two of them and I didn’t go in to interrupt their space. They were eating together and I saw Golf when he was by himself. I talked to him because we’re friends. It’s not like I could go and talk to them straighaway. Golf was with Ploy on that day…oops! But I’m sure even if I didn’t tell you, you guys would know it already”

Are you going to wait for him still?

“He’s still my closest friend in the industry. If he wants to come back and talk to me again we can still be close friends like before. Our relationship is not going to end here. It’s not like we have to take a step back now. We are still standing in the same position. Friends can not cut each other off completely. Our relationship is not boyfriend and girlfriend, I love you, you love me. It’s a good feeling that I have for him with out any expectations and no I don’t want his money (laughs) I’m not expecting anything from him. He has nothing for me to expect. So I don’t know what to expect, we’re friends”

Are you expecting him to come back and talk to you again?

“I don’t know, if we see each other we will probably talk again. It’s nothing”

Are you lonely, since you don’t have anyone to talk to anymore

“I have other friends too (laughs)”

How did you feel when you said hi to Khun Dang and she didn’t recognized you and then later she teased ‘oh it’s the feuding queen’

“She wasn’t teasing. She was serious. That day I wore my hair differently and if you think about it in a negative way you will interpret this negatively. But I don’t think about it in a bad way, it’s nothing unusual for someone to not recognize a person who wore their hair differently. Auntie Dang is not my age, she is older and it was dark. I had hair on my face so she was like ‘who are you?’ and I get that a lot when I get my hair done differently. It’s normal”

“So no I’m not mad at her. If I think too much I’d be……. (silence) well I have to know what I am and I can’t let things get to me. The reason why I didn’t hang around for the group photo that day is not because I was mad at auntie Dang but because I had some stuff to do. But if people want to misinterpret this and think auntie Dang dislike me then that’s fine. There’s nothing I can do to make everyone understand my thoughts”

Kwan may be a diva, a fake and a liar. But you have to admit, she’s pretty damn funny. Whether people like her or not. They love reading her news. She sells, her personality – good or bad. It sells. Therefore her existence in the industry serves its purpose. She really is an entertainer.

10 responses to “Kwan still has good feelings for Golf

  1. i agree that kwan may be a diva, a fake, or a liar, but she is a smart one…she’s beautiful and funny…some ppl may or may not like her, but she is a very interested person that you will always want to read all the gossips about her….if i were kwan, i would say the same thing, golf & kwan are close friends, why would she want him back, they were just friend only, no more than that….maybe they may have something that we us didn’t know anything about it, but as what we heard from kwan, they were just friend…

  2. What is the deal with Kwan and Golf anyways?? Did she cheat on him or what?? I just recently found out they were an item but don’t know much more than that?? Can someone clarify..Thanks

  3. Kwan real life is so like Nae Dao character in Kwarm Lub Kor Superstar. Kwan is so good at making herself innocent.

  4. Is kwan smart? I totally disagree. She somehow is really “scheiss” to me. She used to say that she didn’t care about getting high education cos she wouldn’t need to use it in her life (that is really stupid).

    I think she needs to learn how to act and give speech to media otherwise she is just a silly actress in my eyes.

  5. Gosh– Kwan needs to get over it! Find somebody else!
    Golf is not hot in the first place! He looks like a girl!

  6. So Khun Daeng said that because she couldn’t recognize her due to her having her hair done differently? How lame. I think it would’ve been best if she kept quiet or at least come up with a better excuse than that.

  7. Seriously, girl need to get over Golf. Like Noy mention above, he is not even hot. The guy wear more make-up then most girl.

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